Charmed Reboot: Episode 2 Summary

by Ariane Anderson 11 months ago in review

Is she really our mom or is she a demon?

Charmed Reboot: Episode 2 Summary

We start off this episode with a white woman working as a janitor at Macy's job getting attacked by a black blob. From what I could see the blob looked like it was dissolving into her skin or it may have been sucking something out of her.

Back at the house the girls are still surrounding the Ouija board scared as Harry popped up behind them asking what they needed and why they called him. Mel tells him about the Ouija board and how they just contacted their mother and that she wanted to try again but Harry let them know not to trust the board because it could be twisted and just messing with their heads. Mel, still wanted to go through with the Ouija board after Harry leaves is outnumbered by her sisters to not play with the board until they know if they could trust Harry or not making Macy put together a truth serum potion for Harry to take the next morning.

Macy gets to work and her ex pops up telling her about the woman that gotten attacked the night before by a black blob but said she was losing her mind, but Macy knew better than that as she got a sample of the black blob from the vent it went into.

Maggie, still not having control over her powers tires to have casual sex with her ex but all she could focus on was the thoughts in his head keeping her distracted from really doing the task at had. Poor Mags!

At the hospital Macy went to go see the women but caught Harry erasing her mind as he asked Macy if she knew anything about the incident and who did it. Macy declined saying she didn't know anything, not sure if she could trust him yet.

Back at home Maggie walked in on Mel playing with the board but Mel assured her it was their mother making Maggie join her. Macy walked in seeing them with the board. Then the board reached out grabbing Maggie's wrist making Macy use her powers and break the board in half making Mel look at her in disbelief. Macy says she still doesn't trust the board and tells them that she wants to give the truth serum to Harry causing a dispute between the sisters about their mother.

The next morning, Macy and Mel's girlfriend mixed up there thermos as Mel's girlfriend took the truth serum making her admit to Mel that she had sex with her ex-fiancé a week ago while Maggie was upstairs fixing the board.

The board told Maggie that they can bring their mother's spirit back and so Mel and Maggie did, sound familiar? Their mother comes out of the board and says that Harry was the once that killed her and that he wanted the power of three powers and to kill them; the charmed ones.

Over at Harry's office Macy confronts him asking if he killed the lady making him grab her and take her to the house where he seen that the girls brought back their mother making Maggie hit him in the head with a book as he passed out from the blow.

They planned to send Harry to the prism world as they entered a mirror that was in his office but they ended up trap inside surrounded by a room full of mirrors. Eventually, they find their way out the mirror only to go back home to see Harry attacking their mom.

Harry told the girls that their mother was a demo wanting to take their powers away. The girls conflicted on who to believe start asking their mom questions that only she would know. Finally making a decision, Mel stabs the 'mom' making them realize that she was an impostered demon. Now knowing that they can trust Harry they vanquish her showing it it's reflection.

After the vanquish the girls fix their personal problems and connect more as sisters. Harry informed the girls that the black blob was most likely a Harbinger of Hell.

-Ariane Anderson

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