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Cartoons Beloved by 20 Somethings

by Kelsey Reich 6 months ago in list · updated 3 months ago

Who said adults can't love cartoons?

"C'mon grab your friends because it's time to..."

...go to summer camp?

10. Summer Camp Island (2018 - Present) – Supernatural, Adventure

Rated TV-Y7

Cute and wholesome. You can definitely watch this one with the kiddos unlike some of my other recommendations. Oscar and Hedgehog spend summer camp on Summer Camp Island where witches are the camp counsellors. Most food can talk, and the monsters are nerds.

How about an escape to Gruncle Stan's house?

9. Gravity Falls (2012 – 2016) – Supernatural, Adventure, Comedy

Rated TV-Y7

Twin siblings Dipper and Mabel spend a summer with their great uncle exploring the supernatural. Mabel wears a new sweater every episode while Dipper is always consulting a book he found.

“For tonight's final illusion we have the incredible sack of mystery. When you put your money in it, it mysteriously disappears.”

– Gruncle Stan

No? Maybe run into the woods with Hilda and Twig?

8. Hilda (2018 – 2020) – Supernatural, Adventure

Rated TV-Y7

Another wholesome one, though the ending is less so. This one also deals with supernatural beings such as trolls and adorable deer foxes. Easily the saddest episode is when Twig runs away.

Learn to be a witch in The Owl House.

7. The Owl House (2020 – Present) - Adventure

Rated TV-Y7-FV

Instead of going to a boring summer camp a girl meets a witch and is introduced to a whole other world. It’s a cute and fun-filled adventure with owls and young love.

“I will be haunted by my actions forever, hoot hoot.”

- Hooty

Still unsatisfied? Let Bojack show you how much worse it can get.

6. Bojack Horseman (2014 – 2020) – Comedy, Drama

Rated TV-MA

Dark and funny, with some of the best puns. Bojack is a highly depressed celebrity that regularly indulges in drugs, alcohol, and sex. His self-loathing is extreme.

“The universe is a cruel, uncaring void. The key to being happy isn’t the search for meaning; it’s just to keep yourself busy with unimportant nonsense, and eventually, you’ll be dead.”

– Mr. Peanut Butter

Then stock up on gyoza in Dorohedoro.

5. Dorohedoro (2020 – Present) – Action, Comedy


Kaiman searches for the sorcerer that experimented on him with his friend Nikaido. It takes place in the Hole where the humans reside and the sorcerers take advantage of their mortality. It has a bit of an adult Alice in Wonderland feel, especially with the boss turning everything into mushrooms.

“What did the guy inside my head say?”

– Kaiman after pulling a magic-user out of his mouth.

Travel back to a time when villains terrorized scientists.

4. Venture Bros (2003 – 2018) – Action, Adventure, Comedy

Rated TV-MA

A parody of every super-hero and super-villain comic ever made featuring a scientist, his two hopelessly inept sons and their bodyguard. My favourite characters are a villain that dresses like a monarch butterfly, his wife with a suspiciously deep voice, and the nosy neighbour necromancer.

“Do not be too hasty in entering that room. I had Taco Bell for lunch!”

– Dr. Byron Orpheus

When naming your frog was what really mattered.

3. Over the Garden Wall (2014) – Adventure, Drama

Rated TV-Y7

Two boys get lost in the woods and struggle to find the perfect frog name while searching for a way home. Plus, songs and a talking bluebird. It’s a Halloween special but I’ll watch it any time of the year.

"...Legface McCullin, Artichoke, Penguin, Pete, Steve, but I think the very worst name for this frog is--"

- Greg

Where chickens talk.

2. Scissor Seven (2020 – Present) – Action, Adventure, Comedy

Rated TV-14

A boy that has lost his memories starts working as an assassin posing as a barber for a chicken. Yes. A chicken. On Chicken Island. Hilarity ensues as he is easily one of the worst assassins without his memories.

“Hitman is the second oldest profession in the world. People have always been hateful little wieners. And where's there's hate, there's killing opportunities!"

— Dai Bo

And the adventures (almost) never end.

1. Adventure Time (2010-2018) – Action, Adventure, Comedy

Rated TV-PG

A 12-year-old boy named Finn and his best friend, a magical stretching dog named Jake, go on heroic adventures in a post-apocalyptic world with candy people, rainacorns, vampires (and more)! Meet my favourite characters:

“Thanks for responding to my call, guys. I'm in a serious pickle, and I mean the bad kind—I mean like, a really smelly brown pickle?”

— Prismo, Adventure Time, Season 7: Crossover


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Everything is connected. Written by Kelsey Reich on April 28/2021 in Ontario, Canada.


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