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7 Serious Plot Holes in Disney Movies

by Tisha Eaton 3 years ago in movie

Although they are a staples of our childhood, there are some glaring plot holes in over favorite Disney films.

Credit: Disney

Disney movies are a staple in many of our childhoods, with amazing films from the Disney Renaissance still hold a special place in our hearts. When looking at the films, however, there are some glaring plot holes in the film that either don't make sense, or would change the movie in it's entirety.

You can't speak? But you can write...(The Little Mermaid)

Credit: Disney

While taking away someone's voice can take away a lot of their power, we do see Ariel sign her name on the contract. Why doesn't she just write a note to Eric along the lines of "Hey I am the girl that saved you, I need a kiss and then I can prove it to you by singing"? It does seem like a pretty glaring plot hole, but in the remake of Annie (from Sony Pictures) they do point out that you don't have to know how to read to sign your name... maybe that is the case with Ariel.

10 years we've been rusting. (Beauty and the Beast)

Credit: Disney

While the remake of the film Beauty and the Beast did rectify this issue, the first animated film by Disney had a line in "Be Our Guest" that says they had been cursed for ten years, and the curse had been set to end on his 21 year.... which means that the Prince would have been 11 when the curse was placed, but then his painting is of him looking closer to his age when he turns back into a human, and with all the servants he had in the house hold why would he have been answering the door in the first place? So many issues with this one

Hans is the bad guy. (Frozen)

One thing to note about this one is that the original bad guy in the Frozen film was meant to be Elsa. Anna was supposed to go to her in the original script and freeze her heart after being jilted, but the song writers wrote "Let It Go" and it didn't fit as a villain song and...well the rest is Disney history. However Hans being the bad guy makes no sense given the moment pictured above. It is right after he and Anna meet, and no one is looking at him so why is he smiling at her as she walks away? In other films that is usually when the pretense drops but no, they held on this sweet smile. Maybe to make it a bigger shock when the truth comes out later but... honestly it doesn't sit right with me. It feels like a shoe-horned in villain, and has started a slightly annoying trend of "surprise" bad guys.

Do the gods not talk to each other? (Hercules)

Credit: Disney

In the tv show midquel that came out, Hades did know of the existence of Hercules and Meg even met him, only to have an urn dumped over them filled with Lethe water that made them all forget knowing Hercules during that time. However, wouldn't Hades still have talked to his brother Zeus? How did he not hear from him that his nephew was being raised by mortals

Precious Prince Ali (Aladdin)

Credit: Disney

If Aladdin is no longer considered a prince at the end of his movie, doesn't that mean that his previous wishes were made null and void? Or that the Genie would be able to make him a prince again before being set free? Why would he be considered a fraud if the magic of the Genie truly made him a prince, did it just give him the trappings of the title without actually giving him the title? And if that is the case doesn't that mean that he is owed another wish since the Genie never truly granted his wish in the first place? Another one that leaves too many questions open if you think about it for too long.

Why would Gothel admit Rapunzel's birthday? (Tangled)

Credit: Disney

The whole plot of Tangled is Rapunzel wanting to get to see the floating lanterns that are only visible on her birthday, but she would have had to be told about birthdays by Mother Gothel as she was taken as a baby. She wouldn't have known anything special about the lights if Mother Gothel just hadn't told her about birthdays, or even just told her her birthday was on a different day. The lights would have just been an oddity then, and Rapunzel would have stayed with Gothel, no questions asked.

Really? Only one girl fits the shoe? (Cinderella)

Credit: Disney

Now, I know in the live action remake the Prince was going around the guards, presumably the entire time, as he showed up at Cinderella's house. But in the cartoon the Duke and footman are the only ones going around and trying on the slipper. If Cinderella hadn't had the other shoe she would have been out of luck in making sure that her foot fit the slipper. And considering they went to many other houses before hers... wouldn't they have found SOMEONE who had a matching foot size? Or similar enough that after enough traveling they would just say "Yep, this is her" and be done with it.

While Disney movies are always fun to watch, it's clear we shouldn't think too long on it or the plot holes will start popping up left and right

Tisha Eaton
Tisha Eaton
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