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9 of Phineas and Ferb's Most Eye-Sweating Moments

Before I appreciated Phineas and Ferb, I had a huge burning indifference for the show.

By Karina ThyraPublished 6 years ago 6 min read
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whether it's joy or otherwise.

Before I appreciated Phineas and Ferb, I had a huge burning indifference for the show. Ironically, now I'm a huge fan. The Last Day of Summer was the final episode to tie up the whole series, and I know most of us sobbed while watching that. However there was one more special episode - and we can say that it's truly finished after watching the O.W.C.A. Files, and that's that. I bet some of us sweat through our eyes after that special.

Check your local Disney Channel schedule for the O.W.C.A. Files!

Personally, my eyes didn't rain while watching The Last Day Of Summer episode. It was fun, great, exciting, and it really was a great summer filled with awesome memories. The sudden nostalgia that enveloped me after watching was probably the eye-sweat jerker for me.

From building a really awesome roller coaster, to having a musical for said roller coaster, (not to mention having a technically extended 23 last days of summer due to the loops in the space-time continuum...), Phineas, Ferb and the gang gave us a lot of fond memories to treasure...

They have become an extension to our childhood, adolescence, and even our adult years. It is the show I've put on a pedestal among the ranks of other well-loved Disney animated series, and it did have a lot of tear-jerking (laughter or otherwise) moments.

Here are some of my favorite touching moments. Actually, the entire show is my favorite moment, so it was hard - too hard - for me to narrow this down without including the special episodes. Also most of these are better expressed in a song...

This was the first episode of Phineas and Ferb that I ever saw. I didn't like the show at first, but eventually I grew fond of this song (and this episode). In this ep, just after Bob's proposal to Tiana (the siblings' aunt), Candace immediately transformed into a wedding planner. And she did a very impressive job in just a day!

The episode gave us wedding planning goals (courtesy of Candace) and 'twas a really adorable and touching episode!

If you haven't already, just listen to the song. This episode centered on important events for the loved ones - Linda and Lawrence's wedding anniversary and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz's birthday. It was touching because of the message it conveyed: it's the thought that counts.

Another episode that demonstrated "it's the thought that counts". Vanessa was 7 years old and wanted a Mary McGuffin doll. In spite of his evil side, Heinz Doofenshmirtz loves his daughter so much that he couldn't care less about his reputation in the evil scientist community. It took him a long time to search for that doll, and eventually found it in the Flynn-Fletcher's garage sale. Vanessa's song is fantastic, and y'know just shows that maybe Heinz isn't evil evil.

This entire episode was special. It was beautiful, nostalgic, and inspiring. All the Phinbella moments, the Ferbnessa moment, and most especially the Canderemy moments in Paris and Danville just made me dance to this song! I will never get tired of it. Ever. I feel like I could write an entire article just about this episode, so I'll just recommend that you go see it immediately. *Swoons*

Alas, there were also moments in the show where it just hit so close to home. Or the feels trip got way out of hand. Regardless, they were fantastic episodes, even though the central themes were sad. :(

5. Phineas and Ferb Gets Busted

re-education chairs

This episode was the worst to watch ever. I mean, it isn't bad at all, it was just a bit too much for my feels. Candace finally got to bust her brothers, and everything seemed to be fine in Candace-land, until she had an epiphany and saw that the things they do in the institution are horrible. They take the fun and creativity (basically LIFE) out of children! This song also made it even harder to bear.

Thankfully, it was just a dream (Was it Candace or Perry's? Or maybe Candace's inside Perry's dream?).

We know Candace only means well - but how awful would life be if Phineas and Ferb didn't invent crazy things, right? Without that, WHO IS CANDACE?!

Heinz Doofenshmirtz probably holds the most tragic backstory in an animated series. I adore of all of his backstory, and most of it are summed up in this fan-compiled video.

First, the day he was born both of his parents weren't even there. He even threw himself his own surprise birthday party when he was a kid. Heinz was also forced to wear dresses throughout his childhood because his sibling turned out to be a boy - and his mother already made a mountain of dresses for a girl! He was also always bested by his brother. Forced to be a lawn gnome at a young age,his only companion was the moon, and eventually a balloon. One more tragic thing - his parents disowned him and he was raised by ocelots, and had failed relationships in his adulthood (he was once even dumped for a whale).

He suffered a horrible childhood, and was also misunderstood and belittled throughout his life (before he became evil). In fact his life was so tragic it even had its own episode. Stay strong, Dr. Doof!

Norm may be run on squirrel-power, but he has a heart just like the rest of us. Even in the episode Phineas and the Ferb-Busters! when Dr. Doof said something scathing to Norm, he said, "Now I know I have a heart, because it's breaking." Norm's life is sad. Just because he is different, he isn't accepted. It hits us right in the feels.

Another episode that hit us right in the feels. This is way too close to home. Sometimes, we can't even show our love and support openly because of embarrassment - we're afraid that people might judge us just because we love a big yellow duck or something. Some people just wouldn't understand, that at one point, we only had a plush toy as a friend.

It's a geeky kind of love, and though it would take us time to come to terms with it, it feels awful to be shunned because of it.

Before we go to number 1, here is an honorable mention.

@ArianaGsparks I think you hit most of them. "The Moments When we Didn't Get Along" perhaps?— Dan Povenmire (@DanPovenmire) November 12, 2015

You can see how heart-breaking it was for Perry. Without an evil scientist to foil, he essentially loses his job too; there might also be a chance that he'd be relocated! Darn it, Dr. Doof!

They even tried to resolve this problem in a talk show. I can't believe Dr. Doof would rather let a panda from Seattle (with whom he shared a spark of instant dislike) fight him rather than Perry! Agent P and Doofenshmirtz always have some sort of amity between them, but clearly for Peter the Panda, it's all animosity.

We had our emotional closure in the episode Act Your Age. All the kids are moving away for college now, and Phineas just found out that Isabella has a crush on him. All the help in the world couldn't snap Phineas' acute triangle head out of its obliviousness until it was almost too late.

Darn it. Those weren't tears in my eyes. An insect assaulted my eyes. These aren't tears.

The show was diverse and it was beautiful. It gave us a lot of things to look forward to, it made us better people, it inspired us to never give up and taught us that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, even defying the laws of physics.

It also taught us that there's even hope in the deep, dark abyss of the friendzone (even if it would take 10 years).

Ultimately, what truly counted as the best and most eye-sweating part of the entire show was that we grew up with it. The show ran for eight Phin-tastic and Ferb-ulous years, and surely we all have fond memories of watching it. I hope that the next-generation watching on Disney Channel now, find as much fun and inspiration as we all had from watching Phineas and Ferb. And for that, I once again thank the Creators and EVERYONE who has been a part of Phineas and Ferb for giving us one of the best and memorable cartoons ever.

Bonus eye-sweating moment: For nostalgia's sake, sit back and take a break; watch the curtain call. *sniff*

Our favorite animators will be back sometime in late 2016 or early 2017 for their new show Milo Murphy's Law; Phineas and Ferb reruns shall be enough for now. In the mean time, let's all make the most of every day and never forget to carpe diem!


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