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Aoyama Is THE Traitor After All.

Another Fan Theory Becomes Fan Fact.

By Tyler HallPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Looks like the fans were right again.

Once again, the fans were right about My Hero Academia. As it turns out Yuga Aoyama was, and is, the traitor of U.A. High. Why does this not come off as shocking as it should?

Even before the reveal, various fans had their own theories as to why it was Aoyama. From YouTube videos to fan discussion message boards, everyone had their reasons and suspicions. Also from Aoyama's odd behavior, it was clear this character was not to be trusted.

It is because the fans are so involved in My Hero Academia, nothing is shocking anymore. Everyone knew Dabi was a Todoroki. It was painfully obvious from the start. All that was needed was for Kohei Horikoshi to make it official.

Since its debut, My Hero Academia has become, in some ways,...and its painful to say this...predictable. It is as if the fans already know what is coming next. The fan theories have been proven time and again. What could be next? All For One being revealed to be Deku's father? If that happens, the fans everywhere would feel obligated to say, "We told you so!" Even then, if that is true, Horikoshi should just out right reveal it.

Let it be known: this is not to put down Kohei Horikoshi's ability to write reveals. In some instances, Horikoshi has shocked fans in the past. The very fact Kurogiri was once a friend of Aizawa and Present Mic really surprised fans everywhere. That is the type of reveal fans want: something unexpected. Something that nobody would have ever guessed or assumed. While it was stated Kurogiri is a villain, the type of villain he was; being a nomu, breathed new life into the character.

These "reveals" are going to be the reason why fans might end up leaving My Hero Academia. As stated previously, the fans seem to already know the outcome with certain characters. The reveals involving both Dabi and now Aoyama prove this.

If anything, there were other characters whom would have been a better choice being the traitor. Examples are as follows:

Uraraka Ochaco:

She had many reasons to be the traitor. Having come from a poor family, Uraraka would have been tempted by money to sell out U.A. High.

Mineta Minoru:

If Horikoshi had any sense, Mineta would have made a perfect choice for the traitor. After all, his perverted antics could have served as a perfect cover. While acting as a pervert, Mineta could have used his abilities to spy on U.A. High. Also, Mineta being revealed as the traitor would have turned him from a one note character to having a depth not seen in him.

Mezo Shoji:

Tall, imposing, with multiple arms, and above all else, quiet. These factors would have made Shoji alone worthy of being the traitor. Also, this would have explained why Shoji saved Deku during the Forest Training Camp Arc. It was ensure Midoriya would live because of his importance to the League of Villains.

In any case, these characters would have made a better traitor than Yuga Aoyama. Then again, why did it have to be anyone from Class 1-A? So far, most of Class 1-B has been regulated as minor characters. What if the traitor had been Kosei Tsuburaba or Juzo Honenuki? What of Sen Kaibara, Shihai Kuroiro, or Togaru Kamakiri? It would have served Kohei Horikoshi much better had he made anyone of these students from Class 1-B the traitor. Perhaps Horikoshi could have taken it one step further and made the U.A. High traitor someone in a class entirely unrelated to the Hero Course! Now that would have made for a better reveal!

In closing, with Aoyama's treachery officially revealed, it is now a matter of time before another fan theory comes to light. Hopefully, Horikoshi will pull a move that proves everyone wrong.

Until then, everyone will just have to wait.


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