"Dynasty" is a show for everyone

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It's a wealth of entertainment

"Dynasty" is a show for everyone
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Season 3 dropped on Netflix a few weeks ago, and it feels like a show too little known. None of my friends watch it, and they're the only ones who read this, so babes, this one's for you.

Dynasty is a remake of a 1980's soap-opera/drama of the same name, surrounding the Carrington and Colby families and their obscene wealth. The drama of frivolity, feuds, buying people off, and cutting people off, all set around very attractive white people in the latest of fashions.

I never watched the original, because I was -6 when it ended and it's not on Netflix, so where was the opportunity? Anyway, from my limited internet research, I can gather the largest difference is the diversity, and I'm here for it.

Dynasty 2017 has the Colby's played by African American actors, and it's perfect. It has LGBTQIA+ representation thrown in there too, which again, I'm here for. The great thing about this diversity addition, is that it doesn't feel like a ploy, or a token, but fitting and appropriate for the story.

The Colbys serving looks every time

2017's Dynasty has Fallon Carrington played by Elizabeth Gillies, known for being top bitch Jade West in Nickelodeon's Victorious. Here she plays another top bitch. Less goth, more money. This casting choice is what really sold me on the show, but I'm sure we can find something for you too.

We are introduced to the family as Fallon is pining for the role of CFO in her father's dynasty, Carrington Atlantic. It's an oil company or something like that. I don't know. Her hair is too perfect. It's distracting.

Like any good pilot, we're introduced to the characters and their individual affairs with consenting employees. By way of voiceover (which doesn't last long, thank God) we are given a short intro on the family and how they attained their money. We see Fallon and Steven scandalised by their father's engagement to a woman the same age as them, and how their father, Blake, could not care less about their outrage. There are ex lovers who are current employees causing trouble, competing business bids, and a glamorous party that starts with a cat fight and ends with a mysterious death. Soap-opera gotta soap-opera. They really hit the ground running.

the clothes are impeccable. period.

If this interests you, and even if it doesn't there is plenty more drama in store. I don't want to spoil it, so instead I'll drop hints.

Cristal Flores, Cristal Jennings, and Cristal Jennings II, all become Cristal Carrington by way of marrying a man 30 years their senior. Because soap-opera.

There's some surprise incest. Because soap-opera gotta soap-opera.

Alexis Carrington has 3 faces (so far).

Fallon Carrington does not sing enough, and her brother Steven Carrington is under-appreciated and lovely. Steven also sticks around for all 3 seasons. He never disappears. He stays where he belongs. In the show.

Steven and Sam had better be endgame

Long lost parents, and long lost brothers, and fake long lost brothers, and long lost step sisters no one knew existed.

There's a lot of businesses started then forgotten about because they no longer feed the plot, only to be brought back because it now serves the plot again.

Blackmail and marriages for show. Murder and cover ups for those murders. Amnesia also makes a welcome appearance. Because soap-opera.

Hopefully these batshit crazy storylines have got you interested. I haven't even touched on the self aware irony and fantastic comedic timing of my girl Fallon. Rest assured, it's there.

All in all, it's a great show that only seems to get better with each new season. I also appreciate that there are a lot of Australian actors killing the Dynasty game.

Kirby keeps it real and she sounds like home

There's something for everyone. Accents, scandal, sport, scandal, business calls and being up to our ass in shit what is this business, working boys, fashion, music, beautiful people, scandal. The gangs all here. It's definitely worth your time. If not because you have nothing but time right now, or even as a distraction from the mess of the world right now.

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