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Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom and *that* Greg Argument

by Rebecca Smith 9 months ago in tv

A post about Crazy Ex Girlfriend... so weird, RIGHT?

Ahh. Crazy Ex Girlfriend. The beautiful, wonderful, glorious show, that you cannot help but binge watch. time and time again. I think I've watched and re-watched the whole series about seven times now - not bad for someone who wasn't sure whether to watch it or not.

I'm not into musicals in general. The idea that people know all the words and dance moves to a song that is meant to be occurring randomly, doesn't sit well with me. But I'm so glad that my friend made me watch it with her. Because yeah, there's singing and dancing, but it's explained! If you know the show, then you know what I mean. I really appreciate that there is reason for the songs and musical numbers; thus, making me thoroughly enjoy it as a whole.

Rachel Bloom is a fucking GODDESS! If I were wearing a hat, I'd take it off to her. She is multi-talented and glorious and all kinds of funny and beautiful. I always appreciate people with talent (because I have about as much talent as a wooden stick), but Rachel blows me away. Singing, writing, dancing, comedy... all very hard things to nail. But there's Rachel, effortlessly managing to do it all.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend was my first introduction to Rachel Bloom, but I have since YouTubed her and watched her previous videos. And all I can say, is... BRILLIANT. 'Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury' is one of the catchiest tunes ever. I have caught myself, countless times, humming along, or even singing it to myself - which is kinda awkward when in a public area! Everything she does just screams talent and entertainment. There isn't anything that Rachel has done, that I'm not completely obsessed with!

Well... there's one thing that gets me. It's technically not even Rachel's fault, but it needs to be addressed. GREG. Ohh yeah, if you've seen Crazy Ex Girlfriend, then you KNOW what I'm talking about. OG Greg is my Greg. The REAL Greg. Skylar is great, as someone else. But Santino IS Greg. Okay? And for those of you who think Rebecca should be with Josh or Nathaniel... you're wrong! Oh yeah, I went there. I am a die-hard Rebecca and (OG) Greg shipper.

Often, people ask me what my favourite Crazy Ex Girlfriend song is, but I cannot choose. It changes depending on my mood, what's happened in the day and how my own mental health is doing. It goes from Trapped in a Car With Someone You Don't Want to Be Trapped in a Car With, to The Moment is Me, to I Gave You a UTI, etc. But, and this has to be said, I LOVE Trent's Sexy Getting Ready Song and I'm Just a Boy in Love - I think they are hilarious! But every single song is pure brilliance. The entire cast are amazing. I've never known so many talented people to be involved with a single thing. Not one of them is just okay, they are all fantastic.

I was over-joyed when Rachel announced that she was pregnant. You just know that her daughter is going to be so loved and so accepted, no matter what. Imagine having a mum THAT relaxed about sexuality and gender, etc. Her husband seems really nice as well. I think they're going to make a wonderful little family and I wish them all the bst with everything.

I'm ending this on a sad note though. The wonderful Adam Schlesinger died at the age of 52, because of Carona Virus. Adam was a songwriter on Crazy Ex Girlfriend and an incredible talent.

RIP Adam. Thank you for the music.

Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith
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