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'Endgame' Review


By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

I think we can all agree that Endgame was not just the greatest Marvel film, but possibly one of the greatest films of all time. There were so many things that I love about this movie, so let’s get into it.

There were a few things I wanted to see going into this movie, and I got (almost) all of them; first, “Avengers Assemble,” we’ve all been waiting for this moment for a while, and we were teased with it at the end of Age of Ultron, so I am VERY happy that they paid it off. Speaking of Age of Ultron the second thing I wanted to see was Cap wielding Thor’s hammer. We all knew Steve was worthy, and to see it on screen finally was amazing. And third was, “I can do this all day.” I know this is a Captain America movie thing, but since I was pretty sure this was the last time we were gonna see him, I wanted to hear it one last time.

Circular Writing

All right, I am a sucker for circular writing, I think it's one of the best devices a writer can use, and it makes for clean endings, and we got SO MUCH of it in Endgame.

I am going to start with Clint and Natasha, their story over the course of this movie was entirely circular. When Natasha went to go get Clint, it very much mirrored what I imagined it looked like when Clint chose not to kill Natasha. Then we got their moment as they took off for Vormir, Clint looks over at Natasha, and says, “We’re a long way from Budapest,” which not only took us back to the first Avengers movie, but also reminds us how long they have been best friends. Then we are on Vormir, and these two are literally fighting over who is going to sacrifice themselves. This moment ties their story to a close so well, Clint wants to sacrifice himself because of all the bad things he’s done, and Nat gives him a second chance, the way he gave her a second chance when she was lost herself. Nat’s death also ties up her story; in the first Avengers movie she said she “has some red in her ledger,” and wanted to wipe it out, sacrificing herself for the greater good definitely does that.

The most heartbreaking case of circular writing was of course, “I am Iron Man,” the words that launched the last 11 year journey were said again to help close it. Tony sacrifices himself to stop Thanos, which brings us full circle, he was willing to sacrifice himself in the first Avengers movie, and in Endgame he was successful.


Another writing device necessary to a good movie; Pepper Potts suiting up for the final battle was foreshadowed with Tony and Morgan when he told her, “Mom never wears anything I buy her.”

Tony’s death was foreshadowed when he was talking to Steve about their time heist mission, and he said “and maybe not die trying.”

Nat’s death was foreshadowed when they are standing and waiting to leave for their first time jump, and she says, “See you in a minute.”

Call Backs and Slip Ins

With all the writing devices they used, these are moments that aren’t quite circular writing, but kept us tied to the universe they spent 11 years building.

I’ll start with Steve leading a support group, this felt like a callback to when Steve watched Sam lead the group at the VA. Next the elevator scene when Steve was trying to retrieve the scepter, it looked a lot like the elevator scene in Winter Soldier they also slipped in Cap saying “Hail Hydra” a comic book slip in we all chose to ignore when the comic first happened. Then when we realized all of our dusted babies were coming back, “on your left” brought us back to the very start of Winter Soldier when Steve said it to Sam. And most painfully “Don’t do anything stupid until I get back,” and, “How can I, you’re taking all the stupid with you.” This line brings us back to the very first Cap movie when the lines were reversed before Bucky went to war.

Overall this movie was insanely incredible, and a written review can’t possibly do it justice, but with all the amazing moments we got, it was truly a wonderful and emotional closing to phase three (I know Marvel said Far From Home was the ending to phase three, but given that’s a stupid ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it).


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