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Alternate Versions of Spider-Man

The multiverse is a funny thing...

By Will JackPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Top Story - August 2022

Outside of the films, quite a lot of versions of Spider-Man exist throughout the multiverse, with Marvel Comics showcasing those possibilities in events such as Spider-Verse. Some of the characters in question have gone on to become complete mainstays in the comics like Miles Morales, while some remain under-the-radar favourites or fun pieces of trivia.

Spider-Man 2099 –

Created in 1992 Spider-Man 2099 isn’t Peter Parker but instead a future version of the character with the mantle now belonging to geneticist Miguel O’Hara. Miguel is a genius working for the corrupt corporation Alchemax. He later turns on the company however, and uses their machines to alter his DNA, accidentally splicing his genetic code with a spider’s.

Ghost Spider –

First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38, the less-than-savoury Peter Parker of Earth-11638 would often spend his time luring Spider-Men from across the multiverse to his world, where he’d absorb their powers to boost his own. After attempting to do this to Earth-616’s Spidey, however, the nefarious Peter is seemingly killed.

Realizing the error of his ways this world's Peter agrees to become the new Spirit of Vengeance becoming the Ghost Spider, that world's Ghost Rider.

Spider-Punk –

Created in 2015 by Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel Spider-Punk was a homeless teenager called Hobart Brown who gains his powers due to being exposed to toxic waste. Spider-Punk may be one of the more visually stimulating alternate versions of the web-head.

Spiders-Man –

Perhaps the weirdest alternate version of Spider-Man, Spiders-Man is literally a man made up of spiders. This version of Peter was attacked by a colony of spiders, which absorbed his consciousness and began to fight crime as him.

Spider-Girl –

Anya Corazon aka Spider-Girl also exists in the mainstream universe of Marvel, along with Peter Parker & Miles Morales. But unlike other Spider-heroes, she gained her powers from a Spider-Society after saving their sorcerer from a lethal danger. Her powers are more advanced than that of Peter since she can camouflage and use skeletal flexibility.

Last Stand Spider-Man –

In issue #500 of The Amazing Spider-Man, Julia Carpenter, now possessing Madame Web's powers, shows what would happen if Spider-Man were to have proceeded in killing Kraven the Hunter. In the vision, Peter is kicked out of the Avengers for his killing of the Kravinoffs. He develops a much colder and harsher personality and attacks Harry Osborn. He then appears in a new red leather costume and starts killing all of the supervillains, beginning with Doctor Octopus, and reveals his identity to his Aunt May, who is shocked and in tears

Spider-Man 2211 –

Created in 1995 Dr Max Borne is from the year 2211, the Spider-Man of that year. In his first appearance he aids two other Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miguel O'Hara, in defeating the Hobgoblin of 2211, his main enemy. This version of the Hobgoblin is Robin Borne, his daughter, driven insane when she was infected by a nanovirus. Spider-Man 2211 is later shot and killed by the Chameleon of the year 2211 posing as Uncle Ben.

Spider-Boy -

In this crossover universe between Marvel & DC known as the Amalgam universe Peter Parker was a head scientist at Project Cadmus. While attempting to create their own version of Super-Soldier (an amalgam of Captain America and Superman), Peter managed to create a clone with the power to warp gravity. An explosion in the lab killed Peter and awoke the clone before he was fully matured. The head of the project, General Thunderbolt Ross, felt sorry for the clone, and was responsible for the boy's welfare. Ross legally adopted him (giving the boy the last name of Ross) and named him Peter (after his genetic template). Peter and his "Uncle Gen" were a happy family until General Ross was killed by a mugger. Peter swore that he would face danger and make himself the centre of attention so others wouldn't have to be, as he felt he had been dismissed as just a boy during the incident. Inspired by his spider-like abilities, he fashioned a costume and called himself Spider-Boy


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