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Everything You Need to Know About Gorr: The God Butcher Before Watching Thor Love and Thunder

It fell from the sky many years ago, on a world without a name. I picked it up... and butchered my first gods. And then as I stood there, baptized in their blood. A question formed in my simple little brain... I wonder if there are more? —Gorr the God Butcher

By kamika eleanorPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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What Abilities Does Gorr the God Butcher Possess?

His name, after all, is probably a decent indicator. Gorr the God Butcher has no qualms about slaughtering gods. He is extremely powerful and wields the All-Black the Necrosword weapon. The sword was created by Knull, a primordial deity who was also the creator of the symbiotes, in the current continuity. You know, the aliens that initially appeared as Spider-black Man's costume and then transformed into Venom. Gorr's abilities and god-killing sword may remind you of the infamous symbiote villain. Gorr the God Butcher's robe of tendrils, as well as his shifting obsidian sword, can slay any divinity, including Asgardians.

The One True Enemy is the Gods.

Over the millennia, Gorr has had countless meetings with Thor Odinson, nicknamed Thor. One particular incident, in which he came dangerously close to losing his life, teaches him that his dreams are still feasible, and that he has a reason to live, which is to slay all the gods. He claims to have killed the gods of wrath, death, war, fear, chaos, poetry, and flowers.

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A History of Slaying Gods

Gorr spent the following tens of thousands of years tormenting and butchering gods while building a black berserker army. Gorr claimed the Pool of Forevers used it to travel through the timestream, arriving at various times, when he battled the deity Chronux. He travelled back to the beginning of the world to kill one of the first elder gods, then to the desolate Earth-14412, where he enslaved all the gods except All-Father Thor, AKA King Thor, whom he tortured for 900 years. Gorr enslaved the gods to build the Godbomb, a device that kills anyone who is divine.

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His History As A Villain Is Connected To The Symbiote's Father

Gorr came across two mythical creatures fighting: a god of light and a god of darkness, after losing his family and clan. When he realised they were gods, he attacked them with one of their weapons, All-Black the Necrosword, which instantly joined with Gorr.

Knull, the eldritch god of evil and creator of all symbiotes, was one of the gods Gorr assaulted that day. Knull created the first symbiote, All-Black, and used it to battle the gods of light. Knull went on to explore and develop many other powerful symbiotes after Gorr took the sword, and they now roam the Marvel Universe.

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His battle with Thor lasted millennia.

Thor: God of Thunder narrates the narrative of Thor's struggle with Gorr from three separate perspectives. The story follows three different Thor forms across three different universes until they collide in an epic final fight that brings them all together.

Then there's Viking Thor, a younger, more arrogant version of the God of Thunder who mistook him for a murderer on their first meeting. Then there's Avenger Thor, one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes who is dead set on defending Midgard. Finally, there's King Thor, an elderly and despondent version of the hero who's lost everyone he cares about.

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His Sword Is Far Too Strong For its own Good

Gorr linked with Knull's sword and thus earned one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe: All-Black the Necrosword, after attacking Knull and the God of Light with their own weapons. Gorr gained superhuman skills as well as the capacity to manipulate matter into semi-living beings, such as his Black Berserkers, because to this weapon.

After defeating Gorr, King Thor flung All-Black into a black hole, where it remained for decades until he needed it to fight Galactus. Following that, the sword formed a link with a number of hazardous Marvel villains, including Galactus himself, Ego, and King Loki. Thor eventually destroyed it by summoning all of the God Tempest's power from within Mjolnir.

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Unworthy Thor's Arc is built around his philosophy.

Despite the fact that the God Butcher arc is only 11 issues long, Gorr's true legacy in Marvel is not dependent on his physical presence. Thor began to doubt his role as God in the universe as a result of his anti-god beliefs. In Original Sin, when Nick Fury gained omniscience, he reminded Thor that "Gorr was right" about gods not being worthy of human admiration.

The final nail in the coffin was this. Thor became conscious of his own unworthiness as a result of this, and Mjolnir was lost. This event paved the way for later Thor comic arcs like The Mighty Thor, Unworthy Thor, and War of the Realms.

(Image credit: Marvel)


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