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Don't Go See The Flash

Ezra's Behavior and its Effects

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

I will scream from the rooftops over and over to not go see The Flash. And most people in the DCEU bubble know why. But for those casual watchers that don’t see the problem with supporting the latest superhero movie here is exactly why you should not go see The Flash or support HBO and Ezra Miller.

Starting in fall of 2019 on the set of “Asking For It” several production members reported erratic behavior from Miller on set. They described their mental state as “scattered”. The disturbing behavior continued on the set of “The Stand”, including screaming, and spitting at the director. Escalated behavior led to people on set feeling unsafe. This alone should have been enough for all future productions to recast or at the very least demand that Miller get help before continuing with any contracts. But it also shows how little CEO’s care about the people that make their projects.

Continuing in April of 2020 a pattern of violent behavior begins when Ezra choked a fan outside a bar in Iceland. The bartender said that this was not the first time Ezra demonstrated anger issues. And this event is 100% verified as it was caught on video. The situation started as banter and when Ezra misinterpreted a joke, they resorted to violence. Now I am not a “violence is never the answer” kind of person but in this case it was in no way justified.

In April of 2020 reports of Ezra running what was essentially described as a cult surfaced. While in Iceland it was reported that Miller rented and airbnb and ran it like a commune, giving long talks on spirituality and claiming to have special powers. They reportedly got into a relationship with an 18 year old woman who described their time together using the term, “psychological abuse” and when she returned to her roommate she was given literature on cults, saying that the experience was exactly what she was in with Ezra. Now this is a he said/she said situation, or it would be if Ezra didn’t have a history of erratic and unstable behavior. Now at this point in time we have reports from 8 different people in 4 different locations all reporting the same type of behavior….so if we are still claiming “rumors” at this point in time then it seems we just aren’t paying attention.

Flash principal filming didn’t start until AFTER everything listed above. So to be clear HBO and Warner Brothers could have re-casted at any time. Miller SHOULD have been fired already and there is quite literally no excuse for continuing the film with Miller.

Let’s fly to Hawaii in 2022 where Miller was arrested several times. Miller went to a karaoke bar and then became agitated when people started singing…we can all agree that that’s unreasonable right? Miller grabbed the microphone out of the hand of one woman and then lunged at a man playing darts. This led to arrest and 2 different charges. In April Miller was arrested again after refusing to leave a residence, Miller threw a chair striking a woman on the forehead resulting in an assault charge. This of course establishes a pattern of violent behavior and we have already established a pattern of erratic and unstable behavior.

In August Miller was arrested for trespassing and burglary after breaking into an unoccupied residence in Vermont. Miller pleaded guilty to this charge in order to avoid jail time and this resulted in what amounted to basically a slap on the wrist. Because why would we hold rich people accountable? 1 year probation and a $500 fine later Miller keeps his movie deal and The Flash is about to release.

I understand wanting to see the movie, but I beg you please, please pirate it. The crew does not need you to support the movie, most of them are on their next jobs already. The ONLY people the success of this movie helps is Miller and HBO’s executives. HBO has proven that they do not care about their crew members, they have proven that the only thing they care about is money. There is NO reason to give this movie your money. Watch it for free or not at all.

This article contains the choking video.

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