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Craziest Netflix Movies That Mess With Your Head

These are the most bizarre and twisted Netflix movies that mess with your head. You'll love them.

By Stephen HamiltonPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

If you ask me, one of the biggest problems with mainstream Hollywood movies is that they rarely make you think. Most movies are visually stunning, superficial, and "feel good" trips that never really make the audience pause, and actually absorb what they're seeing.

That's exactly why I love Netflix movies that mess with your head. They actually force you to think about the plot, and what it actually means. Sometimes, they even have a slick pull that makes you relate to the characters just a little bit too much.

Looking for a fun movie to watch? These are the ones you need to check out if you're looking for a guaranteed mindfuck.

The 1995 cult classic movie is back in action, thanks to Netflix. Unlike others on this list, The Usual Suspects is one of the few Netflix movies that mess with your head and actually received mainstream attention.

This movie follows a conman trying to convince the feds that a notorious criminal roped him and his friends into a heist. Is Kint the conman telling the truth, or is it all a lie?

If you're looking for seriously horrifying Netflix movies that mess with your head, look no further than Twisted. This movie follows investigator Jessica Shepard trying to solve a string of murders in San Francisco — all of which have one thing in common.

The thing in common is that all of the murder victims were her exes.

Twisted makes you wonder who's the real killer, and if Shepard herself had a psychotic break. The truth will shock you, and possibly even scare the crap out of you.

Did you know that Christian Bale actually starved himself to lose weight for this movie? According to him, the extreme diet actually did mess with his mind. Ergo, The Machinist takes the cake as one of the few Netflix movies that mess with your head — and the actors'.

As most might know, The Machinist follows a man called Trevor Reznick, as his mind and body deteriorates due to his insomnia. A work accident due to his insomnia leaves him paranoid and insane, all the way to the skin-crawling end.

Is there any ex you wish you could erase from your mind, forever? Most of us have at least one person who we regret meeting. A broken-hearted ex decides to wipe her mind of any memories of her last boyfriend, and upon hearing the news, her ex decides to do the same.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of the only Netflix movies that mess with your mind while also helping you get over a breakup. Or, maybe that was just my reaction to it. Just assume that this movie pairs well with wine and chocolate, okay?

Imagine if you were the last mortal person on Earth, and you were forced to look back at the lives you could have lived. Mr. Nobody is a 118-year-old man who doesn't know who he is — or at least, really blurs the lines on what his identity is.

As Nemo keeps reporting on his life, and the characters continue to shift and change. Sometimes, he lives a life of bored luxury with one wife. Other times, it's an exciting whirlwind with another.

This is a movie about choices, and it will make you cry. It's incredibly complex, too. That's why it's one of the best Netflix movies that mess with your head. Just, you know, grab tissues.

Remember that one Family Guyepisode where a dinner party turns into an accidental murder-fest? Remember how mind-bending that was? The Invitation is fairly similar in that respect, except it's an ex-husband being invited to the dinner party by his ex and her new spouse.

This is one of those indie Netflix movies that mess with your head in a really disturbing way. Is it just a party? Why is it so tense? And, why are there bars on the windows? Something isn't right...

If you're looking for a movie that will mess with your mind a bit, and possibly frighten you, too, you might like this one. All Good Things is about a man who has to choose between his sanity and the success of his family's real estate dynasty.

On paper, he has a picture-perfect life and marriage. His wife soon realized that the man she married isn't who she thinks he is — and that her life might be in danger. Did we mention it's based on a true story? That's the most terrifying part.

Of all the Netflix movies that mess with your mind, this one might be one of the scariest ones out there. It's a classic horror movie with a lot of twists that will take even jaded movie watchers by surprise.

Dream House is the story of a NYC family relocated to the New England suburbs, only to find out the perfect home they're now living in was the site of a grisly murder. It only gets spookier from there...

Five guys sharing a luxury penthouse loft in the city — all of them using the loft for their parties and extramarital affairs. Sounds great, until one of the women they brought over is found dead the next morning. It's clear she was killed, but who did it?

This is one of those unusual Netflix movies that mess with your mind, simply because it forces you to look at human nature. We're all sinners; and The Loft makes that abundantly clear.

Perhaps one of the most warped Netflix movies that mess with your head for days after is Enter the Void. This is an incredibly trippy movie that involves a US drug dealer being shot and killed in Tokyo...and from there, his spirit takes three different journeys.

He can travel to the past, the present, and the future. Can he save his sister from beyond the grave? Visually, this is one of the trippiest movies you can watch. Mentally, it's one of those shows you can only watch once because it makes you feel emotions so strongly.


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