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Anime, mangas and terms.

by Rey:heart 10 months ago in cosplay

How the Japanese culture affected me and the world.

Anime, mangas and terms.
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Hi, I am Rey ! I am 19 years old and I am a gamer and lover of Japan and its culture!

I started loving Japanese anime and manga three years ago. My parents loved them too when they were little, so I guess I inherited this passion from them.

Anime is the Japanese term for all cartoons, whereas manga are Japanese comics.

I am not an Otaku, that is the term for an obsessive reader of manga.

I don't read them that much.

I can say that it is a way to know Japanese culture, but I think the best way to achieve it, is to know the Japanese language.

Many manga' stories have a lot of terminologies that recall Japanese food and events, for example.

And everyone can say that they are different from the occidental way of life.

Manga have every genre: action, horror, erotica, comedy detective...

And I know that many people say that they are only comics for children.

I can say that it's not true.

There are lots of horror ones that can scare you to death.

Well, I can't stand horror films, videos, et cetera.

It's not my fault.

What can I tell you about manga?

Manga' writers are called 'mangaka'. They work like hell, all day and often all night due to deadlines. There are stories of mangakas in the manga as well :)

Some examples of the most famous manga and anime are Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Your Name, Your lie in April, Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle.

Some of these you probably don't know anything about it, but maybe if I say... Pokemon? Sailor Moon? Doraemon?

Yeah, I know I know.. they are all anime.

Seems strange, isn't it?

These days there is also another term: weeb.

It is used in many memes, and it is the short term of weeaboo, used to define obsessive fans of Japanese culture.

I can say that is funny when used in memes, but it's not when used to insult someone. It is so annoying and frustrating.

Anime affected also occidental life many people began to get closer and closer to them. Many of my friends like or love anime and I am not the one who watched the most of them!

Also, people began to dress as anime and manga's characters.

This is called 'cosplay'.

I would like to go dressed like that to 'nerd' festivals such as Lucca comics, the biggest one in Italy but... it's really difficult to create your costume. It is not if you buy it online, still, it's expensive.

Often you have to buy even fake hair! Most of the anime and/or manga characters have coloured hair.

This is a symbol of the rebellion of Japanese students against the strict school system.

They have to wear only the school uniform and they can't change or adorn them. School is a background in many stories or it is the main theme. Such as in the category of 'Slice of life'.

In these, there are some of the other famous terms such as 'senpai', that is used by girl students to call the last year students they are in love with, or 'sensei' which is the Japanese teacher.

This was my post about the world and I see some Japanese terms.

I hope you liked it!

“You all have your own distinct personal backgrounds. Of course, some of you come from rich families, some from poor families. But circumstances beyond your control like that shouldn’t determine who you are. You must all realize what you’re worth on your own.”

― Koushun Takami

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Hi, I am Rey!

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