Celebrity Before & After Quiz

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Can you name the celebrity from both pictures?

Celebrity Before & After Quiz

I love these quizzes, they're fun, and usually pretty easy so everyone can get most of them right. There are 20 Celebrity Before and After pictures so use your pop culture & historical wit to deduce who the celeb in question is.

As you age, the idea of celebrity changes. As a man in my 40s, my celebrities began in the early 80s, as The Fall Guy, The A-Team & The Greatest American Hero occupied my lexicon of hero-dom. It was also salty as a Canadian to have to revere American heroes. It didn't feel right, but we didn't have any Canadian legends except for The Littlest Hobo, a TV show about a dog that solved crimes. Boy did he solve crimes. Canadian crimes. Milk bottle theft, larceny, & that time he broke up that Indian call center scam.

The weird thing is, Canada doesn't celebrate its celebrities, it shuns them. It's an odd thing to do to people who entertain you, but it's an involuntary movement brought forth from a hereditary fear of American invasion & British disappointment. Great Canadian celebrities reach a glass ceiling in the country then bugger off to artistic destinations to panhandle a voice. Sadly as it turns out, Canada ripped off The Littlest Hobo from another Canadian production company. The original aired in 1963, and has quite a bit of format that was stolen for the 80s version. Even the theme song and the name of the dog (London) are the same. Here's a clip from the original.

We are all obsessed with celebrities & their culture. Watching them on screen provides us with that visceral experience of knowing them, as they transport us from our mundane lives. The TV & couch soak us in for an evening of brain blur. Their life is like mine, but richer, vacuous, & highly edited.

Here are some of my top celebs:

Paul Newman

Actor, director, race car driver, devoted husband. This guy put the 'a' and the 'ass' in class. All you have to do is watch a few Paul Newman films & you are instantly in love with him. He was one of my dating barometer film choices to see if the lady was worthy of his artistic awesomeness. To most of their credit, they all though he was pretty hot, and odd that I had a fascination with him. Cool Hand Luke remains my all time fave movie, and his improvised kid-banjo playing was tear dropping. The Hustler, Hud, The Sting, the list goes on. He was a celebrity when it meant something. He donated all of his profits from his Paul Newman products to charity, then sued his corrupt executives when they dishonoured to do so. Unlike other celebrities, Paul stayed married to his wife Joanne Woodward for decades. To be a handsome, leading man who was devoted solely to the love of his life is inspiring. Class celebrity. Plus, this is one of my favourite scenes.

Ed O'Neill

Everyone's Al Bundy. This grumpy funny man has been entertaining us for decades. Top TV shows, big movie cameos, a true celebrity in our midst. Do we see Ed out galavanting in Hollywood scoring meth & trashing a Fro-Yo? No no. Ed tried out for & was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969, then went on to be an actor, director & much loved celeb. Dual talent people. Dual talent. What does your top celeb have on Ed O'Neill? If that wasn't enough, he can also kickass...literally. Ed has trained for over 25 years in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, under the Gracie family. He now has his black belt, and is highly respected in the craft. Wouldn't it be a great final episode of Modern Family where he loses it and smashes everyone and their smarmy, to camera shenanigans? This man deserves more memes, t-shirts & statues. One day, when he's gone, you won't make enough of a fuss. Make it now. Here are some of Al Bundy's best insults.

Richard Pryor

Growing up on a farm in rural Ontario, being starved for culture was an understatement. With only 2 TV channels (1 was in French), I was pretty much hungry for any kind of artistic forums as possible. Then one day, my brother came back with a Richard Pryor cassette he borrowed from a friend. We both listened to it in his closet (fitting) and laughed our asses off. This guy was saying so many dangerous things, but in such a hilarious way that I couldn't believe it. His prose, poise, punditry, and persona were second to none. His career ending tragically, but like Sinatra, he always did things his way. Here is a great clip of him.

Bill Burr

Another comedian, another guy who likes to push the boundaries. What I love about Bill is he has one of the biggest sets of balls on the planet. He doesn't care what he says or who he offends, but he's funny AF. I have worked with him a few times, and he is one of the nicest and most gracious guys in person. He probably talked shit about me when he left, but that's part of his charm. One of my fave clips of his is when he did a charity gig at some long-ass festival in Philadelphia. Bill is known to hate Philly, so the way that he is able to offend and still win them over in this clip is just magical. Listen, laugh, love, Karen.

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