Deadly Sin

by Monique Star 7 months ago in fan fiction

There's a difference between a regular sin and a deadly sin

When the Deadly Sins go searching around various planes of existence, anyone can be their pray. When Greed set up a trap for their victims, a group of various types of people took the bait.

Rumor spread around a small town's high school of an abandoned well on the outskirts that can grant you more of what you want the more you look into it. Jasper, Mitchell, Remy, and Chad were discussing amongst themselves how to look for the well. However, Emile and Virgil walked by as the plans were being discussed. If not for the need to feel like they belonged in a group, they would've just kept on walking. The group agreed to let them join, but with the intention of having them be used as scapegoats in case things went wrong.

The four weren't strangers to getting out of the house late, but Virgil and Emile worked hard to convince their families that they were going to see a movie together that night. Although the two boys wanted to belong to a group, it was clear the four had other thoughts. Jasper and Mitchell were the kind of people that would use either manipulation or force in order to get their way and maintain power, so they wouldn't mind gaining more power with the help of the well. Chad was the kind of person who was praised by his daddy no matter what, so, as long as he was nothing like his youngest sibling who calls themself Elliott. He has had access to money so he could access various substances that he knew his father would be blind to due to severely evident favoritism. Chad wanted more that he knew he could get away with, so he figured the well could provide him with more money or substances. As for VSCO boy, Remy? If you ask him, there's never enough parties or festivals for him to attend, so he figured the well would bring him knowledge of more to attend or at least easier access to them.

The group used the moonlight and the flashlights from their phones as they were wandering around the outskirts. Emile stayed close to Virgil in case he needed to be escorted out of a panic attack. Since Emile was the more social of the two, he tried to join in on the many conversations that the other four were having only to be talked over so many times by all except for Virgil.

They didn't really pay attention to the time as much as they did to their conversations and what little they could see around them. Virgil really wanted to shout his regrets and Emile found himself missing his pet rock. Emile looked at everyone's flashlights pointed to an old looking well that made everyone ecstatic. However, while everyone else was drawn to the well, Emile pointed his flashlight behind him and noticed Virgil was having an anxiety attack. He rushed over to his friend and coaxed him through his breathing exercises and then some.

Eventually, after both of them were calm, they looked towards the well with their flashlights and noticed their four traveling companions were gone without a sound. Emile looked at his phone to get a better idea of how far they were from home and proceeded to walk back. As they were walking and thinking that maybe trying to bond with the others that way wasn't the best idea, Greed smiled as they watched the departure of the pair, both from the fact that not everyone gave in to the temptation and from the fact that the remaining four got a harsh reminder on why Greed is a deadly sin.

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Monique Star
Monique Star
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