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Brief and not-so-brief opinions: Bonus

"I saw it a little while ago, but, um…yeah, I remember, uh, you know, it was…I liked it." -Carl from Enemy

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 10 months ago 10 min read
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They Cloned Tyrone (Netflix) and Prisoners.

The 'brief and not-so-brief opinions' articles are my outlet to rant about or appreciate movies and shows as well as their elements. I will express my thoughts while watching and after or only after watching, it depends. I will not be rating. These are not spoiler free for the most part and no research will be made for or about them(unless curious or accidental which would be mentioned). They are in no particular order of recent watching as well. However, the opinions are in order of viewing the movie or show (for the most part). This wouldn't be as structured or detailed as well and there will be no set number of picks per article, it would be just as things go. It is intended to be casual. So think, conversations about movie plots, characters, topics-so something like that.

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These are two incredible movies focused on people imprisoned by forces imposing certain notions and behaviours on them in order to achieve their version of wholeness. They are well-written and well-executed. Below are my thoughts as I watched and my opinions overall. Thank you!

They Cloned Tyrone (2023)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube
  • I waited for this movie since last year. Due to the cast, I was interested but due to the trailer, I was indifferent. I haven't watched the trailer since so it's sort of a blind watch.
  • Vocalizing at the beginning is good
  • In Spongebob, we believe hahaha
  • Haha Squidward
  • "Can't never get no me time" hahahaha
  • Get him the Tylenol!!
  • JAMIEEEEE (Slick Charles)
  • I cannot NOT think of a pimp named slick back hahaha
  • "Jedi-mind tricking" ha! (cause John's in this)
  • Good Lord
  • Hmm
  • He has the same routine each day?
  • Hahaha "respect that cuticle"
  • Love this trio and I am here for this trio 
  • They can't fight. How are they gonna do this?
  • Hahaha Fontaine doesn't even care 
  • Lmaooo this is hilarious because they're carrying on despite not knowing anything. This is very anti-stereotype, hahaha, good for them.
  • Omggg the singing scene should be coming up
  • Wait…I thought they sing! Did they cut it out?
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube
  • Hahaha
  • Is his mother real?
  • They went to her grandma's???!!!!!
  • I can't hahahaha (I won't be surprised if there were bloopers of this scene) Ha! It was part of the bloopers (video on the Still Watching Netflix Youtube channel)but not as I thought.
  • Of course Fontaine left
  • He said drink water hahaha. He's not wrong though
  • He's laughing? 
  • The chicken!!!!!
  • Ha! Boondocks
  • I thought that this would be proof that he's not the real Fontaine because Slick said he's never smiled or laughed but he was doing it now
  • Lmaooo yes girl!
  • Well at least she tried to warn the people on the line
  • They only focused on their neighbourhood (Glen)
  • His brother, Ronnie was killed by a cop
  • So many racial subjects
  • Ahhh he's a Taurus, same slick same hahaha
  • Hmmm it's in the relaxer/perm too
  • Ahhhh Grape drink too? Crazy
  • He left his phone!
  • Wildddd
  • Ohhh David Alan Grier killed that
  • Yeah this was…hmmm…hahaha
  • Good Lord
  • What kind of operation is this? 
  • Oh, this is getting good
  • What??? haha
  • Yay, the singing! Finally, Hahaha. Iconic!
  • Well, at least they have guns
  • THIS is an essential movie. 
  • "This shit is crazy, man. What don't they control?" is beyond valid from Fontaine
  • Good Lord!
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube
  • The scene of the lady watching the television of Caucasian content reminded me of the scene from undercover brother
  • Oof this is a scary but essential movie
  • "It's Uncle-motherfucking-Sam"!
  • The announcement really said "Bringing America together"
  • The "here we go again" Slick said sounded like the meme from GTA
  • Fontaine they can't leave you and technically you need them. I like that he asked earlier though
  • Oh I did not expect all this but this is good
  • They're recreating their test subjects?
  • They are notable figures in the community that's why.
  • No way!!! Slick too?!
  • This is extremely disorienting
  • Oh no
  • Oh stop seeing!
  • This is awful
  • Wow
  • Oh shit
  • What the hell?
  • What the…??
  • Oh noooo run!
  • I am too scared for you guys
  • What the hell??
  • And why does he look like that?
  • The evil people always downplay their evil
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube
  • Crazyyyyyyy
  • I knew it
  • Exactly
  • Chester? He named him Chester?!!
  • "We all take autonomy for granted"!
  • Oh this is so disheartening
  • Dear God that was horrible
  • Oh Yo-Yo
  • Why are they always insulting her?
  • Several points are being made!
  • Fontaine, it's okay to be scared!!!!
  • Crazy
  • Wait, isn't that the guy that slick shot?
  • You can't win. That's why he loses the lottery every time with the same depressing routine and no hope as Frog said, "you lose, always".
  • It's sad because they are connected and have power everywhere but hope is dangerous.
  • Exactly. Check, open the door, that's not her, is it?
  • Oh Fontaine
  • Oh, this is so sad
  • Cry! Go meet someone, something! It's okay
  • Awwww Yayy
  • This movie is a ROLLERCOASTER
  • Slick's working out? Okayyy!
  • Yessss
  • Noooo
  • What's the admiration with the furs? Not hating, just curious…I guess it's a quality thing
  • Oh nooooo
  • Oh Dear God
  • Grand Finale?
  • Oh noooo
  • Aw
  • Oh wait, it's probably part of the plan
  • It better be
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube
  • "Boiling it really brings it out" Bwahahahaha
  • "New car smell" He can tell it's a New Fontaine.
  • I like that this man (Frog) knows everything not only because he's an elder and they are wells of knowledge but he's underestimated and therefore has a lot of power.
  • Well, this is not what I thought it would be
  • Oh yay it is!!
  • Ah we love hope
  • Aww he practiced his lines?
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube
  • I love this!
  • Yayyyyy
  • Yessssss
  • Not her hair!!! Oh, you are going to hell!
  • Yesssssss
  • Well, thank God that was her wig.
  • We love a power couple!!!
  • This should have been in theatres, are you kidding me?!!!
  • No you're still not good Fontaine
  • Noooo
  • Why's he so cold?
  • Oh yeah, we still haven't seen the big boss
  • If it's his brother, I'm gonna be sickkkkkk
  • It's him…of course. I think they actually hinted at that earlier.
  • Wild… he made sure they all remembered how Ronnie died
  • Huh, Slick was right, he did make a deal with the devil.
  • What the…, WOW "you and your ghettos" is wildddd
  • WHY IS THIS MOVIE NOT IN THEATRES???!!! (I saw it was in some American Theatres actually)
  • Well, you still work for someone, you're not the leader of this operation.
  • You could be let go too
  • Ohhhh the erasure of black people subject
  • "Assimilation is better than annihilation" is hmmmm
  • Oh Yo-Yo, you've done well sis
  • 15 minutes is plenty of time to help and sustain someone
  • Wow
  • They couldn't even clean the blood? That's horrible, despicable, and just evil but people of colour have been through a lot of mistreatment for this to be truly shocking. It's devastating
  • If he kills og Fontaine, what happens?
  • Oh yessssss
  • Oh nothing happens to them…or is he the original fontaine? hmmm Wait, that doens't make sense hahaha
  • Ahhhh I'm so happy for the team
  • Awww
  • Yay Isaac is doing well
  • Hahaha
  • Yay we get a reunion!!!!
  • Ahhhhh the crew's going to Memphis
  • Oh noooooooooooo
  • Oh noooooo
  • Noooooooooooo come on
  • And he got teardrop tattoos now? 
  • Not againnnnn. I know they had other branches for their operation but still.
  • Ha, they got Erykah Badu to sing about Tyrone! Oh wow, I'm just realizing there was no Tyrone until the end hahaha
  • The movie is layered and outstanding
  • So so important and a great watch.
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube


The movie has great performances and comedy that balances the serious subjects of a necessary discussion. Everyone was great and John was fantastic. He portrayed all through his characters wonderfully. 

There are several topics in the movie including; Assimilation, Neo-colonization, Police brutality, Unity, Masculinity, Solidarity, Trauma, Purpose, and more. The movie spoke of black peoples' adaptability and diversity. Yo-Yo switched up her speaking and wrote a detailed letter utilizing Latin to expose the operation despite always being called ordinary as a sex worker. It showcased the dynamic nature of black people and I liked that the movie had a sense of unity and a profound strength in the concept of community. I feel like this is one of those movies everyone should watch at least once.

However, I'm confused as to why it's called They Cloned Tyrone. I thought it could be for ease of the title name but I also thought it could be to show the existence and continuity of the existing system to later on clone Tyrone. But who's the original? Cause Fontaine looks exactly like Tyrone and doing the same routine. I thought that maybe the first Fontaine had one of his clones with little knowledge let go to become Tyrone or that Tyrone was cloned became Fontaine and with some memory, that made him decide to help the cloning process. Hmm.

Prisoners (2013)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube
  • Does Terrence Howard include some form of music in most of his work? That's lovely actually.
  • Franklin and Nancy are an interesting couple. (not really, just surprised about the pairing)
  • I just keep waiting for the bad thing to happen and for some reason not as invested in the story but it's important when their daughter, Anna said she lost the emergency whistle her dad, Keller (Hugh Jackman)gave them.
  • Anna and Joy are kidnapped.
  • For some reason, I believe the weirdo Alex that Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal)was interviewing.
  • Nah, I don't believe the aunt.
  • Grace's conversation with Loki was heartbreaking.
  • Keller talking to Loki and trying to reason things was heartbreaking.
  • What the…??
  • Yep, the aunt is the bad one or something. 
  • This is giving me A Fall from Grace(a family of abductors)
  • Not fair to put all the blame and responsibility on the dad like how Grace did but everyone's going through a lot of emotions.
  • Creepy mf. 
  • Keller is really trying though.
Image Credit: Screenshot from Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube
  • The poor woman that lost Barry had to accept his disappearance and the fact that no one did anything.
  • The Father knows more.
  • Hugh killed this role (every moment of pain, obligation etc., is well done)
  • A disheartening reality.
  • Franklin finally broke down
  • wtf?
  • Should have freaking shot him (he tried though)
  • Good God, this is insane.
  • Keller seems crazy but he's really trying and he's creative at this point, despite not really knowing if it was Alex that did this. But he knew that Alex knew things and he needed that.
  • Nancy tells him to stop and think of their girl, Joy.
  • weird
  • Good God, man
  • Everyone is going crazy
  • shit, wtaf!
  • There are several Biblical undertones I don't get.
Image Credit: Screenshot from Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube
  • I like that he's not giving up
  • They found Joy but not Anna, yay but that's gotta hurt.
  • I knew it was herrrrr…ughhhh
  • She said this is all a test to prove your faith in God????!!!!!! 
  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What kind of twisted person is this?!
  • Crazyyyyy
  • This crazy woman was kidnapping kids with her husband, who was the person that confessed to the Reverend Father. (hmmm, makes sense)
  • How did the husband die then, if he just came for a confession? And it was so professionally done that he had no DNA or fingerprints on him. hmmm.
  • Keller is still missing but Loki said that he would find him.
  • 'pray for the best, prepare for the worst'.
  • Loki hears the whistle and hopes to find him.
  • Keller's faith remains despite the devastating catastrophe and Loki's faith strengthens.
  • I'm happy for the family and everyone that reunited.
  • This movie is so sad and scary because it is a downward ride but it is such a good watch. 
  • Why is it called Prisoners? Prisoners of this woman, true! But prisoners of our emotions? To have an unwavering faith even in times of desperation when we're prisoners to our emotions?
  • Keller's logic did not shine through as much as his emotions did which the lady said was the reason she and her husband kidnapped and killed kids. She said it is a war they wage against God and it turns people into demons like how he (Keller) became in desperation to find his child alive.
  • The movie makes you question your emotions a bit because you can understand where Keller is coming from but balance it with Franklin's emotions and his need for decency, especially since there was no evidence on the guy (Alex). Or it makes you pick a side.
  • Loki really tried despite the Captain's disappointing outlook.
Image Credit: Screenshot from Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube
  • Keller never knew how much Loki did for him and the girls but he delivered and that's what matters.
  • Keller, despite his desperation, should have planned his going to the woman's house better and told Loki or something but oh well.
  • Despite his trapping, he still had faith saying that he would not give up and he had told his son not to too(earlier on).
  • It's sad that Alex had to go through another traumatic kidnapping but they didn't really know.
  • Keller prayed that God protected Anna when he was in the cave and through Loki she was protected. 
  • Loki was brought to help Keller which he did as he grew more emotionally involved. People are brought to aid you because if any other officer (including the Captain) was chosen to seek out the girls, they would have given up and ignored them like Barry. We were told that his abduction was before Loki's time.
  • Keller's moments of pain, obligation, hope, desperation, hanging on to his faith, and more were excellent.
  • Loki was great too. He had a real transformation from when he started and when he ended the movie. 
  • The performances were outstanding.
Image Credit: Screenshot from Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube


The movie encourages faith portrayed in everyone as they hoped in what they didn't know or understand. Despite the fact that Keller would go to jail for keeping and torturing Alex, he was right that Alex knew where his daughter was because he guided him eventually. He had faith in what he believed and he was right.

I loved the ending. To me, it's certain that Loki will get Keller because it could have been left a mystery if he didn't hear it multiple times testing his faith in finding Keller. Plus, he promised Grace that he would find Keller just as he promised her that he would find Grace which he did. We are made to trust him despite his persona as we see his faith and dedication grow. We also know that he solves every case and he delivered with finding Anna, therefore it's a guarantee that Keller is found.

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