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Books to Check Out: What I Read in June 2022

by Sammi C about a month ago in review
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TikTok reads, here I come

I finally gave in to BookTok. I’ve books recommended on TikTok here and there, and I think it’s a great thing. People go out in droves to acquire books they see on the platform, and I’m always down for more books in hands, so to speak. As much as I love books, I don’t get too much book-related content on TikTok (my TikTok is just hot anime men, sorry not sorry) but I figured I’d take a look at two books I’d seen on there a while ago and give them a try. So there we go. I’m keeping it current with what the people are reading these days. And I must say, the two books I got from TikTok are absolute…killers. You’ll understand more below.

The Death of Jane Lawrence by Caitlin Starling

Gothic romance in a magical realism-esque British world? Yes. Sign me up. For any fans of Guillermo del Toro’s movie Crimson Peak (like me), this is the book for you. I love a good mystery with a dash of horror. The gothic British setting is also a huge plus, and it’s the perfect book to read on a rainy day.

The Death of Jane Lawrence may sound like it give away the ending in the title, but things are not always as they seem. This is the story of Jane, an independent young woman who marries out of necessity. It’s a totally practical arrangement…until it isn’t. When her doctor husband Augustine seems to be hiding strange secrets of his own, it’s up to Jane to get to the bottom of it. Jane is a likeable, relatable character who’s easy to read. You’ll love and fear taking every step with her, and she’ll keep you engaged with all the events unfolding on the page. This was a really fascinating read. There were plenty of twists and turns, enigmatic characters, and creepy imagery that will get your heart racing.

Verity by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover has absolutely blown up recently. Every bookstore I walk into has a treasure trove of her titles. I’ve seen more than one Barnes & Noble dedicate a whole table to her. Verity is by far the one I’ve heard the most about, and it was hard for me to find a physical copy of it. I finally got my hands on it to read, and now I understand the hype. I read this book in the span of a few hours, only taking breaks to make more tea.

Verity is about a struggling writer named Lowen and her acceptance of finishing a popular series written by Verity Crawford when the titular author can no longer write due to medical reasons. As Lowen stays in the house Verity and her husband Jeremy share, it becomes clear that there’s something a bit off with the whole situation. Add in Lowen’s growing love for Jeremy, and oh boy does that make for a spicy scenario.

Dude…this book legitimately had me shivering with some of its imagery. There are little moments where you second guess if certain events actually happened, or if they were imagined. There’s a twist that almost made me throw the book across the room in shock. I had to get up and walk around in circles just to release all the energy this book gave me. Seriously, you won’t want to put it down. The action starts on page one and just accelerates. I can’t recommend it enough.

Predictably for me, I went into the horror/mystery TikTok books. It’s a fun genre with plenty of jaw-dropping moments. The two above are absolutely worth the hype I’ve seen, and I’d say they’re ones that anyone can dive into and enjoy. Happy reading!

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