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Fall Shows to Watch


By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Now some of us like the spooky season because of the excuse to just watch as many scary things as possible. Now though there is no end to scary movies, there is a bit of a shortage of scary TV shows. That said I have the perfect list for those creepy crawly vibes so many of us crave this time of year.

Now obviously I am starting with Supernatural. Yes the show went on far too long but it was at one point a monster of the week show that dealt with some very creepy monsters. I personally love the Bloody Mary episode, hate the clown episode it fully creeps me out but that is exactly the point. Now you absolutely do not have to watch all 15 seasons, and you shouldn’t but the first season is perfect for Halloween. I really don’t think anything past that is super relevant unless you are bought into the story and the characters.

Now we are going to talk about two very similar shows that are both very good for this scary season. First up is Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Yes the master of suspense had an anthology series where he presented mini stories that have the same vibes as his full feature films. The show started in 1955 and has 7 seasons so there are plenty of episodes to experience this season.

Shortly after Alfred Hitchcock Presents started hitting its stride The Twilight Zone started as well. Also taking an anthology series format The Twilight Zone followed suit using creepy stories to tell a bigger message and carry a bigger theme. The two shows are very similar but also have an individual uniqueness. You should absolutely watch both of them this scary season. They go on this list because some of these stories can get a little darker then what I would consider family friendly.

Next on this list is a Netflix original, The Haunting of Hill House. I really didn’t watch this until a year after it came out (I don’t do things when they're popular cause I’m cool like that). But it is super creepy and the hype surrounding it when it was first released was definitely earned. It's very dark, it's super creepy, we’ve got some jump scares but the short series doesn’t actually lean too heavily on horror movie tropes and it navigates the genre very well.

And last but not least we’ve got Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities, also on Netflix. Now if we had to pick a current filmmaker that not only understood the horror genre but used it to his advantage in a new and creative way it would have to be Del Toro. The man does nothing but create visually stunning, incredibly creepy ass films so for him to also have an anthology series is a treat for anyone that likes his films.

There are fewer horror TV shows then there are movies but there are still some creepy things to watch if you prefer a more serialized or simply shorter format. Some honorable mentions for this list are American Horror Story, it really doesn’t matter where you start because every season is themed differently. But Stevie Nicks is on the witch season so do with that information what you will. Another good show that was at least fitting in the beginning is Bates Motel. It's a more elaborate story starring Norman Bates. It's super creepy and another good Halloween season TV show. I personally think that it's only good for the first couple of seasons but it does have 5 seasons available.

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  • Mark Graham7 months ago

    Good work, my favorite horror movie is the first 'Halloween' movie then the 'Halloween 20 years later and if I get the chance "Halloween Dead'.

  • Alex H Mittelman 7 months ago

    Great recommendations! I'll watch!

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