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by Megan Davis 5 years ago in review
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Annabelle Review

I was reminded, (because I need reminding), recently by my close friend that I still needed to see Annabelle when we started talking about the new one, so, with an evening to myself I took the plunge. My friend, may I add, did wish me luck before too, but I really didn't need it... "A couple begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists."

Why is it that in these films, all these items that people dream about and really really want, they always really really creepy things that most wouldn't even go near—like Annabelle. (Can I just point out, I am talking about this Annabelle, the fictional one, not the real one, because she has killed people... I am not saying anything bad about the real one.. cheers, thank you.) Carrying on, about the fictional Annabelle, obviously, Mia really really reallyyyyyyy wants this doll and her lovely hubby John manages to find her it. Why she is so happy by it, I have no idea, it must be the creepiest gift from a loved one ever, like ever. I think I would worry about my husband if they bought me something like that as a gift... I mean, I don't have a husband, or a boyfriend, so technically, I would have to find one of those first, but you get the idea—metophorically speaking shall we say...

Another thing I always think about these movies about cursed items, is when things start to go wrong, no one ever thinks it might be that really creepy item they just brought into their home. Never ever. Like "Hey Honey, things keep moving on their own, any idea, maybe the house is haunted?"

"I think it might be that weird doll I bought you actually"

"Ohhh, good point, let's get rid of it!" See! That is how you solve it, I mean, you might still need a church or priest or such, but you'd at least be in less of a pickle than they are in the movies...

Annabelle isn't a terrible film, at all, it's fairly entertaining, is easy to keep up with, and is kind of creepy. I say kind of creepy, I feel this film relied too much on jumpscares, and not even built up ones, and most seemed to be cheap ones that tended to be a loud noise out of nowhere. When the spirit was shown in the corner of the screen, hidden, or walking through the shadows, it's damn creepy and was done well, but then she would pop up and do a jumpscare and it just lost it. I would have loved less builds up to jumps and more builds up to seeing something out of the corner of the screen, or even things you can't see—even that is damn creepy. That was one of the main things I didn't like about Annabelle, I just felt it used jump scares too much and depended on them way too much, and it didn't need to be, the spirit was creepy enough without a loud noise making me nearly wee myself...

Overall, Annabelle was an okay film, I wouldn't shout about it and go around and highly recommend it, but if someone wanted to know about the story or see a film about a possessed doll, I wouldn't put my hands up and tell them to run the other way. It's entertaining, it passes the time, and it can make you jump, nothing wrong with that. I've heard the second one is meant to be better... just sayinggggg. This is also the first film I think I have ever seen that is pretty much all a flashback...

And I don't care how cute you are John, but don't buy people creepy looking dolls, even if they really want it.


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