5 Motivational Quotes from an Animated Source

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Samurai Champloo and the quest for a pick-me-up.

5 Motivational Quotes from an Animated Source

Samurai Champloo, an anime from the same creator of the show Cowboy Bebop, is considered by many to be a classic in the anime genre. A staple on most anime fan's top 10 or even top 5. Just like its predecessor it's a unique show that tells its story in a way that is unlike any other anime or show of its kind. Personal opinions and anime snobbishness aside, it's a show worth watching for the style it oozes, from the soundtrack pieced together to match every scene like rain and coffee on a cold winter evening, the grace with which the animation flows that is crafted with the care of a master painter who not only perfected his every brushstroke but honed his own particular detail that is unique to him alone, and a narrative told in the way you might hear from strangers-made-friends travelling on a train, recounting stories and life lessons in a way that always leaves you wondering what details were left out and yearning for more (Okay, maybe I forgot to put aside the opinions and snobbishness).

It's a show worth watching, even if you are not one for the anime subculture.

Introductions aside, (reader, meet Samurai Champloo. Samurai Champloo, meet reader) this masterpiece is not without its few decadent nuggets of wisdom and wonderful word soup. Whether you are looking for a pick-me-up, a thought provoker, or something to jot down for your next instagram caption so that your followers think you're deep, the show offers dialogue in all manner.

1. “Freedom, isn’t something earned through suffering or pushing yourself. You must accept yourself just as you are and live according to the flow of things; that is true freedom.” – Monk Zuiko

2. “I don’t believe in anyone but me and what I can do. See ya.” – Mugen

3. “Don’t live your life making up excuses. The one making your choices is yourself!” – Mugen

4. “If living means bowing down to the likes of you bastards, I’d rather die on my feet with my head held high.” – Mugen

5. “Everyone you meet has their own individual aura about them, it’s something I can sense… you see, I’ve walked in darkness for a very long time, a person can grow accustomed to anything… I may have lost my sight but I have much inner sense for other things as a result, so please don’t feel sorry for me.” – Sara

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