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5 Movies on Hulu That I Bet You Haven't Seen

by Jay,when I write 3 months ago in movie
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I really want to talk to people about these movies

5 Movies on Hulu That I Bet You Haven't Seen
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Have you seen any of these movies on Hulu? These shocked me. Three became my new favorites. Guess which ones

1. Fire Island (listed as:rated r, comedy, romance & lgbtq+)

tw: drugs & (I'd call it the "ra" word but it might not be) sexual content is shared without consent

cast: Conrad Ricamora, Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, Torian Miller, Margaret Cho, Matt Rogers, Tomas Matos, Zane Phillips

Fire Island was such a fun movie to watch after going through a movie block (that's where I can''t find any movie I wanna watch and rewatch movies I've definitely seen more than the average person).

Plot: queer besties go to Fire Island for a their annual week of romance/sex and just fun times. But, something happens that threatens their annual trip and new people make their way into their bubble. Also has: a main character who is anti love versus his friend that is a that pairing.

Such a funny and sweet (yet a bit intense) movie.

2. The Outside Story (listed as: drama)

starring: Brian Tyree Henry

I clicked on this because I liked the main actor, Brian Tyree Henry, in Atlanta and wanted to see him outside the show. He did not disappoint.

The Outside about...a guy trapped outside...yup. An intoverted, heartbroken, editor named Charles (Brian Tyree Henry), is locked outside of his apartment and must interact with his neighbors to get himself back inside. He's dealing with speaking to people, a deadline, and the fact that his ex cheated on him and he wants to move on.

I had one issue with this movie though:people being on the side of "forgiveness" just because his ex is nice to them. She still cheated on him (not a spoiler bc this is stated like 5 secs in). So, why would I as a viewer root for forgiveness?

3. On the Count of Three (listed as: rated r, drama, comedy)

tw: homophobic & racist slurs,sexual abuse (not shown, but hinted at/an inappropriate question asked to a child too), suicide methods shown/acted out

cast: Christopher Abbott & Jerrod Carmichael

I just watched this this week and I was really surprised by how much I laughed.

One guy, Kevin (Christopher Abbott), has been depressed since he was a kid and has tried to commit suicide

His friend, Val (Jerrod Carmichael), is feeling suicidal and depressed too and decided that the two of them would kill each other that day. But, Kevin decides they need to have one last day where they do whatever they want to do. And they go to complete their lists but end up in interesting situations. It's heartfelt, funny and makes you really interested in how their final days will go/why they believe dying is the best option (what is weighing them down)

I honestly clicked it because it sounds like this book: Together We Will Go, because one of the main characters is Black and depressed, and because...yeah it just seemed interesting

4. We The Animals (listed as: drama & lgbtq+)

tw: physical abuse & visual sexual abuse (with a child), I believe there were slurs too

Three little brothers depend on each other more due to their ages, and their parents having an unhealthy/harmful relationship. The aggression the kids see, sometimes causes them to be aggressive and they have a lot of time to be on their own. This movie feels like...pent up emotions.

Though the brothers are close, the youngest goes into his own world full of pictures, his own story, and he's the narrator. Such a great character, and all of the actors were so believable. I felt sad when they were sad, scared when they were scared etc. Also, I love how this was shot. It's such a beautiful (looking) movie

5. Vacation Friends (listed as: rated r, comedy, black stories)

strarring:Yvonne Orji, John Cena, Lil Rel Howery, Meredith Hagner (even Lynn Whitfield, Carlos Santos, and Anna Maria Horsford are in this)

I'm not gonna lie, I only remember a few scenes from this movie, but I do remember how wild it was in all. Like, everything I thought was gonna happen...did not happen. Instead, random things happened that were weird and funny and concerning a Hangover movie (maybe. I've never seen one) where there are adults that act wild and do questionable things.

you gotta see it for yourself

I remember not approving of stuff like uh letting someone take drugs without being fully fully aware that they knew they were taking it, but this is the type of movie that's like "turn off your brain. Know that these people don't exist and therefore their horrible decisions shouldn't...just laugh or be shocked"

Have you seen any of the ones listed here? What should I watch next? Thanks for reading. Peace.


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