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Common Traits of Gamers 

Common traits manifest themselves in the mind of a gamer.

By Bjorn BjornsonPublished 8 years ago 3 min read
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Gamers come in many personality types. Their preferences and play styles are varied. Though gamers can be separated by platform or genre, they share common traits. The will to win, to player harder, and to be immersed all manifest themselves within the mind of a gamer.


Every gamer has experienced the crushing feeling of defeat. A boss hit too hard or the other team is more organized. It can feel like all hope is lost. It is in these ashes of despair that a true gamer rises. A true gamer comes back with an unwavering sense of fortitude and hits harder. There is no challenge too great, no mountain too tall for a gamer. The sense of victory is all the grander when its derived from the cold, dead hands of a stronger foe. A true gamer knows that success is going from failure to failure without a loss of optimism.

Recommended: Dark Souls 3


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The mind of a gamer must be dynamic, ready to reassess itself at any moment. New experiences should demand reworking of strategies, changing of skills, and analysis of enemies. To be staunch in a preexisting method is to acquiesce defeat in the long run. A reluctance to change means never improving. It is in the moments when nothing seems to work that a gamer will open his or her mind and alter everything he or she has been doing. After all, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

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Every gamer has that one level where he or she knows the special move needed to skip an encounter. The shocking truth is there is no level or challenge in game that can’t be beaten quicker. Look at the speed runs of your favorite game if you doubt it. Being a gamer often means trying to find the fastest route to victory. This almost certainly comes with a higher risk. But no risk is too great if it means avoiding a dreaded section. The path of least resistance may be the safest, but it is certainly not the most efficient.

Recommended: Portal 2


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If you're playing a choice-heavy game, it is imperative that you can be empathetic to your virtual companions. A gamer must be able to place his or her soul within the body of the protagonist. How you forge your path should be meaningful. Some conversations should demand care. It is only by being empathetic that the repercussions of your actions in-game can have their intended effects. Gaming is a medium like no other for its ability to give the user responsibility for the outcomes. So let the feels wash over you and embrace the world as if you have been a part of it your whole life.

Recommended: Witcher 3


A gamer is always looking for something different. The concept of a game with a fresh mechanic is enticing and sought after. Sometimes this infatuation can go too far, like in the case of No Man’s Sky. Regardless, a gamers search for something fresh is unceasing. To be at the front line of innovation, to see what new form the landscape is taking, has always been a priority. While a gamer may yearn for the simpler games of the past, when Call of Duty wasn't repeating itself and in-app-purchases weren’t king, he knows that greatness awaits just beyond the horizon.

Recommended: Monument Valley, Undertale


It goes without saying that speed in most games is king. Your mind must be working in tandem with your fingers at twitch-like speeds. Combos must be performed perfectly on time and movements must be executed smoothly. Most battles in gaming will be determined by who is more dexterous in their control over their character. All possible actions must become muscle memory. Raise the camera sensitivity and remap necessary keys. Because if you are staring down your enemy, and only one of you is going to leave this confrontation in one piece, you better be able to outplay him.

Recommended: Doom


Where would gaming be without childish creativity? It could be said that nothing has propelled competition more than the outrageous taunts of the victor. Could halo be considered halo without tea bagging? At the end of the day, it's all just fun and games. Some of the best moments come when players stop taking the game seriously and have a laugh. So the next time you find yourself face to face with a childish gamer, goofing around in some recess of the map, join in the fun. You may remember why you got into gaming in the first place.

Recommended: Super Smash Bros Wii U

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