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Christopher Robin: We don’t want to grow up, we don’t want to be complicated

by Avare Ansel 21 days ago in review

Find some time to free yourself so that you have enough energy to face the future.

In recent years, Disney plans to change many animations into live-action movies, and Winnie the Pooh’s live-action version of "Christopher Robin" was released recently. To be honest, I am not very interested in most of Disney's animations or live-action movies, but watching After the story preview and introduction of "Christopher Robin", it seemed that there was a kind of magic that attracted me, so even though I was under pressure these days, I chose to watch it today.

I have to say that this movie cannot be said to be shocking and surprising, but it is definitely the most heartwarming movie of this year. The whole movie is full of atmosphere, even if I am under pressure these days, I am watching it. During the two hours of the movie, I completely felt the feeling of relaxation. The things that the whole movie brought out were not profound or difficult to understand. It just wanted to use a simple plot to make you who are feeling lost, confused, and painful. The time to release the soul has the motivation to go on. Simple or even old-fashioned story, but it expresses profound truth.

Simple plot, profound truth

The story of "Christopher Robin" you will not feel any freshness. The story itself is quite old-fashioned and formulaic. A typical Disney story is that an adult neglects his own ideas and his family members due to the pressure of work. Childhood Pooh’s happiness and worries are irretrievable, but his childhood friend Xiaotai Pooh returned to him again, and the innocence in his heart was awakened again. The appearance of Pooh also made him gradually feel the meaning of life and let him have Keep going on the heart. You may think that I have already told a story, but this type of segment has been used countless times in Disney or other movies. I believe it is not a spoiler, just because you have seen it countless times, it can touch you. This is the magic of the movie.

As people grow older, they will indeed feel that many things in the world are complicated, so complicated that one does not want to have expectations of the world anymore. Every day we face the troubles of studies, work, competition, etc., sometimes we also reflect on the meaning of existence in this world, and some People cannot face some things in life, and choose to leave the world, especially for us living in Hong Kong. Even a happy childhood may not exist in memory.

"What the hell is the pain of being a human being?" Sometimes I think about this question. On the contrary, the Pooh in the movie does not have to work, do not have to take TSA or DSE, and do not have to worry about not being able to pay the property price in the future. He just eats every day. Honey, fun, and sleep are just like his famous saying "People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day." Unfortunately, in reality we cannot live the same life as Pooh, otherwise life is meaningless, "Do "Nothing" can only be done in a busy time, or the principle of "Do nothing" is to tell us to find some time to be free so that we can have enough energy to face the future.

Soul chicken soup must exist

Why does Disney's chicken soup movies like "Christopher Robin", even if the plot is simple and the scene is repeated countless times, always touch us? It’s very simple. Many things are easy for us to understand, but they are difficult to realize. For example, the simplest principle of "being a man always finds time to relax" is sometimes difficult to realize. After all, in life, sometimes even breathing will feel Heaviness. When faced with pressure and feeling lost, people always need some external motivation to inspire or relax their inner heart. It would be great to watch a movie like "Christopher Robin". If there is something like a small state With friends like Pooh by his side, it would be even better.


Avare Ansel

Life is like a story. What matters is not how long it is, but how good it is

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Avare Ansel
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