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5 TV-Themed Tarot Decks You MUST Have (With Unboxing Videos!)

I found the neatest ones!

By Kris LelielPublished 12 months ago Updated 11 months ago 6 min read

Hey there! I hope you liked 5 Tarot Decks for Nerds. I was hunting for tarot decks based off of video games and comics, and then I found the world of TV-themed tarot. We'll start with the most famous vampire slayer, cry over Star Trek (in a good way and a bad way), then praise years upon years of excellent TV history.

Each deck will have an unboxing video from people who are clearly fans of each series. Watch them if you want a closer look at the deck. Shout out to the tarot unboxing YouTubers: Wicked Moonlight, Spirit Tarot & Healing Arts, TarotOracle, and Moonchild Mama Tarot.

1. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Tarot Deck and Guidebook (2023)

This is the ONLY officially licensed tarot deck honoring our favorite vampire slayer. It was created by Gilly and artist Karl James Mountford to celebrate Buffy’s 25th anniversary. The color palette is pleasing to the eye with magentas and violets to make the most iconic moments of the show really pop. Fans have said the major arcana themes fit wonderfully with Buffy, Spike, Angel, Willow, Giles, Xander and the many villains that appear (It makes sense for The Gentlemen to be Death, doesn’t it?). Some of the minor arcana were changed to add to the aesthetic: Wands are stakes and swords are scythes. There isn’t a single pip deck vibe to be seen here, which you'll see for yourself in Wicked Moonlight's unboxing video.

You can order this deck on now for $25.50 or pay in 4 interest-free payments of $6.38 via AfterPay. Make sure you use the coupon code KLeliel for an extra 5% off.

2. Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook (2021)

Supernatural ran for 15 seasons, which is A LOT, not that any of us fans were complaining. I was excited to see a tarot deck made after the show's finale and catch the nuances this deck tried to reference. Well, there was some debate about whether some themes are accurate or if opportunities were missed...

The cards have a color palette of pale blues and reds against black backgrounds. Minerva Siegel is known for authoring many tarot decks. As for this deck, the archetypes of each character are more apparent than specific scenes from the show. The unboxing video by Spirit Tarot & Healing Arts points out that the minor arcana is a bit of a pip deck. Random characters do appear in the minor arcana and you might catch how those characters do match up with the cards' meanings. As for the suits, swords are blades, cups are goblets, wands are bones (I like that, honestly), and of course they didn't change the pentacles. This deck is far from perfect, but I’m still getting it.

You can get this deck on $21.55 or pay 4 interest-free payments of $5.39 via Afterpay (coupon code KLeliel for 5% off)

3. Star Trek Tarot: The Next Generation (2022) vs. The Original Series can consider this part to be a “bonus” deck option, if you’d like, but I'm going to call it a PSA.

For Trekkies who love TNG, a deck has been made for you, but not with your expectations in mind. Author Tori Schafer and illustrator Nicky Barkla created this deck to appease TNG fans. Honestly, they missed the mark. Not to put a damper on anyone who was/is excited about this deck, but there is an incredible lack of illustrations that show scenes and characters that resonate well with an arcana's meaning. The major arcana have our main characters staring forward with a somewhat decorative background. The minor arcana are the pippiest of pip decks. The art itself isn't horrible. It’s very clean and vibrant work, but unless you have the meanings of every card memorized, you’re not going to get a feel for what each minor arcana represents. As for the suits, cloaks are wands, latnium is pentacles, Bat’leths are swords, and starships are cups... I'm fine with the other three, but why would the ships be cups? Make it make sense.

If you watch TarotOracle's unboxing video, you'll see for yourself that the deck doesn’t do the series justice. I wouldn’t say that means you shouldn’t get it. If you love having Star Trek memorabilia, definitely invest, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who takes divination seriously. It's too underwhelming, making it difficult to connect to. (Why wouldn’t Picard be The Emperor? Justice does work for him because of his objectivity and fairness…but Picard is the freakin’ captain! Riker represents the duality of Justice much better.)

You...could get this deck on $21.55 or pay 4 interest-free payments of $5.39 via Afterpay (coupon code KLeliel for 5% off)

Now for The Original Series, because TNG was so painful to witness...

I hunted for another Star Trek Tarot after being traumatized and I'm happy to say I found the cure to PTSD (Pippified Tarot Stress Disorder). The Star Trek: Original Series Tarot is BEAUTIFUL. The detail is almost overwhelming (always better than underwhelming). The guidebook has thoughtful explanations of every arcana’s relation with the characters and the many episodes that developed their story arc. The episode title is at the bottom for every card along with…are you ready for this? Its number order, airdate, stardate, its associated western zodiac signs, and correlating insignia. My favorite detail is seeing a keyword that sums up the theme for that arcana/character. You'll see in the video how the high priestess is “wisdom” right-side up and “ignorance” upside-down. And if that wasn’t enough, there are two bonus cards after the major arcana. You'll see for yourself in TarotOracle's unboxing video, and the link below is where you can buy the deck.

4. The Unofficial Office Tarot (2022)

The Unofficial Office Tarot is an absolute joy to look through. Every detail brings a nostalgic sense of delight. Look at the corners when you watch Wicked Moonlight's video! Whether you're a casual fan or someone who could demolish anyone in any Office trivia game, you’ll applaud the artist for doing their research. From the Dundies to Saber to Wholf to Pam and Jim’s teapot, I promise you will not be disappointed. (Robert California being The Devil though? Go Lizard King!) Bravo to illustrator Chantel de Sousa for spectacular work!

You can get it on Amazon for $24.95.

5. The TV Series Tarot and Guidebook (2018)

The TV Series Tarot is one of the most well-known pop culture decks. It’s earned its reputation by referencing many shows and their particular themes through the major and minor arcana. Gero Giglio did a phenomenal job associating the cards with classic and modern shows. Why wouldn't Doctor Who is The Fool? As you go through the deck, you’ll see references to BBC’s Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Vikings, Dexter, Addams Family, Breaking Bad, Alias…There’s a lot. And isn't the buffering logo on the back of the cards a nice touch? Moonchild Mama Tarot thought the same.

You can get this deck on for $22.54 or 4 interest-free monthly payments of 11.41 via Afterpay. (coupon code KLeliel for 5% off)

Thanks for reading! I'll be back with more tarot soon!

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