Abusive Android

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Patton's boyfriend can be...controlling. Is it justified?

Abusive Android

Warnings: abusive relationship, attacking environment with various weapons, scenario is based on a dream

Patton updated his boyfriend that the party at his job was starting. During their relationship, his boyfriend, Nicholas, made sure he had Patton all to himself and Patton found it sweet until he noticed he wasn't as free to socialize with his friends and coworkers as much as he used to. When he told Nicholas that his job had a party going on after business hours, to say Nicholas was furious was an understatement and it was as plain as the electrical malfunctions in the house that happened at the same time. Patton had seen his rampages before and he tried his best to not make Nicholas angry, but his efforts never seemed to be enough. In the end, Nicholas agreed to let him stay for the party as long as Patton kept him updated every 5 minutes. Patton felt trapped, but he was at least glad there was a way for him to socialize.

No matter how much he enjoyed socializing with his coworkers, he couldn't help but think about Nicholas and made sure to update him every 5 minutes. He never understood why he had to text Nicholas every 5 minutes nor did he understand why it's reasonable for Nicholas to triple text him and then some when he didn't feel like talking yet Patton is considered "pushy" when he texts Nicholas as much occasionally. After his 25th update that evening, Patton flinched as he felt someone grab his shoulder. He turned around worrying that Nicholas followed him, but was relieved to see Virgil Ren instead.

"Hey, Pat...you look like you're not focused on the party. Are you okay?" he asked while thinking to himself that he's glad it's not a loud dance party.

"Oh, yes, I'm okay, Virgil," he answered while failing to fill his remark with a lot of enthusiasm.

"Patton, I know what it's like to lie to others to avoid sharing a burden. What's going on?" Virgil retorted aggressively.

At that moment, Patton felt his phone vibrate and he checked his phone to see a text from Nicholas.

Is that little emo prick bothering you?

Patton's eyes widened and he looked all over the room fearing what he thought of as the worst.

No he's not. Where are you?

Good. It's amazing what someone like me can do when connected to your workspace's Wifi.

Virgil glanced over at Patton's phone without the latter objecting to it or giving him permission. As Virgil was scrolling, his face went from possessing annoyance to possessing worry.

"Patton? How long has this been going on?" Virgil asked.

"Oh, just since a few weeks into the relationship. It's not a proper relationship without ups and downs, right?" he responded, but found he was asking himself the question.

He casually talked about all that had been going on in the relationship since he only mentioned bits of it to his coworkers during the small amount of time he had to socialize. As he was updating and talking, he looked at Virgil's expression and talked slower and slower as if worried about saying the wrong thing.

"Patton, those aren't just ups and downs, those are common actions in a relationship that shouldn't have happened in the first place!" Virgil shouted.

After the shout, Patton felt his phone buzzing and saw a text from Nicholas.

He's trying to break us apart. Block out the haters!

A few other coworkers approached Patton and Virgil after hearing Virgil shout. As they offered support, advice, and places to stay, Patton became nervous and transitioned to scared as he felt the buzzing of his phone. It became clear that Patton didn't know what to say or think, so only one person decided to gently approach him: Roman Phillips.

"If you want things to be easier, just say you love Nicholas and figure out how you feel during the task," Roman suggested.

"That's easy. I...I love..."

Patton's initial facade of confidence in the task was slowly breaking apart. He thought back to when they started dating and he enjoyed being with Nicholas. He found himself falling in love so fast and expressed that it didn't matter to him that Nicholas wasn't human. At least, he thought he fell in love fast. He was well aware that his boyfriend acted like a dictator, but lied to himself constantly with the claims that he wouldn't be staying with Nicholas if he didn't love him. Growing up, he never knew what the average downs were in a relationship since his parents never showed him or told him if there was a disagreement going on between them that wasn't too big of a deal.

Patton looked at his friends and coworkers and sighed.

"I don't love Nicholas. I'm probably like Anna from 'Frozen' and she probably wasn't really in love with Hans to begin with," Patton finally admitted.

Roman hugged Patton and everyone else shared their support, but the relief didn't last long. At first, Patton and everyone else noticed the electricity going haywire. Then, they heard rapid footsteps. Finally, they heard what sounded like blasts from multiple firearms and ran around running once they saw bits of destruction. All the employees ran in different directions and hid in different locations. Patton found himself, ironically enough, hiding in the storage closet. He locked himself in there until he saw Virgil approach and let him in.

Patton looked though the gaps in the doors' blinds and saw Nicholas destroying so much of the property with his arm turning into weapons like a firearm and a mallet, presumably looking for Patton. He softly sobbed as he witnessed his friends getting hurt at Nicholas's mercy. He backed up and covered his mouth as he saw Nicholas turn towards the closet. Next thing he knew, Nicholas swung open the door and grabbed Patton by the neck while raising him in the air.

"I knew letting you stay here was a bad idea! You thought you could get away from me!" Nicholas shouted.

Patton strained while trying to speak.

"No matter. You'll be with me no matter what it takes!"

Patton felt electricity surge from his neck through the rest of his body and saw himself approaching Nicholas's enlarged "mouth" as the world around him grew dark and quiet.

fan fiction
Monique Star
Monique Star
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