A Portal to an Asgard Unknown

by Bobby Tequila about a month ago in cosplay

Dream A Little Dream

A Portal to an Asgard Unknown

Imagine an evening where you are costumed up in your fave Marvel attire. Imagine being energized to show off a could-be mutant power that you forever dreamt of. Imagine a world where you can have fun and there is no one there to pass judgement on your hero pleasures. The time for all creators to assemble is now.

So pick up the heavy Nordic hammer, or solider up with a star spangled shield at your side. Run like the timeless winds and fly into space with an iron tech suit. The fun that we all know we deserve is only one blast of a radioactive tidal wave away. Yes, with one snap, this is the day, and here, imagine you finally found your Wakanda.

Here, you recognize the scent of happiness as it lingers in the air. To the North you know all the gamers with their Twitch handles are suited up World of Warcraft style. To the East, a cult of Mortal Kombat combo anime mixture dress up in all their rituals. When the sun meets the West, you know the mass following there is at a universe far far away, and if you forget to smile, make sure to show a face that’s one with the force when you walk into the Southern shadows of Castlevania. In this universe, you are the ultimate cosplay avatar, and there is an aroused feeling of pride when you are wearing your spandex.

Sell it, love it, share it, tell your secrets and learn the secrets of others. The cosplay individual’s activity in your hometown is a melting pot of talents waiting to be discovered. The potential earned income is an eye-popping wonder of dollar signs in the banks, and the rush to outdo the neighbor is a thought-provoking skill of Power Ranger sewing patterns, sword shape foam cutting, and Cloak and Dagger cape hemming occupations that you are ready to take on.

Here, the price to happiness belongs to you, and with every breath, it is your job to make that dream come true. So close your eyes and believe my friend. Take that step into the portal. Put it in your mind that Asgard is not a place, but in fact, it is made of a collection of people that create Asgard from the unknown and make it the mythos we want it to be. The legacy begins here.

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