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Deadly shark attack in Hurghada shocks Tourists and Locals

Tiger shark kills Russian citizen in Egypt’s Red Sea

By eda biljikPublished 6 months ago 4 min read


In recent years, shark attacks have garnered significant attention worldwide due to their rare occurrence and the media's amplification of such incidents. Unfortunately, Egypt faced a devastating shark attack in 2023 that resulted in the loss of human life and raised concerns about the delicate balance between tourism and marine conservation. This incident has highlighted the need for proactive measures to protect both humans and marine ecosystems.

Russian man killed by a shark in Egypt's Red Sea

A Russian man was killed by a shark attack on Thursday in the popular tourist city of Hurghada on Egypt's eastern coast, according to Egyptian and Russian officials.

The incident took place near the Hurghada Marina, where a tiger shark attacked a man who was born in 1999 and lived in Egypt full-time] A video circulating online, reportedly of the attack, shows a man thrashing in the water before being repeatedly attacked by a shark, then being dragged under.

Egypt's Minister of Environment, Yasmine Fouad, ordered a committee to investigate the incident and to take all possible measures to avoid a recurrence of the shark attack. She also directed local authorities to implement the highest levels of safety for those who go to the beaches of the Red Sea.

The Environment Ministry issued a two-day ban on swimming starting Friday, including snorkeling and all other water sports activities in the area between Gouna to the north of Hurghada and Soma Bay to its south. The ministry later said it had caught the tiger shark that caused the incident and was examining it in a laboratory to find out the possible reasons for its attack.

Shark attacks are rare in the Red Sea coastal regions, but there have been some fatal incidents in recent years. In 2022, two women – one Austrian and one Romanian – were killed within days of each other in shark attacks at Hurghada. In 2020, a Ukrainian boy lost an arm and an Egyptian tour guide lost a leg in a shark attack.

Egypt's Red Sea resorts, including Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, boast some of the country's most renowned beach destinations and are popular with European tourists. Divers are attracted by the steep dropoffs of coral reefs just offshore, which offer rich and colorful sea life.

The Russian consulate in Hurghada urged Russian tourists to be vigilant when in the water and to strictly adhere to any swimming bans imposed by local authorities. The consulate also expressed its condolences to the family and friends of the victim.

Reactions and Immediate Response:

Following the shark attack, the Egyptian government swiftly implemented emergency measures to safeguard beachgoers and prevent further incidents. Beaches were temporarily closed, and marine activities, including swimming and diving, were temporarily suspended pending a thorough investigation. A team of experts, including marine biologists, ecologists, and local authorities, was assembled to assess the situation and determine the factors contributing to the attack.

Concerted Efforts in Conservation and Awareness:

The shark attack in Egypt serves as a solemn reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting marine ecosystems. As investigations into the incident unfolded, experts discovered that human activities, such as overfishing and habitat destruction, could disrupt the delicate balance of the marine environment and contribute to changes in shark behavior.

In response, the Egyptian government, local communities, and environmental organizations have joined forces to enhance conservation efforts and promote awareness. Steps are being taken to establish stricter regulations on fishing practices, promote sustainable tourism, and raise public awareness about the significance of marine biodiversity and the need to coexist with these remarkable creatures.

Collaboration and Research:

Addressing the complex issue of shark attacks requires a multidimensional approach. Egypt has sought collaboration with international experts and organizations that specialize in marine conservation and shark behavior. By sharing knowledge and experiences, scientists can better understand the behavior and migratory patterns of sharks, leading to more effective preventive measures.

Additionally, research initiatives are being conducted to study the ecological health of the Red Sea, monitor shark populations, and implement early warning systems to detect potential shark threats. This scientific approach aims to strike a balance between preserving Egypt's natural treasures and ensuring the safety of its visitors.

Tourism and Future Outlook:

Egypt's Red Sea coastline has long been a magnet for tourists seeking pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and unique underwater experiences. While the shark attack has undoubtedly affected tourism in the short term, the Egyptian government is determined to restore confidence and reassure visitors that every possible measure is being taken to ensure their safety.

By implementing comprehensive safety protocols, providing accurate information, and educating tourists about responsible behavior in marine environments, Egypt aims to rebuild its tourism sector while maintaining a sustainable balance between human activities and marine conservation.


The tragic shark attack in Egypt serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced in safeguarding both humans and marine ecosystems. This incident has catalyzed a renewed commitment to conservation and raised awareness about the need for sustainable practices in tourism and fishing industries. Through collaboration, research, and proactive measures, Egypt is striving to strike a delicate balance between protecting its unique marine biodiversity and providing safe and enjoyable experiences for visitors.

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