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Can you name his movies?

Arnie Movie Quiz

Arnold Schwarzenegger is tough. Almost as tough as his name is to spell.

So how much do you know about this action movie hero, bodybuilder, real estate developer, entrepreneur and governor (makes you feel like a girly-man when you see ALL the stuff he has done)?

For the sake of this quiz, we will only focus on his movies. How many of his movies out of 20 can you get correct?

Will you have Total Recall on all of this films, or will you confuse a few of them as Twins? Will you be a Terminator on these questions, or Kindergarten Cop out to this tough quiz?

I purposely mixed a whack of some of his classic movies with some of his lesser known ones. Many people think that Arnie was only famous for his big blockbusters, but it was actually documentaries that first exposed us to the big man from Austria.

Here are some fun facts about Arnold the next time you want to share them with your friends.

He is the Youngest Mr. Universe in History

Arnie always loved to 'pump it up', but it was in his teen years he focused heavily on the nature of the body, and how to build it. This relentless drive has been something that has powered all of his successes in life. He won Mr. Universe at the age of 20. Yep, 20. When you see interviews of him then, what strikes you is how poised and confident he is. Have you seen 20 year old pop stars these days? They cry if you use the wrong utensil.


When he moved to 'Calley-forn-ee-uh' he had a plan (unlike most people trying to make it in LA). Arnie took his building knowledge, and set up a successful bricklaying business with fellow bodybuilder Franco Columbo. The business took off due to the demand of the housing industry, plus the 1971 San Fernando earthquake that upped the need for bricklayers. Well done Arnold! Lay them bricks!

His Dad was a Dick

Not a guy named Richard, but an actual dick of a man. Not only did he support Hitler and the Nazi's, he also didn't believe that Arnold was his own child. He treated him like crap, and lavished attention on his older brother instead. So Arnie pumped himself up, packed himself up, and left Austria for good. He didn't even return for his fathers funeral. That's how much of a dick he was. Way to go!

He learned English in England

At 19, Arnie needed a place to live to continue his training after leaving home. He moved in with Charles Bennett, a bodybuilding coach and judge who lived in London, England. Arnold continued to live there to train, and credits living in England with his formative approach to learning English. Sure, his English is still hard work, but it's better than him just staring blankly at the screen.

$4 Billion Dollars

That's how much Arnie's movies have grossed at the box office, a whopping $4 billion. That makes him one of the top grossing movie and action stars of all time. That's a lot of dough! He was also one of the first actors to take percentages of his films, meaning he never really needs the money as he is set for life!

What is your favourite Arnie film of all time? Can you choose from his massive list of classic killer films? For me, Terminator remains a classic staple of his cinematic lore. Although James Cameron initially didn't want him in the titular role, once he met him, he was convinced. This film was a scary, yet important place in my youth. It combined sci-fi space travel, loads of violence, more violence and sexy times. When you're about to hit your teens, sexy times are essential when it comes to balancing it out with violence.

You want the answers? They will be available on the comments on the YouTube video in the comments shortly.

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