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Against the Ice

by hoang khoi ngo 5 days ago in movie
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Against the Ice

The film Ride Against the Ice, based on true events, has received low reviews. But I think there are at least two points of concern.

One is knowledge of the geographical discovery of Greenland. At the beginning of the last century (1900), most of Greenland was within the Arctic Circle, and the sea around Greenland was so frozen that ships could not sail, so it had long been a geographical unknown. For this reason, some people in the United States believe that Greenland is actually composed of two islands, located in the north of Piradia is a separate island from Greenland, and between Greenland and a Piradia strait, separate the two islands. In addition, the United States believes that the island belongs to the United States. In view of this controversy, Denmark, the sovereign state of Greenland, formed an expedition team to cross Greenland to the Arctic ice cap and go to Dapiri Island for field investigation. If Greenland is proved to be a whole island and there is no Piri Island, then the ownership of the whole Greenland island should belong to the Kingdom of Denmark. But the expedition never returned. To this end, the Kingdom of Denmark formed a search party, led by Captain Einard Mixon, who found the expedition's bodies and a notebook on the ice field. The notebooks record the location of the stone pile the team had built in Peary, which contained the team's map of Greenland and related records. Captain Einard Mixon decided to go to the cairn of Piradia to retrieve the maps and information the expedition had placed in the cairn. In Journey Against the Ice, Captain Einard Mixon and a volunteer mechanic, Ivor Iverson, travel across the Greenland ice sheet to retrieve data from a rock pile in Pili.

The second is the theme of isolation. This theme can only be regarded as a secondary theme attached to the film, but I personally think it is worth pondering. , er, mixon captain and ivor, iverson 2 people driving the dog sledding, starting from a gulf of northeast Greenland (starting point in the movie did not hand over to treat specific location, just say it's northeast Greenland), spent nearly three months (84 days), and finally reach the lining, find expedition heaped up stockpiles, got the expedition to draw maps and data. But on the way in, as Ivor Iverson was a novice, he drove over the sled and lost some food and a sled dog. Therefore, they were faced with the possibility of not having enough food on the way back, and they had to kill the weakest sled dog to provide food for the two and the other sled dogs. Unfortunately, on the way back, they met polar bears, and several sled dogs were bitten to death, and the captain was almost killed by polar bears. They had to abandon their sledges and walk back to their point of departure. 300 kilometers from their departure point, they left maps and data in a pile of rocks, fearing they would not be able to return. Eight months later (242nd day), he finally returned to his original place of departure. But when the ship was damaged by an iceberg, the crew had to leave on another rescue ship and return to Denmark. Fortunately, before they left, a wooden house was built on the shore and a year's supply of food was left for them. So 2 people in the cabin began a long wait. While waiting, the two decided to return to the stone pile 300 kilometers away and retrieve the data and evidence they had placed in the pile. After they got information and evidence and successfully returned to the hut, they missed the boat to rescue them because they did not leave a note when they set out. It was now one year and three months (471st day) since they set out, and in the isolated world, they could only wait. In Denmark, however, there was little hope of rescuing them and the cost was too great to organize a rescue ship. In long-term isolation, food is less and less, after 793 days, 2 people have mental problems, hallucinations, ivor, iverson saw her late grandfather, while the captain mixon an affair with a strange woman in the photo, and doubt, ivor iverson, to take his lover, shot and killed nearly ivor, Allen iverson. Meanwhile, they were attacked again by polar bears. The captain's neck also had an abscess the size of an egg. But they persevered, and on day 865 -- almost two years and four months -- they finally reached the rescue team.

In this long wait, the captain's psychological quality was far from that of Ivor Iverson, who came to the Arctic for the first time. First, iverson warned the captain whether to leave a note when deciding to return to the rock pile 300 kilometers away to retrieve the data, but the captain said, "No." -- This is a mistake a captain should not make. Second, after hallucination, Iverson was able to adjust himself in time and did not have hallucinations again, while the captain was immersed in hallucinations, which almost caused tragedy.


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