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5 Reasons To Check Out Zac Efron's FireStarter As Charlie Burns It Down

by Jason Ray Morton 4 days ago in movie
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‘FireStarter’ has hit theaters and Peacocks’ streaming service, and for a reboot, it’s worth the time to see the new version and how it compares to the classic Stephen King horror tale.

Firestarter is a story of a little girl born to two young lovers who met at a college research study. Think MK Ultra and two horny teenagers get together and concoct something wicked in a petri dish. When little Charlie is born she possesses extraordinary pyrokinetic abilities unlike anyone could imagine and attracts the attention of the insidious group known as the shop.

The reboot follows the storyline from the original but only to a point. It’s still the story of a young kid with powers they can’t understand. Her parents are struggling with their powers, one using them, and one afraid to use them. When the shop catches up to Charlie and her father things get complicated.

5 Reasons To Watch FireStarter

When you’re thinking about reasons to check out a movie, there are five different reasons that FireStarter scores highly on.

1. Originality

FireStarters 2022 version takes a slightly different approach to the movie and a faster-paced approach. Using the original motivation for the main characters of Charlie and Andy McGee was a good idea because they work. Charlie is a young and confused child, coming into unnature powers, and scared of what she is. Andy is a father who fiercely loves and wants to protect his daughter while wearing the guilt of knowing how she came to be so powerful. The twists from the original make the new version more exciting. Going off the path of a reboot and doing more of a re-envisioning, this FireStarter treats us to more of a performance from Charlie and focuses less on her father.

2. Zac Efron

Zac Efron is coming along in Hollywood and growing into his role as a leading man. He’s proving with each outing that his skills as an actor are still hitting their peak. Efron convincingly plays Andy McGee with the maturity and passion the character needed but replaces some of the overacting done in the original movie.

Efron's a little older, a little more of a veteran actor, and starting to pick more mature roles than the teen heartthrob roles or anything that gets him out of his shirt for a while (Baywatch). It's good to see what he can actually do on screen as an actor, especially considering how many women find him exciting to watch.

3. Ryan Kiera Armstrong

Ryan is a young actress that showed she is capable enough of performing at a level beyond her years. Compared to the almost whining, sniveling, child approach that Drew Barrymore brings to the role in the original, Ryan’s performance was far more believable for the situations she’s in than even Drew Barrymore’s.

4. Theatrical and Streaming Release

While I’ve been to many movies since the pandemic eased up and allowed the theaters to reopen, there are still many that are nervous about being in large crowds. FireStarter was released on Peacock. You’ll never find a cheaper date night than a month of Peacock, some popcorn, and a soda on the couch with that special someone.

5. Everybody Loves Horror

I shouldn’t have to say anything more than that. But, in the age of remakes, reboots, and rehashes in Hollywood, this is a decent remake of a classic with a re-envisioned second and third act that will leave fans of the original scratching their heads and questioning the ending.

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  • Jason Hauser4 days ago

    I watched part of this last night but didn't finish. It was ok. I will get to the end and see if the third act improves on it.

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