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Doctor Who: Everything We Learned In The 'Revolution Of The Daleks' Trailer

The Doctor is back, but so are The Daleks!

By Kristy AndersonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
A promo image for 'Revolution Of The Daleks'

It's been a long wait between new content for Doctor Who fans, but finally, a trailer for the long awaited festive special, 'Revolution Of The Daleks', has dropped. The special, set to air on New Year's Day, 2021, will feature the return of The Doctor's arch enemies, The Daleks, for the first time since the 2019 special 'Resolution', as well as another appearance by Captain Jack Harkness, who made a memorable return earlier this year in 'Fugitive Of The Judoon'.

Here's everything we learned from the 'Revolution Of The Daleks' trailer.

The Thirteenth Doctor's companions appear to have designated themselves as protectors of Earth

Earth's Saviours?

After the events of 'The Timeless Children', The Thirteenth Doctor's companions, Graham, Ryan, and Yaz, believe her to be dead, and like most companions after losing their Doctor, they seem to be a little lost. However, Graham believes that 'The Doc' would want them to keep an eye on the planet.

The Tardis in which The Doctor sent her friends home, most likely still in the form of a House, becomes their base of operations, as when we see it in the trailer, it is covered in post-it notes. From there, the trio somehow uncovers the Dalek plot.

Yaz is the companion most shaken by The Doctor's absence

Of the three companions, Yasmin Khan seems the most shaken by The Doctor's absence. She is also the least confident about herself, Graham, and Ryan actually being able to thwart a Dalek invasion. This is likely because in earlier episodes, much of Yaz's personal confidence comes from her belief that The Doctor will come through and save the day. Without The Doctor, what hope have three regular humans got?

Yaz's doubts will likely come as a surprise to fans, seeing as she is currently believed to be the companion least likely to depart the show at the end of this special. However, her spirits seem to have lifted later in the trailer, as she offers encouragement to Jack Harkness.

Jack is back! And he may have brought some painful truths.

Though it had already been rumoured, Jack's return in 'Revolution Of The Daleks was recently confirmed last week in a teaser for the special. Jack most likely shows up to help Ryan, Graham, and Yaz fend of the Daleks in The Doctor's absence. Given his greater experience with The Doctor, he also possibly informs the companions that The Doctor is not actually dead. The new trailer opens with a voice over from Jack, apparently offering advice:

"Being with The Doctor, you don't get to choose when it stops.. whether you leave her, or she leaves you."

To take an educated guess, this advice is probably directed toward Yaz. However, Jack doesn't know that The Doctor fully intended to return for Yaz and the others before she was imprisoned.

The Daleks have fooled another British Government

The first time the Daleks are seen in the trailer, they are being introduced by the British Government as new 'Defence Drones' that will soon be patrolling the streets. From what we see in the trailer, it seems possible the Daleks have tricked Government Officials into believing they are a source for good. If so, it is not the first time this has occurred.

Fans will remember a similar plot taking place in the episode 'Victory Of The Daleks'. During the London Blitz, the Daleks disguised themselves as 'newly invented' war machines known as Iron Sides, and the Eleventh Doctor is left struggling to convince Winston Churchill of their true evil nature.

We will see the return of Jack Robertson

Businessman Jack Robertson, played by Sex And The City star Chris Noth, first appeared in the episode 'Arachnids In The U.K'. In that episode, he was discovered to have knowingly built his latest Luxury Hotel atop a toxic waste site, leading to the mutation of some local spiders. Robertson angers The Doctor when he heartlessly shoots an already dying Mother Spider.

In the 'Revolution Of The Daleks' trailer, Albertson is confronted by Ryan, Graham, and Yaz over his involvement with the Daleks. Albertson, obviously not realising the Daleks are alive, blows off the companions' concerns, claiming that the 'machines' will change the world.

The Doctor is still in Prison

The cliff-hanger ending of 'The Timeless Children' had The Doctor imprisoned by the Judoon, and by 'Revolution Of The Daleks', this hasn't changed. The Doctor is only seen in a few brief clips in the trailer, and never outside of Prison. This has led some fans to speculate that the special will be a 'Doctor-lite' episode.

However, we can probably still expect her to be free by the end of the episode. The trailer ends on Thirteen apparently attempting to motivate herself.

"Stay strong. People are waiting for you."

'Doctor Who: Revolution Of The Daleks' will air on New Year's Day, 2021. Check out the trailer here:


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