Dragon's Blood

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Chapter One: The Dragon King

Dragon's Blood

Jimin was exhausted. He couldn't recall the last time he'd gotten a proper night's sleep. He set the feather pen between his lithe digits down on the desk as he leaned back against the large oak wood chair he was seated in. Letting a soft, tired sigh escape between his plump, pink lips. His eyes slid closed as he tilted his head back to rest against the soft cushion of his chair. It was quiet in his study, save for the soft crackle of fire from the fireplace keeping the space warm in the dead winter cold that surrounded his kingdom right now. After taking a brief moment of pause, his long lashes fluttered upwards to reveal his pale silvery colored eyes. Looking almost white, an inhuman color but a sign that he held a curse in his blood. He stared upwards as the massive portrait over the fireplace. A happy family. A young boy, himself, seated in the lap of his mother as his father was holding them both in a loving and protective manner, a small lizard-like creature rested in the young Jimin's lap. Jimin stared at the panting for a long while before his eyes narrowed. That was a time that had long since passed. Jimin slowly pushed himself and the heavy chair away from the desk with surprising strength that one wouldn't expect from his small frame. He moved to stand as he walked around his desk, he needed some air. He wanted to clear his mind of the annoying memories that would threaten to creep up on him from looking at that painting. Jimin knew he should take it down. Burn it away along with the memories it harbored, but for some reason he couldn't bring himself to do that. He supposed all of his emotions couldn't be erased completely. He just hated to be reminded of a time when he was happy. When there was peace and a warmth over the kingdom. Now it was a cold and unforgiving place, just like him. Jimin slowly walked towards the door off to the side of the room. Pushing his hand through his silver colored locks, slicking them back briefly before they fell back into place over his forehead.

He pushed the heavy wooden door open to reveal a staircase. He made his way up the stone steps, his feet dressed in simple black boots with silver trim made soft sounds on each step as he made his way up to the rooftop of his castle. He could already feel the bite of the cold winter air, but to him it was cooling. Jimin enjoyed the winter. He always felt hot, so it was nice to be cooled down by mother nature. When he stepped out into the open of the massive castle rooftop he could already see the complete view of his kingdom. It was an impressive and unmatched sight to behold. The winds that passed by whipped his hair and clothing about him. It didn't stop Jimin's advance to the edge. Pausing as he stood there, admiring all that was his and once belonged to his father, the Gentle King as people use to call him. Jimin's gaze was narrowed as he raised his arms to wrap them around himself, the thin, white silk button up he had on wasn't much protection against the cold wind, even if he wasn't really feeling all that cold. He stood there for quite sometime. Jimin closed his eyes as he let out a breath that became visible once it met the air. Jimin was sure that his father would be disappointed in what kind of king he'd become, but he'd discarded the urge to care long ago. After what he'd been through at such a young age, the only thing he cared about was never feeling weak or exposed again to anyone or anything. A low, hissing growl sounded behind him, but Jimin wasn't startled or afraid as something massive approached him from behind. It's shadow overtaking him, Jimin let his arms slip back to his sides.

The towering beast drew closer, it's nostrils blowing heated air on Jimin's back before a tongue slipped between a set of massive jaws lined with teeth. The split tongue brushed against Jimin's fingers and Jimin finally looked over his shoulder. Greeted by the sight of the only three beasts he could trust with his life without a doubt. Dragons. The trademark and symbol of his family, the only family ever capable of taming such powerful and ancient beasts. The massive black and silver colored dragon that had licked his hand, moved back some and displayed his size. He was much larger than the other two dragons at his side and they were by no means small themselves. Jimin let his eyes travel from each of them. One of the was a beautiful shade of white with blue coloring in various spots on her body, she was the only female and the smallest of the three but still large by her own right compared to any other creature. The other was a dark silvery purple color and the second biggest. The three dragons were sibilings born of the same clutch and imprinted and tied to Jimin since birth. They viewed him as their everything, their master, mother and existence and one of them shared a very powerful connection with Jimin, moreso than the other two. One of them housed his heart, having switched it with their own and let it reside in their body for safe keeping, making Jimin cursed with the existence of immortality. He couldn't be killed, no matter how badly he was injuried. One of many " gifts" he'd inherited from the forbidden magic used on him by his now dead uncle.

Jimin turned as he walked towards the three as they moved in close, cuddled around one another to get close to Jimin. They all sought his attention, the large black one known as Yong extended down his wing for Jimin to rest again, letting out another sigh as he sat down against the oddly comfortable wing. Yong settled down to get comfortable, snapping at his sibilings when they didn't do the same right away and Jimin let out a soft chide, " Don't bully them Yong..." He scolded as Yong snorted lightly before he curled his body around Jimin in a protective manner. Yo, the small white female, curled up against Yong as Kyo followed on the opposite side. The three beasts providing warmth and making it easy for Jimin to get comfortable. He could only relax this much around them. All the exhaustion he'd felt over the last three days fluttered over him and within moments he was out cold. His head falling to the side as his body relaxed and Yong lifted his head a bit when he noticed Jimin was asleep. He then moved to curl his head up on his wing right infront of Jimin, shielding him from the harsh cold wind.

When morning came, the castle was in an uproar, their young king was missing. Servants and guards ran around in search of him. Taehyung on the other hand knew better than to stress. He was Jimin's advisor and childhood friend. If there was one thing the red headed male had learned as long as he'd known Jimin it was this. If he wasn't in his study working ungodly hours he was on the rooftop with his " children" of sorts. Taehyung made his way up, carrying a bucket of freshly cut meat. A peace offering he knew he would need. As long as he'd known Jimin and these dragons, they were still very protective of Jimin when he was in their presence. As he figured, when he'd stepped out onto the roof, he had six pairs of inhuman, slitted silvery white eyes staring him down. It always freaked Taehyung out a bit that Jimin shared the same eye color as his dragons. He slowed his movements as he set the bucket down infront of him and raised his hands to show he had no ill intent. Taehyung offered a nervous smile as he tilted his head a bit, " Come on you three! When are you going to trust me?" Taehyung whined a bit at them, but they didn't seem to care. When Taehyung bent down to grab a piece of meat, he froze when Yong hissed and seem to bristle at his movements. Taehyung swallowed before he decided to use a nother approach. Clearing his throat, " Jiminie! Please call off your dragons! I don't want to be eaten!" Taehyung shouted, whinning a bit louder. There was a moment of silence before the dragons seem to relax and Yong shifted to reveal Jimin as he slowly sat up and stretched his arms aboved his head, cracking his neck with a few sharp jerks of his head. His hair going every which way, but he still looked as beautiful to Taehyung.

Jimin let out a yawn as he briefly revealed his pointed canines, sharing a heart with a dragon did come with some odd quirks. He lowered his arms as he focused his gaze forward at his best friend and he frowned, looking grumpy and sleepy. " Tae..? What time is it?" Jimin asked in a gruff voice, shifting to stand as he stepped off Yong's wing. Taehyung relaxed, knowing Jimin would never let the three dragons hurt him. Jimin walked towards him, Taehyung pouted at Jimin's messy appearance. "... it is still early in the morning.. did you forget that you have an important ceremony to attend today?" He asked as Jimin rubbed the sleep from his eyes and squinted in a way that Taehyung found cute. "...ceremony? For what?" He asked as he walked towards the edge to look out at the view of his kingdom as the cold morning air woke him up more and more. Taehyung watched him before he leaned down to pick up some of the meat, the three dragons becoming alert as he tossed it to each of them as they snapped up their pieces quickly. "... you are suppose to choose a new Knight today. A personal guard...to replace... well you know..." Taehyung grew quiet. The death of their friend that had been Jimin's personal guard for the last eight years still a bit fresh. Even though Jimin never seem to show any sort of response to his death, Taehyung knew deep down it bothered the other to some degree. It was part of the reason Jimin had set his army and dragons loose on that enemy kingdom and burned them down to ashe with no mercy.

Jimin's plump lips pressed together to form a line, " I told you before I don't need another knight.." Jimin spoke, his back still to Taehyung. Taehyung tossed the last few pieces as he slowly looked to Jimin. " You need a personal guard Jimin... to protect you in places that your dragons can't.." Taehyung argued and Jimin glared at nothing briefly, " I can tell that you won't let this go until I pick one, so fine. Let's hope today's batch has more balls than the last." Jimin said as he turned to leave as Taehyung quickly grabbed the bucket and bowed at the three dragons before he turned and followed after Jimin. The three dragons stood and shook their massive bodies off before they suddenly took off from the roof and flew off, their shadows covering the town below in darkness as they passed overhead. The people below looking up as always in awe, but feeling safe knowing those dragons would protect them at the beck and call of their king. As a group of men on horses entered the courtyard of the castle, one dark haired male in particular, Jeon Jungkook, glanced up as his large doe eyes took in the sight of the massive dragons. His jaw going a bit slack, " They... are real..." He spoke in disbelief as one of the men beside him scoffed, " Don't wet your panties country boy... this is the playground of the big boys." He spat gruffly. Jungkook ignored him though, his eyes following the dragons until they were out of sight. Jungkook had heard about the " Dragon Blood King - Jimin". Tales of his conquests had even made it out to the small mountain village he was from. Jungkook was always interested in things like that.

He knew their world was full of fantasy and myth that one could only dream to encounter. He always dreamed of being in that world and becoming a full fledged knight to a king. When a traveler came through his village and spoke of an opportunity to make that dream come true, he jumped on it. Leaving his parents and older brother behind, he made the long journey to the Kingdom of Dragon Blood and being here now, his heart was full of excitement and wonder at all the things he'd seen so far. He couldn't say he was too fond of the people, but he expected to be looked down on. Jungkook was a country boy, he grew up farming and learning to nurture crops and care for small animals. In his free time, he would train himself with wood swords and bows. His father felt he was putting his life in great danger by coming to such a dangerous place, but he had to try. As they were ushered in, he assumed all of these other men, young and old were all fighting for the same spot. As they left their horses behind, Jungkook shuffled in with the group to the royal hall. As they came through the massive and richly decorated hallways and doors, he could hear some of the men muttering about finally finding their way out of poverty and into the good, rich life. Jungkook frowned lightly at that, they weren't suppose to be thinking of themselves, they were here to protect the king. Jungkook turned his gaze forward, ignoring them as they entered the place where the throne sat. Pausing before it as a tall, lean man with handsome features and an educated look stood before them. Dressed in rich, silk robes as he adjusted his round glasses and cleared his throat.

He slowly undid the scroll in his hand, his soft, blonde locks neatly in place as he parted his lips to speak and showed off one very visible dimple. " Good morning gentlemen... today you stand in the greatest of kingdoms before the greatest of kings. Now, bend the knee to show your respect to your new master..." Namjoon spoke in a voice full of authority and presence as the men did as they were told, but as Jimin walked out to take his place on the throne. Dressed in clothes that truly made him look like a king. Hair neatly done and gaze sharp and done up to look even fiercer with make up. The suit he had on was elegant and displayed all of his assets well. Jungkook was stuck staring in awe, forgetting where he was. The black and silver crown was neatly tilted to the side atop of Jimin's head as he took a seat in the large thrown and crossed his legs. Taehyung joined him, standing beside the throne. Jimin lifted his gaze and one of his brows quirked when he realized there was one person not kneeling. Taehyung cursed inwardly, he swore the young ones were always so brazen! " Yah! Hey! You! Bend the knee! Don't be rude to the king!" Taehyung snapped, if only to save the boy from getting his head chopped off if he put Jimin in a mood with his disrespect. Snapping out of his awe struck gaze on Jimin, Jungkook jumped and quickly kneeled down, dropping his head low to show his apology as he gulped a bit. A few of the others around him snickered but Jimin didn't seem to show any annoyance, if anything he was curious about the young male that didn't seem like he belonged. Jungkook only appeared to be a few years younger than Taehyung or himself.

Taehyung sighed in relief when the younger seem to do as he was told. Jungkook was embarrassed, he couldn't believe he let himself get carried away like that. He couldn't help it though. The king was so... beautiful... handsome...so many words he could use to praise the other. He had to pull himself together, even more motivated now to become his knight for some reason. Namjoon continued when Jimin gave him the signal, he cleared his throat once more. " Welcome, you all have come for a chance to become the personal Knight of our precious king. This position is held with the most respect and importance. It will be your duty to give your life for your king, protect him, servce him in any shape, form or fashion that he requires. You are to disgard your past and vow to live only for him. If that is not something you can do, leave now while you still can. Any who betray this notion will feel the wrath of fire and brimstone." Namjoon spoke, lowering the scroll to see if anyone had left, but no one. He let a briefly pleased smile cross his lips before he raised the scroll. " The selection process will be simple. You will compete for the the king's favor. The last one standing will not only prove his strength but his resolve to do anything for his king, even take a life." Namjoon said as Jungkook's eyes widened and he slowly lifted his head as he looked up at Namjoon. Take a life? Did that mean he would have to kill someone? His gaze fluttered to Jimin and his heart stopped when he noticed the other was staring at him, their gazes locked.

Jimin's stare was so intense and seem to bore into his soul, it made Jungkook forget how to breath for a moment as he swallowed thickly. As Namjoon continued, Jimin suddenly stood up and Taehyung looked a bit startled. Namjoon paused as he looked at Jimin as he walked down the steps towards the group of men. Taehyung took a step towards him, " J..Ji - Your Highness! What are you doing?!" He shouted in worry at Jimin getting so close to a bunch of men they knew nothing about. Jimin walked around them and towards the back where Jungkook was, the younger's gaze following him without moving his head. Even the way Jimin walked was elegant and powerful as he paused to the right of... him? Jimin crossed his arms lazily over his chest as he tilted his head, " You.." He spoke as Jungkook tensed up and averted his gaze as Jimin's gaze became half lidded. "... I pick you, stand and tell me your name." Jimin said as everyone seemed shocked, especially Taehyung and Namjoon. " Your Highness?!" They shouted together as Jimin raised his hand to silence them. His gaze never leaving Jungkook, " Rise." He ordered this time, Jungkook's body moved before his mind could catch up and he stood slowly, turning to face Jimin. He let his gaze rise back to the other's beautiful face. Jimin seem to be looking him over with mild interest. " What is your name?" Jimin asked again and Jungkook found it hard to speak, his throat suddenly felt dry but he forced it out. "... m... my name is Jeon... Jungkook...your Highness.." He suttered out, feeling embarrassed but he was nervous and caught off guard in Jimin's presence. A small smile formed on Jimin's lips, it was almost dark and playful as he looked at Namjoon. " I like him, I want him. Send the others out of my presence." Jimin said as he turned to leave and Namjoon blinked dumbly for a moment but shut the scroll in frustration.

He was a man that liked structure and that was hard to get with a king like Jimin but he'd come to accept that. He slapped the scroll against his palm, " Well... it seems that we are trying something different this time...the king has spoke, the rest of you are dismissed.." He said as an uproar came from the other men, some shouting how unfair that was. How they traveled miles and across oceans to come here for this. Namjoon silenced them with a harsh clap of his hands as Taehyung approached Jungkook with a scowl on his face. " Come with me.." He said as Jungkook looked at him, filled with confusion about what had just happened but he found himself being pulled along like a child by his sleeve. Namjoon with the assistance of the castle guards removed the upset group, but one of them slipped through. Cursing at Jimin for wasting his time as he pulled out his sword and charged at the king with his back turned. Jimin paused as he turned slightly to see the man running at him like a wild animal. Jungkook's eyes widened before he yanked the sword off a frantic Taehyung's waist and shot forward with an impressive amount of speed and swords clashed as the man attempted to bring his own down on Jimin who remained unmoving. Jungkook's eyes narrowed as he forced the large, older man back with surprising strength. " What are you doing?!" Jungkook shouted as he stood inbetween Jimin and this man as he held his sword infront of him. Jimin looked pleased as Namjoon and Taehyung looked impressed before the guards came to take the man away.

Jungkook relaxed as he let out a sigh and then quickly turned to look at Jimin as he noticed the other staring at him. He quickly dropped to one knee, " I.. I hope you aren't hurt..." He said as Jimin chuckled softly, " I am fine, thanks to you Mr.Knight...it seems I made the right choice. Welcome..." He said as he turned and walked towards Jungkook, kneeling down infront of him which forced Jungkook to look up. Finding himself face to face with Jimin sent chills down his spine as Jimin raised his hand, brushing his fingertips under Jungkook's chin and without much warning their lips suddenly met in a kiss. A kiss that sent sparks throughout Jungkook's entire body as he gripped the handle of his sword tightly as it was a deep and greedy kiss as Jimin's half lidded eyes watched Jungkook's close. Taehyung sighed and rolled his eyes, glancing to the side. This kid had no idea what he was getting himself into. Namjoon watched as Jimin sealed Jungkook's fate and looked away. Jimin slowly pulled away from the kiss, having left their lips swollen as a soft glow had taken over Jimin's eyes at some point. "...to the Kingdom of Dragon Blood... my cute little knight." Jimin spoke as he moved to stand as Jungkook suddenly felt light headed and his vision began to blurr as he lost all strength. "W...hat...?" He suddenly fell forward onto the floor as he seem to pass out. Jimin licked his lips before he glanced at Taehyung who waved him off. " I know... I will take care of him..." He said with a scowlish pout at Jimin.

Jimin turned without a word on his heel and headed out of the hall as he raised his hand and brushed his lips, the feeling of the kiss still lingered. Maybe having a new knight wouldn't be so bad after all.

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