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Cartoon Characters Live in a Different Universe

by Breann Elizabeth 3 years ago in tv

Conspiracy Theory

Have you ever wondered how your favorite cartoon came to be? How one person or a team of people created it out of nothing? They got help, from the cartoons themselves. One person created this theory in the year of 2005 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, under the name of Roxanna Clay. Roxanna was on a team of four people, and they wanted to create a new cartoon that would be popular for young kids to watch. One of her co-workers, with an undisclosed name, went missing for over a week. He was supposed to be with the team brainstorming ideas the entire week. When he came back, he suddenly had an astonishing idea that everyone loved the moment he proposed it.

Roxanna loved the idea and knew it would be very popular, but she was skeptical: he had been gone for a week and came back out of nowhere, and was proposing such an amazing idea, after months of the others brainstorming.

Roxanna started her own research. She talked to other groups of creators, and she found something similar in each group that she talked to. She was told that one member went missing for a week, and when they came back, they had an idea that would be very popular. This was when Roxanna came up with her conspiracy theory.

Roxanna spent most of her time researching where the other creators disappeared to. She had some help from her husband, who happened to be a cop. He was able to get camera footage of the creators through his job. They found one spot in particular that each creator was last seen before they went missing for a week. The spot they all seemed to be pulled towards was secluded. Roxanna didn’t know the exact whereabouts of the entrance. All she knew was that each creator drove toward the same spot, after that, there was no camera footage of them once they went into the desert. Then, she started to put two and two together. She created her theory that there was an alternate universe, and she decided to name it, Cartoon Planet.

Roxanna figured that there is a portal, somewhere hidden in the desert, in New Mexico. Each creator is pulled towards the portal and taken to Cartoon Planet and are given a specific cartoon. They spend the entire week with the main characters, getting to know them, and their life. They then go home and propose the idea to their team and they start writing about the cartoon. It is like a reality show for the cartoons, their life is being broadcasted to all of Earth, and everything that happens in the show, actually happened for the cartoons. It is the cartoons news and they share it with the other cartoons on their planet.

On Cartoon Planet, there are thousands of cartoons and they are all divided up into different countries. It is very similar to Earth: Earth has countries and each country is different compared to another. Some cartoons may be similar but there is always something very different in each one. There are 195 countries on Earth and in each country are towns. Similar cartoons are in the same country but in a different town. It’s the only logical reasoning as to why there are so many cartoons.

In reality, there are more cartoons than there are countries, on planet Earth that is. Roxanna doesn’t know what Cartoon Planet looks like, but she can only assume that it would be very similar to Earth.

Alternate universes are said to look slightly similar but are insanely different when compared. A parallel universe is a hypothetical self-contained reality co-existing with one's own. A specific group of parallel universes are called a ‘multiverse’, although this term can also be used to describe the possible parallel universes that constitute reality.

Every kid remembers when two of their favorite cartoons decide to combine for one or two episodes. Roxanna’s favorite crossover was Jimmy Neutron meets Fairly Odd Parents. Roxanna figured that when there are crossovers, cartoons are visiting another country or city. When that happens, the main character/s tell the two creators, who write about the cartoons, about the experience and they collaborate and produce it. This is like when people from another country visit another. Or when an exchange student is staying with a resident of the country.

If Roxanna was to find the whereabouts of the portal, she would tell the entire world about it. There are millions of kids and millions of grownups who enjoy cartoons. Anyone would love to have the possibility to be able to communicate with the cartoons themselves. Roxanna herself would love to meet the characters from Dragon Tales.

The portal could also engage our world to a brand new understanding of life. It would prove that alternate universes do exist and there are ways to travel to them. Scientists would have a whole new thing to study and they would try to find more. They would try to find any way possible to communicate with other alternate universes. After all, there could be 10 universes, or maybe 10 million. It has taken years for Roxanna to try and find the portal to Cartoon Planet, and she is still looking. Just imagine how much longer it would take to try and uncover even more. Overall, a discovery like this would change everyone's outlook about our planet and what we know and believe.


Breann Elizabeth

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Breann Elizabeth
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