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Dank Memes I Liked This Week

Tag Your Best Friend In Your Favorite Meme

By Steven Christopher McKnightPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Dank Memes I Liked This Week
Photo by Crystal Mapes on Unsplash

Memes are a love language. I stand by this, and I will never not stand by this. I use memes to start conversations I have no idea how to start, and to show my friends I still care about them. That being said, here’s a collection of memes I found funny this week, and some commentary to pad the word count. This is me, sharing memes with you, the reader, to show that I still care about you. Even you, Kevin. Especially you, Kevin.


A woman is in a confessional with a priest.

Woman: And last night I put bread down my blouse and pretended I was a toaster.

Priest: Once again, weird, but not a sin.

Why do I find this one funny? Is it the Catholic guilt instilled in me from a young age, brought to life in this singular meme depicting a woman feeling guilt for experiencing a pleasure in life that is only strange and not sinful? Who’s to say? Anyway, I just really dig Classical Art Memes.


A sort of “know the difference” meme.

Alpaca vs. Llama

An alpaca… weighs 150 lbs, has soft fleece, listens to human commands, eats grass, is even-tempered, travels in herds.

A llama… weighs 400 lbs, has a knife in is fur, listens to Norwegian Death Metal, eats cold corn dogs, is constantly drunk, will kill you the first chance it gets.

I just got back from an alpaca-themed literary festival in Scotland with my friend Hayli, and the day after, she ditched me to go to an alpaca farm with the festival judges. I have never felt more spite in my heart. Anyway, I guess this meme was hanging up at the farm. It’s definitely a creation of Obvious Plant, but let’s be honest, if you find a meme that’s perfectly suitable for your business, of course you’re going to hang it up at your place of business if you can. Anyway, love me some alpacas. Llamas feel like terrors to society. On to the next dank meme.

This isn’t a meme. It’s just a pretty picture I took in Scotland last week. I guess I could add a caption on it that says, “My face when beans,” or something, and it would kind of be funny in a Gen Z nothing has meaning kind of way. But why would I do that to such a pretty picture? I should be a photographer or something.


User spixi on Tumblr: well, hes a fine young man. if you overlook the atrocities

I feel this on an emotional level, as a current grad student who is currently living out my Victorian Gothic Faustian fantasies. Sure, my degree is in theatre, and I won’t be sewing together any terrifying flesh-automatons in a daring act of playing God, but I’m sure I’m capable of committing my own crimes against nature once I get into the swing of things. Plus my very existence is there for the sole purpose of spiting God and the society that birthed him. But of course I’m also a sweet upstanding man. And I’m sure everyone my age and in my field can hardcore relate, right?


Panel 1:

Shane: It costs $400 to see a therapist

Panel 2:

Shane: But it’s free to just tell yourself, “it be like that sometimes.”

Panel 3:

Ryan: What? No-

First of all, subscribe to Watcher on YouTube because these two men are the most precious commodities in this world. Second of all, he’s right, you know. It’s not an effective strategy, but it’s cheap. I’ve probably saved thousands on therapy just by telling myself, “It be like that sometimes.” 10/10, would recommend.

Anyway, stay safe, y’all. Love you. Sweet dreams. Especially you, Kevin.


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Steven Christopher McKnight

Disillusioned twenty-something, future ghost of a drowned hobo, cryptid prowling abandoned operahouses, theatre scholar, prosewright, playwright, aiming to never work again.

Venmo me @MickTheKnight

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  • Mackenzie Davis12 months ago

    I think classical painting memes are the best thing I've ever seen. And that one hit. 😝😂

  • Sandra Tena Coleabout a year ago

    Fantastically funny, as usual! Glad to be back from my break to see that you're back from your break 😁

  • You know what, I'm gonna tell myself "It be like that sometimes" from now on 🤣

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