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Conquer the Gaming Industry by Developing a P2E Game like Splinterlands.

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By Allan JackobPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
P2E Game Like Splinterlands

Since its inception, gaming has been a highly popular and money-spinning industry. This is because the gaming industry has evolved and has kept updating itself with new technological advancements. The gaming industry has come a long way from arcades to heavy graphic console games. Currently, with the entry of blockchain and Web3, the gaming industry has transformed completely. P2E blockchain games have gained immense popularity among the gaming community due to their unique features. One such popular P2E game is "Splinterlands," which has become immensely popular in a very short span. If you're a game enthusiast looking to develop a p2e game but have qualms about its success, creating an odds-on P2E game like Splinterlands can be the way to go.

What is Splinterlands ?

Splinterlands is a decentralized online collectible card game in which each card is owned as an NFT. Players must collect cards with special powers and abilities and battle against other players. Players can have monetary value with these cards by trading them on marketplaces. Splinterlands is built on the Ethereum blockchain and requires players to connect their web3 wallet for transactions and storage of NFTs.

Components of a P2E Game like Spinterlands

✪ Store: Your p2e game, like splinterland, will have an in-built store where users can purchase packs, nodes, lands, equipment, accessories, etc.

✪ Marketplace: The marketplace is where your users can buy NFTs and make secondary sales. Based on users' needs, they can search for and purchase suitable collectibles. It has filters like niche, price, rarity, edition, and soon.

✪ Cards: You can also ingest special attributes to each card and release a limited number of cards to increase its worth. Users can experience card features once they create their account and log in with their wallet. Cards are developed through NFT token standards.

✪ Filter: The filter option saves a lot of effort for the users, offering them enhanced usability. Users can use the filter option to buy cards based on various filter options selectively.

✪ Events: You can conduct pre-determined events on the platform. Users can also sort out upcoming events, regulations, rules, coins, types, and other relevant details. The platform also consolidates further information like rules, prizes, timings, and entry fees.

✪ Multi-wallet support: Your P2E splinterlands-like game supports multiple wallets like Metamask wallet. Players can connect any wallet of their choice with the platform.

✪ Elements: Splinterland storyline is based on 7 elements that make the game inquisitive. These 7 elements are fire, earth, life, death, dragon, water, and neutral. You can also incorporate unique elements into your splinterlands-like game.

✪ Guild: The guild in the game has gaming details like ranking names, members, language, ratings, membership, and other options. Users can use the filter option to access the required game information.

✪ Combats: Battles and combats are integral to a game like Splinterlands. Players can indulge in battles with players from their league. Players are sorted into ranks like gold, bronze, silver, diamond, ace & champion based on their battle performances.

How to develop a P2E Game like Spinterlands?

Integrands of a game like Spinterlands

฿ Tournaments: Players receive DEC rewards after every successful match in the ranked mode. When a player wins two games in a row, they can earn a bonus DEC.

฿ Rewards and gifts: Players can earn rewards and gifts when they complete their daily quests. They also receive seasonal gifts at the end of every season.

฿ Card flipping: Players can monetize their cards by renting and trading them.

฿ Card burning: DEC winners can burn their cards and erase their presence.

Perks of developing a game like Splinterlands

  • Offers an enriched peer-to-peer trading platform
  • Offers diverse staking options
  • Robust multifold security
  • Ensures Odds-on success
  • Lucrative revenue models through marketplaces
  • Offers transparency without encryption

Wrapping up

Blockchain games have paved the way for fair and democratic gaming platforms, empowering participants. This unique gaming model has earned immense popularity all over the world. Many leading gaming companies like Epic Games and SEGA are into blockchain game development owing to this success. Splinterlands is one such leading p2e game that has millions of players from around the world. Developing a game like Splinterland can ensure guaranteed success in the web3 space. If you're a game entrepreneur looking to establish an NFT game, then following the successfully tried and true model of Spilenterlands can be a smart choice. Consult a professional P2E game development company to kick-start your gaming journey.


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