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Cryptid theory

Why can’t we get a good shot

By Dr. Theorist Published 2 months ago 3 min read

So we all have heard of creatures like Bigfoot or Nessie or goat man or the moth man or the yeti or any other creature that is supernatural In origin and as a my doctorate in cryptozoology must tell you I have an AVID belief in cryptids but you know I’ve always wondered why exactly it is that we can never seem to catch a clear photo of Bigfoot or Nessie, well I have a theory and stay with me here ok, I think they have an electromagnetic field around them.

Now what exactly is an election-magnetic field, well in short it’s a force field like structure of electricity around an object that messes with any electronics nearby, this could explain how despite today's advanced tech we can never get a good photo around them cause the magnetic field around them are so strong is messed with the electronics in the camera of video recorder thus making the image turn out blurry, now logically this would make sense for them to have as a defense mechanism against what likely is there only predators, humans, as of you can’t get proof of them you can not catch them.

Another theory of mine is they have a telepathic ability to control electricity this would also explain how we can never get a good photo or video, they are able to sense the electricity in devices and manipulate the device in order to make it so whatever photo or video is taken of them comes out blurry or messed with in some way shape or form, and once again this would have likely developed as a defense mechanism and survival method over millions of years.

I also have a theory that if Bigfoot is a form of prehistoric ancestor to humanity or if Nessie is actually a dinosaur then they have survived through cryogenic freezing once the ice age came, this of course is to say that if this one is true that not only does cryogenics works but can actually keep not just the tissue and cells alive but the activity of entire animals alive to.

Now again these are just theories the other possibility is it could all just be a hoax but the amount of Bigfoot sightings has actually increased in the last decade so in my professional opinion I do not think that these are hoaxes as a mass hoax like this would be nearly impossible to pull off without collaboration, and I highly doubt that the people from all over the world who sight Bigfoot or any other cryptid are in it together in anyway at all.

Anyway that’s just my theory on why we can never get a good shot of these creatures, I would also like to point out that this theory is not strictly towards Bigfoot or Nessie but rather to ALL of the cryptid creatures out there that people claim to see on the daily or the monthly or the yearly or whatever, this theory applies to them ALL that includes the cryogenic theory I mentioned in this article as well as I firmly believe in there existence but like any good theorist I leave room for doubt and to be proven wrong as well.

So if you liked my theory and liked this article why not show me, go to the link in my channel description and donate it could be a monthly, yearly, or one time donation and it really would help me in keeping my dream of making a living off being a theorist alive and well especially since most college grads end up not doing anything with there degrees.

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My name is Dillion Ray and I have a doctorate in Parapsychology and an avid conspiracy theorist, if you like my articles please give me a donation it can be monthly, yearly, or one time at the link,

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