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Brief and not-so-Brief opinions: Part 5

"I saw it a little while ago, but, um…yeah, I remember, uh, you know, it was…I liked it." -Carl from Enemy

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 7 months ago Updated 3 months ago 14 min read
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A Sunday Affair, So much love to give, The Last Letter from Your Lover, Baby Mamas, Baby Mama, and Sense and Sensibility.

The 'brief and not-so-brief opinions' articles are my outlet to rant about or appreciate movies, shows and their elements. I will express my thoughts while watching and after or only after watching, it depends. I will not be rating. These are not spoiler-free for the most part and no research will be made for or about them(unless curious or accidental which would be mentioned). They are in no particular order of recent watching as well. However, the opinions are in order of viewing the movie or show (for the most part). This wouldn't be as structured or detailed as well and there would be no set number of picks per article, it would be just as things go. It is intended to be casual. So think, conversations about movie plots, characters, topics-so something like that. 

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The Last Letter from Your Lover (2021)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me

This was beautiful to watch. 2nd time I've rooted for an affair. She really tried to be with him and they ended up together. Wow, Larry didn't really love her. It was a pride thing for him to save their marriage so it wouldn't look like she left him for someone who could be considered lower in rank (like in Lady Chatterley's Lover). Love that their love was saved by the two people taking a chance on love as well. It was endearing to watch. Poor Felipe though, RIP.

Corazón Loco//So much love to give (2020)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix Latinoamérica on YouTube
  • He's making it seem like a superpower to have a lot of love. I can't.
  • Glorified lying and years of involuntary polygamy.
  • The fact that they're playing 'Hit the Road, Jack' as he heads to his other family is hilarious.
  • Dear God, he's been doing this every Thursday for nine years! Crazy.
  • Wait, wouldn't his name show up as married to Paula when he wanted to marry Vera? He's just greedy.
  • The dedication is ridiculous.
  • Interesting. He's against couples therapy. He believes he won't win as he told Gonza who was utilizing it for his relationship. If he went with Paula and found out if anything was wrong, he would know why he was looking outside to be with someone else before even getting to the point of marriage.
  • While his first love and first wife is temporarily blind, he is shopping with his second wife.
  • It's interesting that he has to be more humble with one outfit but more elevated with the other outfit depending on the wife he's going to see (one is more traditional than the other?).
  • He has two cars, two phones with different stickers to help distinguish them, and two jobs since he and his two wives both work in the hospitals as well.
  • He has two sets of kids. 1 boy with Vera and 2 girls with Paula.
  • If he feels complete with Vera, leave Paula. I don't get it.
  • Hmm, no ring for his marriage to Vera?
  • Having both of them gives the balance that he needs lol. This reminds me of Liv, Mellie and Fitz. 
  • His 19-year anniversary with Paula comes up. However, he was with Vera for 10.
  • Crazy to think your life with this person has been a lie. The betrayal is deep.
  • He literally threatened a man's place of employment to remove the picture of him and his son( Paula saw it).
  • Poor Paula, Poor Vera, Poor everyone except Fernando.
  • Like, all this stress and for what?
  • Her sister, Maru pieces everything together about the possibility of him living another life. So, Paula follows him.
  • As Gonza breaks down questioning everything about him, he asks if he has two of everything (Understandably so too).
  • Paula visits Vera and they talk. 
  • Vera said that she would check things out on Sunday when he's back. 
  • Lmaooo, Vera's brother, Nacho said that he couldn't believe it since Fernando didn't seem like the type of person to do that (like psychopaths or badasses).
  • We love teamwork!!! (Paula, Vera, and Nacho.)
  • Oh, poor Paula. They both want revenge but to varying extents. Paula said death is not an option.
  • I hope the girls win!
  • They make daily adjustments to have their revenge and I'm in full support. They want him to feel bad. As Paula said it's one thing to think about these plans but it's another thing to do them.
  • Vera is more vengeful and she wants to be extreme with it.
  • His calmness in the situation is also something that disgusts everyone.
  • Paula starts to discourage herself from being angry by suggesting that it's possible he loves them both. She adds that polygamy is socially acceptable in many places (not in Argentina where he is though).
  • Paula is more emotional. She's crying, screaming and asking questions but Vera doesn't care.
  • Paula freed him after he got to her by saying this was not her and that this was madness. However, he and Vera try to strangle each other but he gets away.
  • Lmaoo, not I was born this way. I can't with this man and his excuses.
  • He continually tries to manipulate them but Vera asks for the truth for once in his life. He said that they have an extraordinary opportunity. People break up for lack of love but he'll be breaking up with them for too much love. He bluffs by threatening to jump but the birds push him and he falls flat on the curb. 
  • We see him seven months later and he says that his reality has changed. He believes that no one sees him for who he really is (a lover I guess, idk). He's out of both homes now, not liked and is using crutches to walk. He wanted both at the same time and lost both. You cannot do things like this and think it's a punishment for loving too much. He said that his heart is misunderstood. He doesn't allow himself to understand the violation on their part. It would be different if they agreed to be a polygamous family or whatever arrangement they settle on but that's not what happened.

Baby Mamas (2018)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Sorele Media Productions on YouTube
  • A dissection of Baby Mamas. Focusing on women having a baby with a male usually outside wedlock and the various issues, blessings, expectations and doubts it might bring.
  • The movie allows you to learn about the different versions (or stages) of Baby Mamas. We follow 4 friends and co-workers (Toli, Chantel, Sandy, and Joy)in their different stages. The stages include, "what will people say?", "That woman is not going near my child", "how could you?", and "I love you but I can't be with you."
  • Their abilities are questioned like Toli's was by Mr. Pickering as she was interviewed for a promotion. He explained that he heard she leaves early to pick up her child which might affect her since the promoted role will require long hours but she responded while confronting his bias. She mentions that regardless she has high success rates and he has children too. She assures him that her son is her motivation to even work more.
  • Joy leaves abusive and lying Sizwe but is impregnated by him. I was worried for her but she always wanted his child and she was happy. Toli takes a chance. She gets with and is proposed to by Michael. She doesn't get back with Tumi who had hurt her deeply but wanted a second chance(baby father).
  • Chantel is in a relationship with Keenan. He had talked to his mother who was a single mother cast aside and disowned by her family. So, they break the cycle by soothing his fears and apologizing to Chantel (and her parents). Sandy has been in love with her baby's father, Ntuthuko but she acts with anger towards him because he's in a relationship with Thandiwe. She lashes out. She requested and got more money approved for child support when he got engaged and needed to start planning for the wedding. She eventually decides to let him go, to let dating married men go and she opens up for new opportunities. We see her trying maturity as she introduces herself to Thandiwe, lets her daughter go to their wedding and eventually goes on a date.
  • However, I feel like their talks about sexual desires and needs could be seen as justification for what some might believe is a consequence of that (making them a baby mama). I found it interesting to be included because it could be seen as a contradiction to the positive message, however, the movie is real in this way by showing their conversations, flaws and considerations with different endings for each person.

Baby Mama (2008)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Screen Bites on YouTube
  • Youngest VP of her company. She's succeeding professionally but questions her personal life as she believed she would be the oldest mom at preschool.
  • She is tormented by her desire to have a baby as a 37-year-old. She tried all methods but to no avail
  • Her mum calls Kate to be having "baby mania" and shouldn't get a black baby like the celebrities do. That was either racism or a jab at Caucasian celebrities who have ethnic children.
  • She said she didn't want a baby for years but woke up one day and felt every baby on the street was staring at her.
  • Kate's shocked that her sister licked the mysterious thing on her son's hand when it could have been either chocolate or poop and so am I. She could've smelt it, right? 
  • Oscar draws similarities between his baby mamas and Kate's surrogate before saying there's no difference.
  • I had seen that this movie was the birth of the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler dynamic.
  • I was not expecting the music video.
  • This movie could be perceived in two ways. It could be seen as pure comedy or as belittling the process of surrogacy while comparing it to the concept of Baby mamas aligned by one of the sole black people present. Kate tries to say that there is a difference and it's strictly business but Oscar says, "You pay the bills, she have the baby. That's called a baby mama. You ask any black man in Philadelphia".
  • He continues to refer to her as such and says that Kate has baby mama drama when Angie comes to Kate's after leaving Karl.
  • Barry talks about Kate being late for the first time. He says it's not like her. She is caring for Angie like she would care for a child and things are different for her(it questions her abilities with her recent development).
  • I like the vulnerability and process of Surrogacy being shown (not fully but to an extent).
  • In an interesting contrast, Rob tells Kate that she doesn't have to be married to have a kid which is true but not shameful as the usual baby mama tactics go.
  • I like how Angie changed her attitude to please Rob and match Kate's persona.
  • Huh. Well, Angie is a baby mama now but for Carl. She is all alone and trying to figure things out.
  • Rob had told Kate to enjoy the hard work of launching the new store saying it's her baby which is a nod to her professional life seemingly overshadowing her personal life.
  • Kate is pregnant by Rob.
  • Carl's co-parenting with Angie. She said they're still not together. So she is a baby mama.
  • Kate and Rob show up with their baby to Stefani's first birthday party.
  • Kate is also engaged as we see her and her child playing with the ring.
  • Carl had said he would marry Angie if she was having a boy but she had a girl she called Stefani. She didn't even want to be with him after her time with Kate which she thanked her for and said that she helped her grow up. 
  • The movie also shows that there are no rules for pregnancy. You can have a child by any age, with any uterus shape or whatever else.
  • Carl and Angie argued consistently. He belittled her abilities and her worth so she confided in him only. He said she couldn't do this alone and that she and Kate were not real friends.
  • The perception of surrogacy being scientifically strange was present as well. Some people don't appreciate or understand it as many prefer the traditional way but some people are open to it while others are forced to consider it as their last resort.

A Sunday Affair (2023)

Image Credit: Screenshot from AfricaOnNetflix on YouTube
  • Solid sisterhood set up spanning several years from childhood overlooking others including boys (so far).
  • Lmao, they are celebrating a marriage in the background while Akin's marriage unravels even more.
  • Happy Eunice came because Sam was becoming reluctant about sleeping with her. The entitlement is insane.
  • "I'm done being tough" is so real.
  • I can't, she's lost the battle already.
  • Sorry, I can't get past Dakore's contact lens but they're nice.
  • If he's not lying about the cultural differences being what ruined his marriage, then I can see that happening.
  • The way he crept into her heart, haha. To be honest, he didn't have to do too much. She said the reason she didn't like him and it was demystified (at least on his side) so there's no real reason she should still dislike him.
  • The two ladies who attended the gallery event and insulted her continued at the sauna. They openly talked about her sleeping for success. Uche does not retaliate because Toyin talks her down and uplifts her but she traps the ladies in the sauna and increases the heat (she protects Uche).
  • I love this look on Toyin, the green suits her. 
  • He's tearing them apart! She lies to Uche about having already eaten and lies to him that it's just work. Let's see how this goes.
  • She immediately rejects the new thing (oysters)after toasting to new things, haha.
  • She admits to him that she lied because if she told Uche she'd be a hypocrite for telling her to always go for the more decent unmarried or uncomplicated guy but she was with him.
  • She says she knows they were just one time (which they weren't) but that there's a girl code. He comforts her saying they haven't done anything(yet). She says she wants to though, so again, we'll see how all this goes.
  • Femi informs his brother Sunday of the reality of what's happening
  • He promises Femi that he'll end things with both of them that night. He practiced the 'it's not you, it's me' line on his way to see Uche haha
  • I kind of find it hard to believe that he has such a hard time breaking up with women. They said he's had other women before these girls and he's not getting contacted by any of them or anything. So?? or he cares about them and that's why it's hard? 
  • Sunday sees him leaving her building, recognizes him from the gallery and is visibly disgusted.
  • He tells her she deserves a lot more respect that the Sam guy gave her. He sees her and sees a woman that fights for what she wants
  • Akin or Sunday is trying and failing to break up with her. However, he succeeds. He's surprised at her reaction because he didn't think she liked him that much.
  • Toyin confronts him after he doesn't answer her calls. Both are saddened and they decide to go clubbing. Toyin is not doing well.
  • Akin tells Femi he's in love with both of them but can't shake one. He's in love with Uche.
  • "You'll get over it, I promise you. I'm just a guy", hahahaha.
  • Toyin has stage 3 cervical cancer. Yikes, and she wants to be a mum. Oh, she can still fight it. Sunday tells her that stage 3 is not a death sentence. He says that his mother died of cancer when he was 10, she just gave up (after she said why should she fight it).
  • She feels life dealt her a bad hand because despite her professional success nothing ever happens for her (no husband, children or life).
  • I knew Sam was entitled talking about 'I bought you.' I'm so happy people keep saving her from this man.
  • Oh, he's working?!
  • This is hard to watch cause I actually feel bad for Uche.
  • The plot thickens. Toyin is pregnant but she has to choose between the treatment and the pregnancy.
  • She's firm about this decision but despite wanting a baby forever, if she knew he didn't really love her, was with her best friend and probably didn't want a child from his initial reaction, she could have continued her treatment. However, she's acting in good faith to bring a child into the world and as she said it would be a child with the man she loves as well.
  • I just realized he's still not divorced from his wife. Crazy.
  • Toyin passes away. Although you can't hear the pain from Uche, you can feel it. Akin comforts her.
  • Oh, she knew? Wow. Well, she did admit that she kind of wanted to borrow some of the happiness and apologized…so, I guess.
  • She gave them her blessing to be together. She said that Uche should be happy and take care of her daughter. Her written note would also allow Uche to freely be with him instead of feeling guilty. Also, she's the person who invested heavily in her art gallery.
  • …and that's how it ended? From some comments under the trailer, I thought something else. I expected it to be sadder and more emotionally draining but it was alright. 
  • I was hoping we could hear the wife's point of view on her marriage to Sunday but oh well.

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube
  • Nahh, Fanny is a hater.
  • Edward is sweet. Interestingly, I had not seen a sweet Hugh Grant character until now.
  • Elinor is so strong. I'm glad to see her get with Edward and have the weight off her a bit.
  • John Willoughby has such f-boy vibes lol.
  • The secret engagement and the sister comment sting. My God, poor Elinor.
  • Hmmm, was Lucy sent to discourage Elinor from having an interest in Edward?
  • Mr.Palmer is so over Charlotte that it's tragically hilarious.
  • Poor Elinor. She can't catch a break.
  • Miss Jennings, although, loud is well intended.
  • Ahh, Brandon's sweet.
  • Oh, his family actually doesn't know about the engagement.
  • The engagement is real? hmm, didn't expect that.
  • Mr.Palmer did not want to go with his wife? He was offering help but still, wow. 
  • Damn, that ought to sting. He actually married Lucy, wow.
  • Poor girls.
  • Despite all these things, they're still lovely and content with each other. Happy for them
  • Aww, poor sweet Elinor. She became so overcome with emotion after doing her best to hide a lot all this while. Quite frankly, I'm happy she's having this moment. 
  • Lmaooo, Communication is important because you see the happiness and release of tenseness when they had as they share their feelings. She sobbed happily.
  • Love this for the girls (they are happy-gleaming).
  • Lmaooo, John was crying as he saw her married. What did he expect? She did everything she could and at times embarrassingly so to prove her affection for him but he avoided her tremendously. He married someone for money after impregnating someone else. Some people focused on sustenance and financial standing while some others focused on love.
  • John has regrets but knows nothing will change. I liked that they included this because it showed Marianne was not being delusional about his feelings for her (despite hearing about it and his intentions to propose).
  • Happy for the guys too. They're happy.
  • I liked Marianne. She was bold about her feelings and desires. However, Elinor could not afford that luxury as the head of the house essentially.
  • Elinor thought her sister would change when introduced into the realities of the world but Brandon said she should not hope for that based on his knowledge and unsavoury experience with Eliza whom he loved. Marianne has an impractical hope in things which many see as foolish but is often needed for the individual and for others around her.

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