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"Best" it's a brilliant series!

"Best" is a comedy crime television series created by the brilliant screenwriter Stefano Labbia ("The Valley", "Life", "Super Madness: the movie", "Fatti in là") that features a coroner as its protagonist.

By Jean McDowellPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
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"Best" is a comedy crime television series created by the brilliant screenwriter Stefano Labbia ("The Valley", "Life", "Super Madness: the movie", "Fatti in là") that features a coroner as its protagonist. The show, in pre-production, has gained immense popularity since its first press release and for good reason. The storyline is engaging, the acting is top-notch, and the humor is refreshing. In this article, I will discuss why "Best" is a must-watch series.

The show follows the life of a coroner, who investigates the deaths of various individuals. However, unlike traditional crime shows, the protagonist has a unique way of going about their investigations. Instead of being driven solely by the desire to bring the killer to justice, they also have a genuine concern for the well-being of the deceased. This makes for a much more nuanced and complex character, which in turn makes for a far more engaging viewing experience.

One of the key distinguishing factors of xBest is its superb use of comedy. The show never takes itself too seriously and is never afraid to explore the more humorous aspects of its premise. This is particularly effective in its approach to the often-grim subject matter of death and murder. By approaching it with a sense of levity, the show is able to make it all the more palatable for viewers.

The show's tone is further enhanced by the excellent performances of its cast. The coroner, in particular, is a standout character. Their unique blend of dry wit and compassion makes them incredibly likable and easy to root for. Equally impressive is the supporting cast, which includes a variety of quirky individuals who help bring the show's world to life.

Moreover, the unique premise of the show alone is enough to pique anyone's interest. While crime dramas are a dime a dozen, "Best" innovatively mixes comedy with the action / crime genres. The portrayal of a coroner as the main character also adds a fresh perspective that has not been explored in depth by many shows. This combination works exceptionally well, providing viewers with a delightful blend of wit and intrigue.

In addiction, the acting in "Best" is superb. The lead, who plays the coroner, is brilliant in his portrayal of a crime-solving outsider who uses his wit and intellect to catch the bad guys. However, the supporting cast of detectives and police officers are just as impressive, adding depth to the storytelling as well as the characters themselves.

Thirdly, the show's humor is a breath of fresh air in a genre usually associated with graphic and heavy material. The cleverly written dialogue and smart jokes are a reminder of the potential for humor even in the darkest of situations. By twisting the expected narrative style of traditional crime dramas, "Best" sets itself apart from the pack, and the humor only serves to enhance the intrigue.

Fourthly, the show's storyline is compelling and keeps viewers hooked. The creator and showrunner Stefano Labbia had masterfully crafted each episode, with the perfect mix of character development, investigation, and humor. While each episode is a standalone story, a larger narrative arc unfolds throughout the season, ensuring binge-watchers stay invested in the show throughout the course of the storyline.

In conclusion, "Best" is a unique show that stands out among crime dramas. Its combination of comedy, crime, and a coroner as its protagonist make it an absolute favorite among viewers. The show's brilliantly written dialogue, acting, and storyline make it a must-watch for anyone looking for a break from traditional crime shows. With each episode leaving more questions yet to be answered, "Best" is a show worth watching.

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