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Faster than a speeding bullet

a poem and thoughts on Henry Cavill and life

By Brian GradyPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 2 min read
Faster than a speeding bullet
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After all it was

a Gunn who brought down Kal-El.

On to 40k.

I have never really been a fan of DC Snyder and having such a sentiment I never really got to know Henry Cavill and his role as Superman, but one thing that is apparent is his love for the role. The Witcher was my first real exposure to Cavill. I've never read the series. I've never played the games... but he has. I see so many posts online on media of things he fought for to bring to his characters, characters he so clearly loves, characters he has described as his dream roles. He has a need and longing to be these characters and to stay close to source material because he is passionate about them. He brings his real-life passions, ie comics, games, reading, on to the big screen.

I love to write and to story tell and when pencil goes to paper it is one of the utmost joys of my life. My own words, thoughts and creations right there in front of me, and now you. To be able to think of something and create it, wow it is truly amazing what we humans are capable of doing just from thinking. We can move ourselves and other just with written letters. We can make stunning visual arts. We can foster creativity, breed innovation, and change the world just by following our passions and just by putting pencil to paper and actors like Cavill can do that collectively with their amazing production team and directors by putting it on the big screen.

I will never quite understand how other people work and by all means don't need to but when I heard Cavill exited The Witcher I was saddened. I had heard many different things including the writers and showrunners wanted to make their own impact and put their own pencils to script paper. I understand where both Cavill and the showrunners are coming from, I hold my own words and writing in such value and high regard, but I do not understand why the need to stray from such established and well received source material and so I'll restate this; I was saddened to see Cavill's exit from The Witcher, his passionate role derived from his real-life passions. Something we should all strive to do, bring our passions into what we do for a living.

I lost a bet less than 24 hours after making it. I bet Cavill would return to The Witcher with some friends of mine. I was sure he would return obligation free of being Superman coupled with the public outcry over his exit, fans hold incredible power nowadays look what happened to the Sonic movie, The Expanse getting revived, or even Mass Effect changing its ending, but when I woke up the next day Cavill had already announced he would be working with Amazon on a Warhammer 40k project, and his passion poured out again in his post. I've never been so happy to lose a bet in my life.

I would also like to give a shout out to Ryan Reynolds who has stuck to his guns with Deadpool and is extremely a family man and also to Andrzej Sapkowski who I had previously not credited as the source author of The Witcher.

In a time where money so easily influences our lives and our choices it is good to see some people still follow their passions.


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  • Robin Adelmannabout a year ago

    I think Henry would make a great Cpt. Shephard in a Mass Effect show.

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