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A Discovery of Witches' Diana Bishop faces her toughest challenge yet

The final episode of the series airs 2/19/222

By Rachel CarringtonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Warning: This post contains spoilers for A Discover of Witches, Season 3, episode 6 which aired on February 12, 2022

Dr. Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) has faced down scores of enemies since she embraced her powers as a witch. She's even withstood the diabolical inhumanties heaped upon her by Satu, Peter Knox's pet witch. But the sixth episode of the finale season set up the beginning of her toughest battle yet.

Matthew and Diana-A Discovery of Witches

At the beginning of the episode, Matthew left to go to Poland to look for Benjamin Fuchs, the vampire he sired many, many years ago and passed his blood rage to. Benjamin has been wreaking havoc, even using Matthew and Diana's adopted son, Jack, by turning him into a killing machine, in order to seek his revenge on his family.

Matthew believes it's up to him and him alone to stop Benjamin's trail of destruction. Diana wants to go with him, but he's adamant that he should be the one to bring this to an end, so the two share a brief goodbye, and he leaves her behind at Sept-Tours with the twins and his family.

Benjamin Fuchs-A Discovery of Witches

Matthew knows he's going to have to kill Benjamin, and though he also knows it's the right thing to do, there's an element of guilt as he sired Benjamin, knowing he was passing on his blood rage. Many years ago, he and his family had trusted Benjamin when he was human, letting him in on the secrets of their lives. Then Benjamin decided he was going to let the world know about the vampires' existence. The de Clairmonts could not allow that, and Matthew was tasked with eliminating the problem. Instead of killing him, Matthew chose to turn him, thereby creating the monster.

Peter Knox-A Discovery of Witches

While Matthew is looking for Benjamin, Diana decides to return to Oxford to find the Book of Life. And she does, and she's surprised when the book claims her, revealing all of its text and knowledge to her alone. Her body absorbs the information, leaving the book blank.

Unsurprisingly, Peter Knox discovers Diana has found the Book of Life, and since he's been looking for it for years, figures it now belongs to him. Looking like ten miles of bad road, Knox shows up at the private runway from where Diana, Sarah, and her friends intend to depart.

As demanding as ever, despite having been kicked off the Congregation, Knox demands that Diana give the book to him. He's not concerned with Sarah, even though he killed Emily Mather and is facing retribution. He doesn't expect Sarah to have the power to harm him. But with a little help from Diana, who can now create spells like it's as easy as tying a shoelace, Sarah envelops Knox in a powerful wind that shears his body apart, scattering the dust of his remains to the four corners of the earth, if that's where they go.

Satu and Benjamin-A Discovery of Witches

While Diana has been sorting out the Book of Life and Knox, Matthew and Benjamin had been fighting to the death. And just when it looks like Matthew has defeated the vampire he sired, he's struck with magic and in saunters Satu, a smug, self-centered witch who thinks she is meant to be the most powerful witch in the world.

With Matthew subdued, Benjamin sends a video message to Diana, letting her know that Matthew doesn't have long to live as his blood is being drained. So she has to hurry if she wants to say goodbye to him.

Diana's eyes fill with tears, but I'm betting they're not just tears of grief. She's angry, and an angry Diana is a dangerous Diana. In spite of Matthew's warnings to stay away fron Benjamin, she's going to Poland. And neither Satu nor Benjamin are going to like it very much when she gets there.

The series finale of A Discovery of Witches airs Saturday, February 19th on Sundance Now.


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