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10 inspiring shows to watch during Earth Month

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Streaming services are making it easier than ever to learn about our planet. Earth month is a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at the state of our world and encourage our families to join in. Children tend to be more receptive to education in a fun format so don’t forget to bring the whole family in on your earth-ucation! I have marked any shows below that are not child-friendly or should be reviewed to determine if the content is appropriate for your child.

Educational tv gets a bad wrap for being dry but there are a ton of options that are not only visually breathtaking but also fun to watch. I have compiled 10 awesome films and series to help you turn education into entertainment!

1) One strange rock

This spectacular docu-series features stunning visuals of our planet. From an astronauts view of earth, down to the mighty microorganisms known as diatoms, each visual experience leaves an impact. Inside the beautiful packaging One Strange Rock delivers educational content with a flourish. With narration by Will Smith, how can we not be captivated? The series also features heartfelt contributions from astronauts Chris Hadfield, Nicole Stott, Jeffrey A. Hoffman, Mae Jemison, Leland Melvin, Mike Massimino, Jerry Linenger, and Peggy Whitson. As some of the lucky few to ever see the earth from afar, their unique perspectives of our planet are inspirational and moving. The series also includes fun footage like the video below featuring Chris Hadfield doing song covers in space!

Available on Disney+

(Chris Hadfield covers Space Odity)

2) Jane (may require review for younger children)

Jane Goodall is an inspiration to aspiring naturalists everywhere. With no degree or formal training she set out on a journey that changed our knowledge of the natural world forever. This intimate introspective, narrated by Jane herself, evokes a sense of wonder. What mysteries lurk in the hidden corners of our world awaiting discovery? Jane's story illustrates that with determination and an enduring spirit we can create real change in the world.

Available on Disney+

3) Down to earth with Zack Effron

Learn the secret that bottled water companies don’t want you to know! Down To Earth offers an inside look at sustainable lifestyle ideas around the world. Earth Month is the perfect time to get inspired by the creative ways we can support our planet through sustainable living.

Available on Netflix

4) David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

Through this evocative documentary film, renowned naturalist David Attenborough shares his first-hand perspective on the state of our world. By sharing personal stories and vital information about our changing planet David evokes a powerful message. It's up to us to fix the problems humanity has created. It is time for action.

Available on Netflix

5) Absurd planet (not family friendly)

This truly absurd series features a look at some of our world's strangest creatures! Through hilarious fun facts you can learn about the weird wild world around us. Each episode narrated by “Mother Nature” (Afi Ekulona) features new quirky creatures to laugh and learn with.

Available on Netflix

6) Our planet

This dual Emmy Award winning documentary series aims to educate us about the natural wonders of our world and the threats they currently face. Gorgeous visuals are complimented by David Attenborough’s passionate narration. Our Planet shines a light on the current state of our natural world. Understanding our planet and the global challenges we face is essential to creating a future in which we can thrive.

Available on Netflix

7) History 101, episode Plastics

Plastic is an inescapable part of modern life. Look around the room and you may notice for the first time just how many of our daily items utilize plastics. From the moment we’re born our lives are shaped and altered by the constantly changing world of plastic. Even though it has such a drastic effect on our lives, we don’t often stop to think about where it comes from or where it goes when it no longer serves us. This episode of History 101 will get you on the right track to understanding the true effect plastic has on our lives and on our planet. I encourage you to look deeper into creative new ways that you can reduce your plastic waste and aim to purchase future products made of earth friendly materials.

For the purposes of this article I recommend at least the episode “Plastics”, however, the entire series is quite interesting. It is never a bad time to learn more about our history or to aim for a brighter future!

Available on Netflix

8) Grow, Cook, Eat

From seed to table this series shows you how to start growing your very own eco friendly garden. The hosts offer top notch tips for both in-ground and container gardening. They have you covered no matter what type of growing space is available to you. Every episode features a different food, from planting the seeds to harvesting a beautiful bounty. They also offer some great ideas on compositing and homemade nutrient supplements that your plants will love! As a fun bonus, each episode ends with a delicious recipe to test out!

Available on Amazon Prime

9) Kiss The Ground

This optimistic documentary film, narrated by Woody Harrelson, introduces a potential solution to the climate crisis: regenerative agriculture. The way we maintain our food supply has a dramatic effect on our planet. Changing our approach to farming in the future could be our salvation.

Available on Amazon Prime

10) Living the Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future

These real life stories of sustainable living will get you pumped about doing your part to heal our planet. Simple changes can lead us toward the path to a healthy future for earth and ourselves. Understanding our impact on the world is the first step toward a truly sustainable global community.

Available on Amazon Prime

Thank you for reading, I hope you found something useful or inspirational here today. If you enjoyed this article please consider leaving a little heart and sharing it with your friends on social media!

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