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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations- Boruto Resurrected The Biggest Threat To Konoha village

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations- Boruto Resurrected The Biggest Threat To Konoha village

By Delhi MagazinesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

A lot has happened in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations since chapter 50. Some plots thickened to conspire for the theory that Konoha’s Seventh Hokage might end up dead by keeping up with the newly found Baryon Mode form.

In Boruto Chapter 53, the plot was shifted from Naruto’s inevitable death to the atrocities surrounding Sasuke’s Rinnegan.

As Isshiki advances towards his death, he summons Kawaki to implant another Karma seal to resurrect himself with Kawaki’s body. Naruto and Isshiki are 5 minutes away from death, and the latter tries to deviate Isshiki’s attention with new powers and tricks. But nothing seems to work on Isshiki.

Angered by Isshiki’s plans, Kawaki tries to fight with Isshiki, but Sasuke intervenes in the fight and saves Kawaki with his Clone Jutsu. Naruto pleads with Kawaki to run as far as he can for five minutes. Kawaki uses smoke bombs to create a distraction and makes a run for his life. Isshiki’s time is running out, and Naruto Baryon mode wears off as Isshiki’s foot pierces Naruto’s chest on the ground.

As a last resort, Isshiki warns Kawaki that if he doesn’t show up in the next 20 seconds, Isshiki will crush Naruto’s chest with his feet. The tension is rising as one wrong move can cause severe casualties in the Konoha village. Sasuke and Naruto wish Kawaki to hide for a few more minutes until Isshiki’s live force runs out but considering Kawaki’s hostile feelings towards Isshiki, he shows himself. Isshiki grabs him by the throat, explaining to him that he can never become a ninja and his life is worthless, and he was destined to be Isshiki’s vessel since the day he was born.

But Kawaki outsmarts Isshiki as the one he was holding is not the real Kawaki. Under the guidance of Naruto, Kawaki learned the Shadow Doppelganger Jutsu, and Isshiki marked the new Karma seal on Kawaki’s clone. As both of them speak their mind, Isshiki’s fingers start dissolving, and he eventually dies.

Naruto congratulates Kawaki as he defeated the strongest creature in the world with his quick thinking skills. When everything seems normal, and the latter talk about Naruto’s Baryon Mode form and Sasuke even asks if Naruto is alright considering his life force was also risked in the process of creating the Baryon mode, Boruto comes from behind and stabs Sasuke in his right eye.

Boruto, who is possessed by Momoshiki, starts attacking his family members. In the process of winning the fight this time, Momoshiki stabs Sasuke with a kunai and pulls out his Rinnegan eye.

As Boruto fans already know, Baruto’s body has strange anatomy. Baruto possesses some of the strongest powers at his disposal, but due to his age and inexperience as a Ninja, he cannot harness his power properly. Momoshiki, who lives inside the right eye of Boruto, was well aware of Boruto’s powers. Boruto possesses Naruto’s blood, Byakugan powers, powers of the Nine-Tails Kurama, and Hinata’s DNA, making him the perfect vessel for Momoshiki to resurrect.

The only problem Momoshiki had was the existence of his rival Isshiki, and now that the villain is long gone, Momoshiki can resurrect and claim the world to himself. In the last battle with Momoshiki, Sasuke’s Rinnegan’s eye played a big role, allowing him to teleport and perform all sorts of advanced Jutsu’s.

Momoshiki’s redemption and hate towards Naruto have finally manifested, and who’d be a better person to take the deeds than Naruto’s son. While Naruto is worn out from the Baryon Mode, Kawaki is inexperienced, and Sasuke Rinnegan has been stabbed, who’ll save the Konoha village from the leaping danger of Momoshiki revenge?

Source: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations- Boruto Resurrected The Biggest Threat To Konoha village


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