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Borat 2 - Movie Review

Borat Subsequent Movie Film - Amazon Original

Borat 2 - Movie Review
Borat 2 - Movie Poster

This is a Hilarious comedy from Amazon Studios and now available on Amazon Prime Video. It's available for free viewing for Prime Video subscribers. It's the continuation of the story about the life of Borat from Kazakhstan which is part of Eastern Europe. Since being in America for the filming of the first movie "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" - Borat has been deemed a joke and a disgrace to their country. They sentenced him to life in a gulag, their form of a prison camp. He has to break rocks and he is stripped of his possessions. After 14 years of being in there they let him out so that he can deliver a present to Mike Pence - Vice President of the United States. Wait until you see what the present ends up being. His country believes that if they give the VP a special present that the world will forgive them for Borat making them a laughing stock.

He goes home to his small village to find his wife is no longer there, his sons have deserted him, he has lost all of his possessions to another man in the village, plus everyone hates him for ruining the reputation of them and their country. The only person that even likes him is his only daughter Tutar. He calls her his possession as is customary for that part of the world.

Tutar is in a barn covered in filth when he finds her. She is ignorant and uneducated. She is taught to believe her entire life that woman can't think, drive, read, or anything else that men can do. She thinks that women are supposed to belong to a man and live in a cage. Her country's heroin is Melania Trump who is owned by Donald Trump and lives in a Golden Cage. All the women in their country look up to her and wish to be just like her when they grow up. She is also taught that masturbation is Evil and that women's vaginas have teeth that will bite them.

Borat ends up on boats including a cargo ship that eventually after 22 days takes him to the Gulf of Mexico in the southern part of Texas. He has his present for Mike Pence with him in a wooden crate and eventually opens it after his arrival. Wait until you see who ends up coming out of the crate. It's his daughter who ate the original present.

He has to come up with another plan so that he won't be killed by his government. He decides to give his daughter as the present. The journey that he and Tutar go on is crazy and undeniably funny as hell. He has to get her ready to be the present. Total makeover for a young 15 year old girl is a lot of work, but Borat does a great job.

Tutar goes through a true transformation both inside and out during the course of the movie. She learns that her country and the men in it are wrong for owning women, putting them in cages, and selling them off to men for money or goods and services. She learns that women can drive, think, and read, as well as many other things. She decides to fight for women's rights and her freedom. She interviews Rudy Giuliani after she becomes a broadcast journalist like her father.

Borat does really insane things during the movie including wearing a Trump mask at the Republican National Convention while Mike Pence is speaking on stage, doing a fertility dance with his daughter, talking to redneck Trump supporters in the south, discussing crazy conspiracy theories about China spreading the Corona virus, and more.

Also find out what happens to his brother who came to America with him in the first Borat movie. You will laugh yourself unconscious.

Watch this movie to see how it ends and what exactly transpires during this Epic journey of self discovery. You will Not regret your decision. There are turns and twists galore. You Never know what this crazy character created by Sasha Baron Cohen will do next.

Jennifer Devoe Muse
Jennifer Devoe Muse
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