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8 Ways to Protect your Macbook from Water Damage

by John Smith 9 months ago in entertainment
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Protect your Macbook from Water Damage

8 Ways to Protect your Macbook from Water Damage
Photo by AltumCode on Unsplash

Are you looking for the best ways to protect your Macbook from water damage? This blog is for you and guides you on how to save your MacBook from water damage. You will get all tips to save your device if you accidentally spilled some water on it. There's one thing you should know about electronics, water is not good for their health. No doubt, accidents do happen, and you have to act to prevent anything worse from happening. You probably eat and drink at your computer, which is not good because it may slip up. It could cause your coffee or other drink to run into your MacBook. This will obviously cause a bit of a panic, you may be so stressed and go for repair of Macbook pro part repair. If you know what steps to take to save your MacBook, you will save it from being damaged.

8 Ways to Protect your Water Damage Macbook:

STEP 1: Unplug the Power:

When a MacBook is water damaged, your priority concern is safety. As we all know that water and electricity do not mix, unplug the charger first. Then, detach the charger from the computer.

STEP 2: TURN off the Computer:

As soon as possible, shut down your MacBook. Hold down the power switch on the keyboard until your laptop turns off completely. If it will turn on water damage occurs, which can cause short-circuiting and component damaging. Turning off your computer completely is critical in preventing long-duration Mac water damage. If your gadget is turned off then damage to the CPU and circuit’s component is halted.

While pressing the power switch if it takes for more than five seconds and received no response. Then your keyboard internal circuit is damaged due to the spilled water on the MacBook. If this happens, absorb the surface moisture so that you can able to shut down the laptop. Closing the MacBook screen and turn on the sleep sensor of the device that is able to put your Mac power-saving mode.

STEP 3: Disconnect all Peripherals:

You should unplug every hardware device that is connected to your Mac. Many a time while we work with small USBs or other peripherals connected unplug them as soon as possible. It will help you to escape the water and increase the chances of your MacBook surviving.

STEP 4: Move your Mac to a Dry Location:

Relocate your Mac to a safe and dry location. You should lay out a clean towel on a dry surface. Move your computer properly and carefully onto the towel, and then begin drying it out. If you won't be able to dry off from inside, use a towel to dry off the outside water. Try to keep out more water from getting inside your MacBook.

Open your MacBook put it in a tent shape so that the keyboard is completely faced down. As you can’t fully open the screen, you may need to place your MacBook on an elevated surface. Moreover, allow the display to hang down over the side.

STEP 5: Remove the Battery:

If a water-damaged MacBook has a detachable battery, that is good for you. Turn the device over and remove the supply connections. But if it has not had a detachable battery, then the procedure of troubleshooting is a little complex. You can also remove the bottom cover to absorbing excess water. But you should careful and patient because exposing the inner workings of your MacBook is a little bit complicated.

Turn the MacBook over and hold the screws carefully that are used to secure the aluminum sheet. Use the appropriate tool kit, and properly remove the back assembly of the laptop. Then, cautiously remove the battery by using a thin plastic stick. You must be careful while removing the battery. It is highly recommended, DO NOT remove the battery with the metal screwdriver it may short circuit.

STEP 6: Get Rid of Excess Water:

This step is for preventing the long-duration damage to your water-damaged MacBook or is to remove the liquid. Clean the MacBook thoroughly with a clean towel. In addition, you can also use cotton balls to absorb liquid from particular difficult reach areas. Wipe the outside of the Mac to remove any excess moisture from the surface.

STEP 7: Allow Your Mac to Dry in the Air:

Take a desk or table where you can put MacBook to dry for at least 48 hours. You should also choose a room that is well-ventilated and has a fan. Put the Mac screen-side down on the surface's edge. The keyboard should place beyond the edge of the table. No doubt, that we do our daily work using our lovable gadgets.

So it may be difficult but allow it to dry for at least a few days. As we all know that every last drop of water has enough time to evaporate and dry completely. Maintain a room with less humidity and air circulation. Moreover, you can install box fans in the room to keep the air moving. But if the room has a ceiling fan, you just need to turn it on high.

STEP 8: Get in Touch with Drive Savers:

If you've tried all things to save your MacBook and but it still doesn't work. The data on your hard drive could be at risk. If you're very lucky and act quickly, you might be able to avoid any damage to the MacBook. Or perhaps you'll only have a broken keyboard and the rest of the components are fine.

What Next?

If after implementing all the above tips your Macbook working normally then it fine. But if there are still issues then without delay you should go for repair. If you still trying to remove problem this may result in large issue. In addition, you may pay large amount to resolve all things like earlier.

Always keep your MacBook away from edible things. If you spill liquid on your MacBook, follow all the steps as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your laptop. It is suggested that don’t delay in repairing because electricity is transferred by liquids and caused corrosion. If you turn on your MacBook while there is water inside, the motherboard will be permanently damaged. Corrosion is the gradual deterioration of your laptop's metallic components.

Final Thoughts

Water damage is really harmful as we discussed above so have to be careful. Don’t eat or drink in front of your MacBook. We hope that above all ways to protect your gadget is really helpful to you. If there is minor damage then by using the above tips you can save time and money. If there is a major issue, you should take your device to an expert technician for macbook screen replacement. Visit the Esource Parts for macbook pro parts repair. We have highly-skilled team for all types of troubleshooting for your lovable device. If you use your gadget cautiously then you can easily use your device in long run.


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