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A Great Insight Into How Your Favourite Actors or Actresses Approach and Feel About Their Work — 5 Brilliant Sources for It

Here are 5 good sources that can build up that trust and respect for actors or actresses and offer an interesting viewing experience for a movie fan.

By Art-Peeter RoosvePublished 6 years ago 3 min read

In my previous article I talked about the reasons why the movie star phenomenon is on the decline and why, even though it is an extremely positive trend since people are more aware of all the different elements of movies, a famous actors or actresses involvement in a movie still has it's role to play.

I stated that an actor or actress can be this "trusty friend" who can lead you to new movies you would have othervise overlooked. I explained that if you build up a trust and respect towards an actor or actress (as a professional and not "famous person"), you are willing to give movies, they are involved with, that might not be your taste a shot, thus broadening your own taste in movies.

Although I gave a few examples already in that previous article, I figured that, as sort of an afterthought, I'd share 5 good sources that can potentially build up that trust and respect towards a certain actor or actress and generally offer an interesting viewing experience for a movie fan.

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation's "Career Conversations"

Got a spare hour or two or need something interesting to play in the backround while you do other stuff? Well, this interview series is a brilliant place for it. The premise is simple. There is an actor or actress and he or she is interviewed and just talks us through their career up to the point of the interview. It is a basic concept of just letting the actor talk and nothing else. It helps to understand their motivations and approaches to acting, thus helping to potentially create the aforementioned trust and respect towards them.

You can find these interviews here.

Inside Actors Studio

I guess the quintessential source for actors or actresses talking about acting. Interviewed by the brilliant James Lipton, this long running series offers a calm but entertaining insight into actors or actresses career and how they approach their work.

The interviews are presented as seminars for drama schools and take place in them. Therefore actors and actresses also answer the drama students questions.

Where to find these interviews? : While I haven't found an official source where you can watch them at their full length, just "YouTube" them... there should be plenty that are uploaded ;)

Jake's Takes

A series of interviews that Jake Hamilton did around the time period of 2008 to 2013. He simply interviewed the stars of new movies that came out during that time period. He has done some after but generally not much.

Why are they awesome? Well, they are short and not some in depth career summaries (so pretty straightforward) but what makes them special is simply his inventive and extremely good questions that sometimes actually seem to catch the people he interviews off-guard. Also, generally, the way he creates an extremely human and easygoing feel to his interviews. Thus bringing out the easygoing and human side in the people he interviews.

You can find these interviews here.

The Hollywood Reporter Roundtables

Just sit back and see a bunch of brilliant actors or actresses or directors discuss about their work. Doesn't really need to say more. It goes in depth and i guess another actor is the best interviewer in a way ;)

You can find them here.

DP/30: The Oral History of Hollywood

Another one where an actor or actress just talks about his or her work but this series usually has a more specific focus on the subject matter.

You can find them here.

So, as said before, these sources are a good way to potentially build up your trust in an actor or actress and perhaps you will be lead to interesting movies you otherwise might have not even considered... at very least they should offer an informative and entertaining viewing experience for a fan of movies and cinema ;)


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