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Everything Everywhere All at Once

by ngoc van nguyen 5 days ago in movie
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Everything Everywhere All at Once

In short: Probably the best movie I've seen in the last three years. It was the first time I saw an audience applaud after watching a movie in a North American commercial theater.

The movie is divided into three parts, namely, Everything, Everywhere and At Once.

Part 1: Everything

I was thinking at the beginning, it's one of my favorite and most familiar movies in the immigrant literature genre, about a Hong Kong immigrant family who runs a laundry shop, and Evelyn, a very efficient mother with a very bad service attitude, and her catchphrase is, "No, No, No Good," "Aya, You Are Getting Fat, "a good-natured peacenik dad, an adolescent LGBT daughter and a very traditionalist and critical father-in-law. The pace of a family dealing with an irs audit, a husband's unfiled divorce filing, and a Chinese New Year party at the laundromat is hectic, with no time for panting and pausing.

But when Michelle Yeoh and her family filed their tax returns, the concept of multi-universe came up. I sat in the audience and thought, "Gee, that's interesting." Then, as the multiverse unfolds and Yeoh's mother Evelyn travels back and forth to different parallel worlds, different storylines begin to unfold.

The funniest part is when Michelle Yeoh's mother, Evelyn, becomes an Oscar movie star in an alternate universe. She tells her ex-husband, "You don't know how successful I am if I didn't marry You," and the theater laughs. Especially in front of a couple laughing back and forth.

More and more chaos is introduced into the film, there is a brilliant sense of fireworks exploding before our eyes, and the wormhole of the universe opens up. At the end of a part, when the screen type ending word, give people an illusion, yi, the movie is over, really?

Part 2: Everywhere & Part 3: At once

In the second part of the movie, the main storyline began to be felt. The reason for the multiverse chaos was Evelyn's daughter, Joy, who was unhappy all the time, so the other multiverse felt Joy's unhappiness, and began to chaos, trying to destroy the entire multiverse. Evelyn needed to end this mess.

At the beginning of the chaos is daughter Joy, and at the other end is Evelyn's father, aka father-in-law (who has evolved into Ahpha Gong Gong in the parallel universe). Yeoh's mother, Evelyn, is torn between wanting to be a good girl to her father and not wanting to lose her. So in this part, she wiggles while continuing to fight monsters from other parallel worlds of evolution.

A really fun part: There are a lot of weird and embarrassing things multiverse dopes have to do when they want to unlock their own parallel worlds to gain superpowers. So that's where the most intense laughs come from. These jokes make me feel very familiar with each other, which is the kind of nonsense in Hong Kong Stephen Chow's films.

As Evelyn continued to exhaust herself from fighting monsters, her husband told her that love was the only solution. Don't fight monsters, love them. As Evelyn continued to give love, the humans of the parallel universe slowly fell apart.

And that's what struck me most about the movie is that Evelyn chose to embrace the chaos of collapse, year after year like a circle, like a washing machine spin, like Tim Horton's $1.39 Everything Bagel, annual tax returns, a busy job, dealing with an adolescent daughter, dealing with a husband who wants a divorce, With a dad who was never satisfied, there was no time to catch my breath, and I couldn't be the person I wanted to be.

"You are capable because everything is so bad and You are so bad at everything."

You're fucked up, I'm fucked up, we're both fucked up, and it can't get any worse. But we all understand.

Evelyn felt strangely moved when she was herself and chose to let go of all the chaos. Look, she's finally herself, and she's achieved the most beautiful reconciliation an East Asian family can imagine.

As Evelyn's husband said while traveling in a parallel universe, if there was an afterlife, I'd still want to live with you, open a laundry business, and file my taxes. Evelyn was so busy and tired and trying to prove herself that she forgot to love herself and love others. Love is the only solution, and learn to accept chaos. Love yourself, love others, love many people.

It still feels romantic to think of those moments when Evelyn's husband spoke of his understanding of love. There is a small touch of being human. Even if we travel back to the prehistoric world, without human civilization, we are just two stones, I still want to be with you.

Wow, love is the only solution.


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