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Comic-Con Tips and Tricks

Comic-Cons are back in person here are some tips and tricks to help you get ready for this big season.

By Haylee MarickPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Comic-Con Tips and Tricks
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Summer brings a lot of things, but as restrictions have been lifted in most places, many Comic-Cons are returning in person. After two years of online conventions, this is very exciting. Comic-Cons are another way for fans to get involved with the shows they love. With the return of conventions after two years, we could all use a refresher and some handy tips.

One thing that will be a bit different this year is some of the COVID-19 guidelines that may be in place. Look into the guidelines in place for your Comic-Con of choice. For example, according to NBC, if you plan to attend San Diego International Comic-Con, they require masks, proof of vaccines, and/or a negative COVID-19 test. So make sure to bring a mask. It's important to know so you don't miss out on Comic-Con.

With most Cons, there are many people, stands with stuff to buy, and heroes to meet. These factors alone can make Comic-Con seem daunting. It may be a good idea to plan your day. This plan will most definitely change, so prepare for that. When making a plan, pick the non-negotiable things and ensure you have time for all of them. Leave yourself enough time and don't stress. It's not meant to be stressful.

After creating your rough outline, you'll want to pack some supplies. A refillable water bottle, sunscreen, snacks, paper and pen, battery pack, and some cash are helpful to bring. You might want to bring a refillable water bottle to ensure you don't have to pay for water and stay hydrated. Some convections take place outside or have outside areas sunscreen is recommended. Snacks might help keep you out of waiting in lines for food. Granola bars, Fruit Roll-Ups, or maybe trail mix will help avoid lines and overpriced food. Picture this as you're standing in line to meet a special guest. You see one of your idols as you're waiting and maybe snacking. Luckily you have a pen and paper to get their signature. Battery packs and cords can help ensure you always have a phone in case of emergency, or you might want to rest and scroll on social media. Finally, cash and card are handy. Almost all vendors will take at both, but a few will take one or the other.

Now that you have your plan and you are all packed. Let's help you find something to wear, whether you are a cosplayer, vendor, or attendee. Cosplayers pick a cosplay you like and is comfortable. If you like the character, you will feel more comfortable. As for the type, try to pick something breathable, and you can move in. It will make Cons enjoyable. Vendors and employees sometimes have uniforms, but if you don't, wear something you don't mind being seen in and comfortable because Cons are long. Also, most Cons allow employees and vendors to cosplay if you are interested. Now, if you are attending, pick clothes with moveability and comfort. Shoes are a big thing to be aware of at Comic-Con. Check the weather to get an idea of a good outfit. Consider taking a jacket or a light sweater just in case it gets chilly. There is a high chance of walking and being on your feet all day. If your feet are uncomfortable, you'll probably become irritable and not have as much fun.

While at Con, you might see a Cosplayer playing as one of your favorite characters. Do NOT sneak photos. They will be willing to take pictures with you if you ask them. If there is a person you want to meet at Comic-Con and maybe get a picture with, the best thing to do is ask. You never know unless you try.

Comic-Cons are back in person, which means an exciting time for geeks and nerds alike. Whether you are going to Comic-Con as a cosplayer, vendor, attendee, or employee, these tips can make your time at these Conventions memorable.


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  • JASMIN Latty 7 months ago

    Thank you for this. as I plan to go to a few comic cons soon!

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