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Dolan Twins Fandom

by kela ツ 3 years ago in entertainment

How toxic can it get?

I joined the fandom in late November of 2017. I was unaware of how toxic this fandom was before the events happened that I am going to be talking about in this "story."

In April of 2018, the Dolan twins decided to take a break from YouTube due to their own struggles with their content, and, assumedly, their own personal issues. The twins made a come back to YouTube a month later, explaining how much their channel is going to change. So far, the content feels the same... sometimes.

In July of 2018, the twins released a video with James Charles and Emma Chamberlain. This spiked a lot of controversy, since both of these individuals have a terrible reputation on the internet. From then on, people have started to believe Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan have been dating, along with rumors of Grayson Dolan and James Charles dating, but Emma and Ethan seemed to be more relevant.

If you read the caption, it is easy to understand what’s going on.

There has been a lot of suspicious evidence of Emma and Ethan dating, but it has never been confirmed, and, quite frankly, never will be. I personally do not ship these two, but the suspicion that they have been dating has caused a lot of drama in the fandom. It breaks my heart to see that the twins can’t date anyone without it bringing up controversy. I personally do not care who they date, or whether the person has a bad reputation or not. I do not care if I do not like the person, if they’re happy, I’m happy. I’m here to support the people I love and spread love with them to my fellow companions.

Since Emma Chamberlain has been a very controversial person, members of the Dolan twin fandom who dislike her strongly will not let go of the mistakes she has done, and have defined her by those mistakes. It’s ironic because the twins have made mistakes themselves, yet they’re so easy to figure them.

Emma has turned seventeen years old this year, while the twins turn nineteen in December. This has brought up a lot of hate towards Ethan, the fandom making “jokes” about him going to jail for dating someone underage, which won’t happen even if they are dating.

In some states, it is legal to date a minor that is sixteen years old if consent if given. Emma Chamberlain is seventeen. As you can see, there is obviously no problem with these two dating.

There has been a lot of hate towards Emma and Ethan, which makes me upset, and aggravated as well. There is no point in calling yourself a fan of the Dolan twins if you’re going to spread hate about someone you “love,” just for dating someone you don’t like. I personally believe people who want to spread hate about Emma just in general are looking for attention, and we are not doing the right thing by arguing back with these people.

Another thing before I end this “story” is that people have been claiming that Ethan has changed ever since Emma came into his life, causing him to be more aggressive towards his brother than usual. This is very unfair to believe, even if it is true. I do agree, Ethan has been more aggressive to his twin brother, but it’s not right to blame it on Emma, who hasn’t done a thing so far to hurt either of the twins.

I hope one day this fandom grows up and sees that spreading hate is not a form of supporting the twins. It’s ridiculous to have hope, but I do have it. I hope people can put themselves into the twins' perspective and see how they feel. I feel like sometimes people forget that the twins work so hard to make us happy, and when the twins try to do something for themselves, the fandom spikes into controversy. We should allow the twins to do whatever they want, we are not their parents. We do not control them. Let them live their own lives if you really do care about them. We also forget the Twins do read our comments, so they know exactly what’s going on in the fandom.

I’m proud of them for continuing to make videos with Emma and James for themselves, and not for their fans. I personally do not like James because I’m allowed to. You’re allowed to not like people. I used to hate Emma in an unhealthy way until I met a friend who loved her, and opened up my eyes. I wish others would understand.

I’m sad to see friendships end because of two people the twins decided to become friends with. Please have some consideration for the twins', Emma’s and James’ feelings. Thank you.


kela ツ

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