Best Fortnite Cosplay Skins For Kids

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This is the top 10 Fortnite Cosplay Skins For your Kids

Best Fortnite Cosplay Skins For Kids

What are the best skins in Fortnite? And what’s the point in getting a Victory Royale if you don’t have all the cosmetics you need to look ridiculous and fabulous for the showboating finale? This is exactly why there are heaps of Fortnite skins to help you stand out from the rabble, ranging in rarity from low-cost uncommons to garish and gaudy legendaries.

Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the world by storm. Epic Games may not have inaugurated the battle royale genre, but the developer has capitalized on this trend like nobody's business. Stuck in an overstacked category filled with imitators and wannabes, only PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is equipped to challenge Fortnite's monopoly, and the latter seems to have the former's number. There is a lot of Amazing Fortnite Costumes For Kids

This is the top 10 Fortnite Skins For your Kids:


Not only is James ‘Jim’ Hopper Chief of Police in the middle-of-nowhere town of Hawkins, Indiana, now the mustachioed heartthrob is imposing his authority on Epic Games’ battle royale island. Launched in part to mark the release of the third season of the Netflix show, this Fortnite Stranger Things skin will have Demogorgons lurching back to the Upside Down in terror.


Looking like a budget cosplay costume, Skull Trooper’s popularity is rooted in its longevity. It landed temporarily during one of the game’s first seasonal events, and vanished from the face for Fortnite for almost a year, making Skull Trooper one of the rarest Fortnite skins.

3. Guff

Guff is a Rare Outfit who first appeared in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 and is bundled with a Fluffle Bag. Are they part-chicken? Who knows!


Dark Bomber is a Kevin the Cube-corrupted sibling of Brite Bomber and, given how awesome that prospect is, Dark Bomber is only a rare skin that ran you 1,200 V-Bucks – absolute bargain. Her do-gooder variant has returned in the past, so there’s no reason Dark won’t, too.

5. Raven

You can get this skin in Fortnite: Battle Royale and is named after the old, scary poem by Edgar Allan Poe.


Oh yeah, puns, that’s what else we need. That, and dinosaurs. Now, like Skull Trooper, we’re not especially convinced by the quality of the stitching on this 2,000 V-Buck Legendary costume, but we’re a sucker for a bit of prehistoric wordplay, nonetheless. This skin has only appeared in the Fortnite Item Shop a handful of times, making it relatively rare.

7. Peely

He's part of the Banana Bunch and started dressing like a dapper spy in Chapter 2.


Scourge of Wailing Woods – may God rest its forested soul – Black Knight was available as a reward for players that reached level 70 of the second Battle Pass in Fortnite’s decorated history. Those piercing red eyes are enough to send shivers down the spines of even the hardiest Battle Royale veterans. As it’s a Battle Pass exclusive and Fortnite had a much smaller audience back then, you won’t find many of these roaming around the map these days.

9. Creepy Bear

Creepy Bear was actually a limited-edition Valentine skin. But still, a bit creepy.


Another Season X spin on a classic – this time the Dark Voyager skin – this skin is worth tracking down for the green flaming skull style. Creepy, ethereal, and very metal.

There you have it: a definitive list of the best Fortnite skins. Keep your eyes peeled on the in-game item shop in case one of these becomes available to buy again, but, if you’re still looking for ways to make your soldier look snazzy, check out our breakdown of the best Fortnite Wraps to kit out your weapons and vehicles. In the meantime, we’re going to get us some more Victory Royales as a default character: we’re playing out of our skin at the moment.

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