'Eden's Zero'

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A 'Fairy Tail' Rip-off?

'Eden's Zero'

If you are reading this, more likely you know about Hiro Mashima's work Fairy Tail and Eden's Zero manga (as well as the anime adaptation of Fairy Tail). If you don't know about his work, get ready to get enlightened by Mashima-sensei's fictional worlds. The author has been the creator of one of the most popular Shonen anime, Fairy Tail, but everything that goes up must come down. Hence, Fairy Tail ended back in 2017 and a new series much different from Fairy Tail was published in June 2018. It was expected that the new series would be completely different than the wizardly-guild, but there are a lot of similarities between the two stories.

Rebecca looks the same as Lucy!

Rebecca and Lucy

First, let's take a closer look between both characters Lucy (on the left) and Rebecca (on the right). Both of these girls look very closely related to one another, and even their sense of style is somewhat similar. Both girls have the same body shape, closely related facial features, and resemble one another. The difference between the two girls is their background and personalities. Lucy is a courageous aristocrat wizard that comes from the line of the most respectable Heartfilia family. She does show fear and is easily intimidated by strong opponents; however, that changes when she joins Fairy Tail and becomes one of the strongest Celestial wizards in Fiore. Unlike Lucy, who is not very strong at the beginning of the story, Rebecca holds her ground and is a competent fighter. So far we do know that Rebecca is an orphan and not much is known about her background.

Rebecca and Happy Playing Video Games

Not only is Rebecca a butt-kicking kick but she is an avid gamer girl.

The second protagonist to Eden's Zero is none other than a character by the name of Shiki. His appearance is similar to Fairy Tail's Natsu. Both characters look similar in appearance (aside from the hair color) and the two characters hold themselves in a can-do attitude that strikes as butt-kicking fellows. Both of these protagonists do have a can-do attitude and bring lots of humorous adventures to the audience. Similar to Natsu, he does possess an incredible ability to fight and has a strong sense of friendship. He quickly forms a friendship with Rebecca (similar to the beginning story of Fairy Tail) and her friendly cat, Happy. He also has a perv side similar to Natsu and gropes the main girl in the story (is any of these sounding repetitive to you?). Asides from his pervy style, he does bring a lot of action, humor, and a sense of friendship justice to the story. Also, much like Natsu, he did have an adoptive father figure in his life that he admired. So far it is known he was raised by robots that took him in a family, but no other information is known about his human ancestry.

Shiki and Natsu

Shiki on the Left and Natsu on the Right

There is also one character that shocked many fans. It is none other than Happy the cat! He is well known in the Fairy Tail series as the loyal companion of Natsu. Many viewers were surprised that the author had chosen Happy as the companion of Rebecca because the cat companion/ protagonist relationship seemed pretty repetitive. The good news is that the "new" Happy is different from Natsu's friend. The friendly feline is actually a robot. He may look like a cat but he is not a living organism. He was once alive but had a terrible accident and became a robot. The cool thing about Rebecca's companion is that he serves as her guns and together they do make an amazing combo! Both Happy and Rebecca took a liking to each other because they were "thrown away," but both friends are quite content to be in each other's lives.

The 'Happy' Cats

Illustration by Hiro Mashima of the Two Happy Cats

Aside from the three main companions, we did get a first glance at two similar female characters in the Fairy Tail series. A new character by the name of Labilia Christy has brought the attention of many fans. She looks very similar to the character Wendy from Fairy Tail. Don't let this appearance fool you. Unlike the sweet dragonslayer, Labilia is a famous superstar that has a cold attitude towards others and thinks highly of herself.

Another character we have encountered is a female pirate by the name of Elsie Crimson. She resembles Erza Scarlet in appearance and viewers can only assume she will have similar characteristics as the beloved Queen of the Fairies. It is not yet known what her intentions are in the new series, but fans sure hope that she will be just as an amazing fighter as Erza.

The new series is still yet to bring so many new characters that may or may not be similar to Fairy Tail. Even so, don't let the similarities of characters stop you as the viewer to enjoy a new adventure. Eden's Zero is packed with action, adventure, and many humorous scenes.

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